Song Joong-ki New Drama, Reborn Rich, Will Air This Coming November 18 on JTBC

Song Joong-ki Reborn Rich Korean drama

After the success of Vincenzo, Korean actor, Song Joong-ki, has a new drama to air this coming November 18, 2022, "Reborn Rich"

The literal translation of the title of this drama in Korean language is, "The Youngest Son of Jaebul House". It will be aired on Korea's cable television network, JTBC.

"I was reborn into the bloodline of the family that killed me", is the slogan of this drama. And JTBC just drops a new poster as a teaser. 

Song Joong-ki Reborn Rich Korean drama
Promotional poster of Reborn Rich ©JTBC

“Reborn Rich” is a fantasy drama and Song Joong-ki will portray the role of Yoon Hyun Woo, a loyal secretary to a chaebol family, the Sunyang Group, headed by Jin Yang Chul (played by Lee Sung Min).

But he was murdered after being framed for embezzlement by the very family that he had faithfully served. And alas! He is reborn as the family’s youngest son, Jin Do Joon, to take over the company out of revenge.

Song Joong-ki Reborn Rich Korean drama
Song Joong-ki thanks those who supported the shooting of Reborn Rich ©hi_songjoongki

Song Joong-ki Reborn Rich Korean drama
Song Joong-ki thanks everyone who supported him during the shooting of Reborn Rich

According to the producers of the drama, the highlight of Reborn Rich is the revenge mission of Jin Do Joon. They said,  “After being born into the bloodline of the Sunyang Group family that killed him, Jin Do Joon shakes up the family’s world, and he inevitably ends up facing off against the ruthless,  Jin Yang Chul.”

Lee Sung Min and Song Joong-ki 

They continued, "Although they are the closest of family, Jin Do Joon and Jin Yang Chul have become enemies". In the new poster released by JTBC, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong-ki) and Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) posed for a father-son portrait. 

The producers also invited viewers to watch the drama by saying, "Please  look forward to the blazing chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min, who will be portraying these characters’ dramatic tale.”

Song Joong-ki 

Well, the storyline is quite interesting, but it's intriguing how they would make this drama realistic without being silly? Usually, a fantasy drama with a reincarnation theme, is the territory of historical/costume genre. 

Reborn Rich will also be streamed on with English subtitles but no words yet if it will be right away available on Netflix. 

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