Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang Will Reunite in Blossoms Shanghai Chinese Drama

Blossoms Shanghai Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang

Chinese actor, Hu Ge, also known by his English name, Hugh Hu, is one of the most popular and multi-awarded actors from mainland China. He was born on September 20, 1982, in Shanghai, and obtained a drama degree from Shanghai Theater Academy.

He is best known for playing iconic roles in the critically-acclaimed television series: Young Warriors (2006), Chinese Paladin 1 and 3 (2005 and 2009 respectively), The Little Fairy (2005), The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008), Sound of the Desert (2014), Nirvana in Fire (2015), and The Disguiser (2015), among others.

Blossoms Shanghai Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang
Chinese actor Hu Ge

But in 2017, Hu Ge decided to take a break from making a series and threw his efforts into taking film roles. The last television series he did was Game of Hunting (2017). Apart from acting in television and films, Hu Ge is also a singer and a Theater actor.

Everyone is hoping he would make a drama comeback on television, and finally, this year we have good news for his comeback drama!

He recently wrapped up filming his new drama, Blossoms Shanghai, which would reunite him with his Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of the Sky co-star, Tiffany Tang. 

Blossoms Shanghai Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang
Chinese actress Tiffany Tang

Blossoms Shanghai is produced and directed by one of Hongkong most celebrated filmmakers, Wong Kar Wai, whose last movie he directed, The Grandmaster (2013), was nominated in the Oscar Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Costume Design.

This is also Wong Kar Wai's television drama debut! So there's a lot of expectation coming from fans and critics about this drama. 

What made this project exciting is that it will tackle the life and evolution of the place where Wong Kar Wai and Hu Ge both were born, Shanghai. 

The fact that it took three years for the production crew to make this drama signifies that it is high-quality, and a good reason for Hu Ge to come out from his drama hiatus.

No schedule yet for Blossoms Shanghai but other reports claimed it might be aired in 2023. Below is the plot summary of this drama.

Blossoms Shanghai Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang
Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang in Xuan-Yuan: Scar of the Sky (2012)

Here's why this drama is the highly anticipated of all Chinese dramas airing next year

  • This is Hu Ge's comeback television drama after taking a five-year hiatus from making television series.
  • This is the television drama debut of one of the most-celebrated Hongkong film directors, Wong Kar Wai. He is also the producer of this drama.
  • This is the fourth drama collaboration between Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang
  • It will showcase the evolution of the beauty of Shanghai, China's most westernized city.
  • Because Hu Ge is simply Hu Ge, one of the best actors from the mainland whose acting projects always surpassed expectations. 
  • The unique style of Wong Kar Wai in directing is simply exciting and one of the best!
  • Plus, of course, the splendor of Shanghai!

Hu Ge resumes drama in Blossoms Shanghai
Hu Ge as the iconic Mei Changsu in the equally iconic Nirvana in Fire 1

Here's the Plot Summary.

Hu Ge will play the role of Bao Zong, a young man from Shanghai who has a difficult past but will rise above the tides and becomes a self-made millionaire in Shanghai.

Bao Zong's interesting life's transformation will be told along with the evolution of the city of Shanghai into one of the most glamorous and prosperous cities in Asia.

At every stage of his life, Bao Zong will encounter three different women who will play an important role in his life and style evolution: Tiffany Tang, Ma Yili, and Xin Zhi Lei. 

This will be Hu Ge and Tiffany Tang's fourth drama collaboration after Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Unbeatable (2011), and Xuan-Yuan: Scar of the Sky (2012).

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