8 Most Highly Anticipated C-Drama To Air In 2022 (Costume and Modern)

The year 2022 is up for a thrilling start to all C-Drama fans! Close to 30 Chinese Drama are lining up to secure a  time slot for airing. 

The following are the highly anticipate drama for those who are looking for something to binge-watch as the years dragged on.

1. The Wind Blows From Longxi (Costume/Historical) - This drama sounds so promising because of its exciting storyline - an espionage plot! And it has a stellar ensemble casts. Starring Chen Kun and Bai Yu on the main roles, Angelababy, Sun Yi, Liu Ting Zuo and Nie Yuan provide the supporting roles.

Chen Kun and Bai Yu in The Wind Blows From Longxi

It's a spy story. Two espionage agents infiltrated the territory of an enemy but needed to uncover more dangerous enemies who are assuming different personalities.

Based on the novel of the same name, the story strides back to the year 228 A.D when Shu's Northern Expedition defeated Wei using a powerful weapon they made, the crossbows.

Angelababy as Liu Ying in The Wind Blows From Longxi

Chen Gong (Chen Kun) and Xun Xu (Bai Yu) are espionage agents sent to Wei to provide Shu with highly classified information. Wei sent several spies to Shu to steal the powerful weapons.

When Chen Gong and Xun Xu discovered the plan, they decided to separate to investigate the network of spy sent to Shu. 

But there was more into this theory of dangerous espionage as another group is sabotaging both Chen Gong and Xun Xu. Together, they must work to uncover the real identity of the enemy.

2. A Dream of Splendor (Costume/Historical) - Another Chinese historical drama that will surely captivate viewers. The story dates back to the Song dynasty (which succeeded the Tang dynasty) and tells the story of three women, Zhao Pan Er (Liu Yifei), Sun San Niang (Ada Liu) and Song Yin Zhang (Jelly Lin).

What makes this drama more exciting is Mulan star's Liu Yifei's return to making drama series after more than 10 years! The last drama for television she did was in 2006 Return of Condor Heroes.

In this drama, Liu Yifei portrays a woman who runs a teashop in Hangzhou and has a boyfriend who ventures into the capital, Bianjing, to take an imperial examination, Zhao Pan Er follows him to the capital only to be abandoned by him.

She stays in Bianjing and vows revenge against her boyfriend. She eventually meets Sun San Niang and Song Yi Zhang who have their own personal battles to resolve in their respective relationships.

They run a tea house in Bianjing and after passing through many trials, they turn it into the largest tea house in the capital. 

3. Novoland: The Princess from Plateau (Costume/historical) - This has an ensemble cast of actors who shared billings in the lead roles. 

Ye Ling Shuang (Peng Xiao Ran) is scorned by her tribe in the grasslands of Ye Bei and the only person who accepts and befriended her is the Princess of their tribe, Qi Hai Rui (Liu Meng Rui). The princess always comes to Ling Shuang's defense, in return, Ling Shuang vows to be loyal to the princess for life.

In the neighboring Kingdom, Emperor Gao (Feng Shaofeng) plans to capture Ye Bei, he devises a plot that draws Ye Bei tribe into war by proposing marriage to Qi Hai Rui. She refuses the proposal and to save Ye Bei, she chooses to die by jumping off the cliff. 

Ye Ling Shuang vows to avenge the death of her best friend by taking a new identity as Bai Lu and sneaks into the palace to assassinate the emperor. She failed, and the emperor becomes intrigued with her guts and courage.

4. Tian Xia Chang He (Costume/historical) - The story dates back to the Qing dynasty where the kingdom experiences massive flooding for several years. The young Kangxi emperor portrayed by Luo Jin launches a civil examination to recruit young talents to manage the Yellow River and resolve the flooding.

A young candidate, Chen Huang (Yin Fang), emerges as the best choice, but the emperor was not impressed with his skills, therefore must prove himself to get the job.

5. Legend of Anle (costume/historical) - Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Gong Jun. She portrays Di Zi Yuan whose family were killed through the emperor's edict after they were falsely charged with treason. Di Zi Yuan changes her name to Re An Le and enters the service of the palace to seek revenge. 

In the palace she meets the Crown Prince Han Ye, played by Gong Jun, who has a good temperament. Ren An Le slowly falls in love with him but needs to suppress her feelings due to her plan of revenge.

6. Dream Garden (modern) - One of the most anticipated modern dramas in 2022, it explores the story of psychological problems coupled with the affairs of the heart. It stars Gong Jun as Lin Shen and Qiao Xin as Xiao Xiao.

Dream Garden poster

Xiao Xiao plays a popular blogger who manages a social media account that addresses all sorts of relationship issues. She believes she's an expert on everything about love issues, until she meets Lin Shen a psychology counselor who sees love and relationship in an entirely different perspective that of Xiao Xiao.

7. Star-Crossed Lovers (modern/fantasy) - A sweet romance blended with a sci-fi fantasy with a dash of Alien thing sewn into a comic world.

Synopsis: Tian Jue (He Lan Dou) is a girl obsessed with comics. After a fateful encounter with a stranger with an accidental kiss, she seems cannot get over him and they eventually share a telepathic connection. 

Tian Jue finds this stranger weirdly familiar – An Bai Ye (Niu Zi Fan), the character from her favorite comic book! And actually, an alien who comes to earth in search of a stone that can save his planet. That stone is with Tian Jue but he cannot just take it from her because it will cause her death! Ohhh. Sounds interesting isn't it?

8. Hello Mr. Sharpshooter (modern) - With all the elements of sports that have already been explored in a Chinese modern drama genre, this is the first time that a drama tackles pistol shooting! Cool. And it draws two popular stars in the campus romance genre: Hu Yi Tian (A Love So Beautiful) and Xing Fei (Put Your Head on my Shoulder).

Hu Yi Tian and Xing Fei.

Synopsis: Tang Xin (Xing Fei) develops a huge crush on the tall and handsome young man named Shen Qing Yuan (Hu Yi Tian) while still in high school. They become close but Tang Xin did not have a chance to confess her feelings for Qing Yuan.

Years later, Tang Xin becomes a trainee reporter assigned to interview the pistol shooting team that will represent China to the Olympics. And Qing Yuan is part of the team! But when they meet, Qing Yuan gives her a cold shoulder and seems does not remember her. 

Qing Yuan becomes the most celebrated pistol shooter in the team and determines to bring glory to the country comes Olympics. However, each time he has practice, he seems distracted when Tang Xin appears nearby. 

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