Thai Drama Review: Ab Ruk Online or Secret Love Online (2015)

Thai drama couple, Prin Suparat (known internationally as Mark Prin) and her girlfriend of eight years, Kimblerly Ann Woltemas, just got engaged lately in the breathtaking Burgenstock mountain resort in Switzerland. So I am reviewing the last drama they have starred in together, Ab Ruk Online, known in English as "Secret Love Online", which aired in Thailand in 2015.

Kimberly Ann Woltemas and Mark Prin just got engaged recently


Awatsaya (Anne Thongprasom) is an executive in an investment company. Already in her late 30s and still single, she endures the pressure of finding love and settling down. But she appears unbothered and just goes on with her daily life as a strict lady boss in the office.

She seems not to care about fixing herself and just follows a lifestyle that totally lacks glamour - thick eyeglass, messy hair, and outdated fashion taste. 

One early evening, a careless cycle rider knocks her off in the rain, but before she falls flat to her face on the ground, someone saves her. Unfortunately, he quickly disappeared before she gets back to her senses.

The guy turns out to be Pranon (Mark Prin), a fresh graduate. Then one day, she discovers he is applying for a job in their company. The prospect of him joining the company excites her mundane life and truly believes they meant to cross paths.

Despite the huge age gap (Pranon just got out of college so he is probably 22 years old while she is already in her late 30s), Awatsaya falls hard for him. 

Things get a bit messy when Pranon's entry into the company coincides with the arrival of a new employee, who is also a fresh graduate, Priprao (Kimberly Ann Woltemas).

Priprao is sophisticated, outspoken, and comes from a rich family, while Pranon descends from a modest family background. They constantly bickers and obviously lacks chemistry in the work place.

Awatsaya, on the other hand, devices a sheer plan to "flirt" on Pranon without damaging her reputation as a strict lady boss in the company. So she buys a new sim card and began chatting Pranon in a messenger app. To keep her identity a secret, she hides in the name of Secret Lover.

Everyday, they would chat, even in the workplace, without Pranon knowing that his Secret Lover is Awatsaya - his prim and proper lady boss. 

She appears firm and resolute in front of the employees, appearing busy in her private office, but beyond the glass wall, she is discreetly peeping on Pranon while chatting him online. 

The company's CEO, Lipda (Peter Corp Dyrendal) loves to tease Awatsaya with anything he could think about, and often poking fun at her. He starts suspecting Awatsaya is hiding something because of her unusual behavior and mysterious reaction each time he catches her on the phone chatting.

Things entangle even more when Priprao finds out Awatsaya's secret. Wanting to get back at Awatsaya's strict behavior in the office, Priprao began pretending she is the "Secret Lover" Pranon secretly chatted with, online.

Her pranks, however, fire back when she slowly falls in love with Pranon. 


Ab Ruk Online is a totally entertaining rom-com drama and I love it to bits! 

It basically touches on the social pressure of getting married before hitting the biological cycle meltdown for women, but it is told in a lighter tone, draped in hilarity and amusement that women who are in the same situation with Awatsaya would not feel the morbid pestering pressure of finding love. And getting married.

The script is so refreshing and totally delightful. The humor is timing and not exaggerated, just balanced on its attack on hilarity antics and dramatic pleasures.

Apart from its strong ensemble of cast, this drama has a solid plot, engrossing narrative, and realistic work-life theme. The events presented are so believable viewers can easily relate to the narrative. 

The office scenes, relationships between employees and managers, insecurities underwent by successful people, and the innate character of humans to find love, fall in love out of nowhere, and struggle to thrive in the corporate world, are all real events that we all can relate.

Awatsaya is an interesting character. You won't get tired of rooting for her because she never annoys the viewers. She lives in two personalities that are both endearing and sensitive.

She appears steadfast on the exterior, a typical lady boss feared by subordinates, but soft and insecure on the interior. She lacks self-confidence due to her insecurities, so she keeps things to herself. And just find personal joy in her secret online antics over Pranon. 

I love how the script developed Awatsaya's character, strong and yet tender. Not irritating nor overacting to the core. Anne Thongprasom, who also produces this drama. really did an excellent job playing Awatsaya.

Priprao, played by Kim Woltemas, is another interesting character. She's a go-getter, drivingly ambitious, and eager to push herself to the top. She has tendencies to be careless, impulsive, and insensitive. 

She finds pleasure in tormenting Awatsaya mentally, which became the tipping point in the story. But beneath her rough exterior, lies a loving person who wants nothing but love, making sure the person she takes care is safe and protected. Her growth in the story is endearing, her love for Pranon teaches her to be more level-headed and appreciative, which she lacks both at the beginning of the story.

Mark Prin's portrayal of Pranon is so adorable. A down-to-earth, innocent fresh graduate, trying to create a room for his life's dream in a highly competitive industry. He balances his personal life with his goal to establish himself in the corporate world. 

Unlike Priprao who seems impatient to rise to the top, Pranon is cautious and sensitive and wants to take things easily, step by step. He has a well-rounded character, considerate, and solicitous, and never takes advantage of someone's weaknesses. 

Lipda is another character I love in this drama. He is not an arrogant boss loathed by employees, although he appears to be so at times. But he is a charming character, who takes care of everyone in the company. On the exterior, he is a more sensitive and sympathizing boss than Awatsaya, His teasing over Awatsaya is so hilarious, you won't find him annoying.

Overall, Ab Ruk Online is fun to watch.  Just providing viewers with feel-good vibes without irritating antagonists. Each episode is totally absorbing you would not want to miss a single scene. 

It tells us that love can be found in the most unlikely places. And it does not have to be forced, it will come when the time is right. Sometimes the person is just right there beside you, he or she is just taken for granted or overlooked.

And love does not have to be searched. Love will find you. And when it does, it would be the most amazing thing to happen in your life. Secret Love Online tells us that love can help a person change for the better.

This is a great drama to binge-watch if you are looking for a rom-com that's not boring. Actually, this is the first Asian rom-com drama that I have truly enjoyed watching. 

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