Asian Drama Hub is a digital publication about Asian celebrities and drama focusing on Korean entertainment, Thai entertainment, and Chinese entertainment. These three entertainment industries in Asia produced popular television and web drama series from Asia.

C-Drama - refers to Chinese entertainment (mainland China). They've been known for producing high-quality costume/historical and fantasy series with high production value and mostly big-budgeted projects. C-Drama scenes are mostly shot in film studios in mainland China. 

They have a number of film studios in China and the most popular are the Xiangshan Global Studios in Zhejiang province and Hengdian World Studios also in Zhejiang province. More than 70% of C-Drama projects are filmed here.

Most C-Drama stars are graduates of China's prestigious acting and film schools: The Central Drama Academy, the Beijing Film Academy, and the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

K-Drama comes from South Korea. They are known widely due to its beautiful storyline, intriguing themes, and huge commercial value in the global scene. 

They have been known with their modern drama genre, which usually tackles intrigues in the corporate world and family struggles. Popularity of K-Drama and K-Pop groups become known as K-Wave.

Thai drama, also known as Lakorns, are series produced in Thailand and top-billed by Thai celebrities. In recent years, Thai drama is slowly gaining attention in the Asian region due to its interesting storyline that tackles realistic events, high-commercial value, and credible acting performances.

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