Dilraba Dilmurat Ravishing in an Empire Cut Rami Kadi Dress During Guanzhu Livestream

Chinese actress Dilraba Dimurat

Chinese actress, Dilraba Dilmurat looked stunningly elegant wearing a delicate empire cut yellow sequins dress during the live stream brand event of guan zhu tiles, which she currently endorses.

Her dress is designed by Rami Kadi, a Lebanese American couture designer known for his ethereal gowns and elegant couture designs. It is part of his fall-winter 2022-2023 collection.

Chinese actress Dilraba Dimurat  fashion

The dress personifies Dilraba's delicate beauty and elegant vibe. It sparkles when hit by the lights and the low cut at the back of the dress makes the gown more glamorous. And it suited on Dilraba Dilmurat's look and vibrant personality.

Chinese actress Dilraba Dimurat  fashion

Dilraba accessorized it with a pair of chandelier emerald earrings and kept her hair in an updo style for a more classy look. The live stream was held on September 23, 2022. 

Chinese celebrities usually attend brand events in Shanghai, however, due to the current situation in China, particularly Shanghai, where strict health protocol has been put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, most brand events and drama promotions have been held online and through live streaming.

Chinese actress Dilraba Dimurat  fashion

Chinese actress Dilraba Dimurat  fashion

According to Rami Kadi's couture website, this dress is an "empire yellow mermaid gown fully embroidered with holographic sequins sheets and silk threads in a floral pattern". 

Dilraba Studio on weibo, however, described this dress as "an open-back cheongsam dress". Cheongsam is another term for qipao, a Chinese dress worn by women which takes inspiration from the qizhuang, the ethnic clothing of the Manchu people during Qing dynasty. It is also called the mandarin gown.

Dilraba's upcoming historical drama, "Legend of Anle" in which she co-stars with Gong Jun and Liu Yuning (who played Hao Du in The Long Ballad) will be streamed soon. Legend of Anle tells the story of revenge and redemption which will truly remind drama fans of her role as Li Changge in The Long Ballad. It will be streamed on Youku.

Photo credit: Dilraba Studio on weibo

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