Korean Actor Yoo Seung-Ho. His Best Six Series and Upcoming Drama

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series

Yoo Seung-ho is a South Korean actor who began his career as a television commercial model when he was still a young boy. This handsome dude is so cute and hot and so mesmerizing to look at 😍 

And if there's one Korean drama hunk who I would not be tired of staring at the whole day it's definitely Yoo Seung-ho!😆

I love someone who has a pair of sexy and irresistible eyes and a charming face, a hot dude who seems so effortlessly ravishing and seductive. And Yoo Seung-ho is exactly like that lol!

The first time I watched him was in The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017) and I was instantly captivated by his charming eyes and handsomeness. 😍 

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Korean actor, Yoo Seung-ho Credit: dandyoo93_official

Before revealing his best television series, let's get to know more about this super handsome Korean actor. Yoo Seung-ho was born on August 17, 1993, in Incheon, South Korea. 

He made his television debut in 1999 before he turned six years old, in a cellular phone commercial after his mother submitted his photo to an Ad agency. He then appeared in a television drama, Daddy Fish, in 2000.

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Korean drama actor, Yoo Seung-ho Credit: dandyoo93_official

But it was in 2002 when he appeared in the movie, The Way Home, that he became a household name in South Korea. The movie became a surprise hit in 2002!

Yoo Seung-ho impressed moviegoers with his excellent portrayal of a bratty city boy who learned lessons when he was sent to the province to live with his deaf-mute grandmother.

Yoo Seung-ho eventually won the prestigious Best Young Performer in International Film Award in the Young Artist Award ceremony in Hollywood, California, USA.

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Yoo Seung-ho. Credit: dandyoo93_official

He was dubbed Korea's "nation's little brother", similar to Chinese actor, Wu Lei's moniker in China when he was still a teenager.

In 2005, he won the Best Young Actor award at the KBS Drama Awards for his roles in Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin and Precious Family. 

He would win more acting awards in movies and television in the succeeding years. The latest was the Top Excellence Award for an Actor at the MBC Drama Awards for his role in Emperor: Owner of the Mask.

In 2013, Yoo Seung-ho had his two-year mandatory military service, and at the end of his military training, he was given an Excellence Award from the Battalion Commander.

He starred in more than a dozen movies and television series, and his most memorable films are Joseon Magician (2015) and Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016).

If you need some catching up with Yoo Seung-ho's drama, here are his top six must-watch series, arranged based on the year it was shown:

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-young in "Remember"

1. Remember (2016) - Yoo Seung-ho portrays Seo Jin-woo who has a special condition called hyperthymesia. His condition allows him to remember things almost every day in perfect detail. 

His father Seo Jae-hyuk, on the other hand, has developed Alzheimer's disease, making him lose his memories. He became a lawyer and defended his father's innocence in the murder case. 

He was paired with Park Min-young in this drama. Park plays Lee In-ah, a prosecutor who believed in the innocence of Seo Jae-hyuk. She later became the girlfriend of Seo Jin-woo.

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Chae Soo Bin and Yoo Seung-ho in I Am Not a Robot

2. I am Not a Robot (2017) - He portrays Kim Min-kyu, the largest shareholder of a financial company. He suffers from a "human allergy", preventing him from normal interactions with other people. 

He becomes interested in a robotic project named Aji-3 created by the Santa Maria robotic team headed by Hong Baek Gyun, the inventor of Aji-3. Baek Gyun modeled Aji-3 after his ex-girlfriend, Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin), a struggling inventor that also works as a personal shopper to make ends meet. 

Just when Kim Min Kyu wants to test the robot, an accident causes the malfunction of the robot's battery. Hong Baek Gyun begs Jo Ji Ah to take the place of Aji-3 and pretend to be the robot so they can get funding from Kim Min Kyu. But Aji-3 becomes the closest thing that the lonely Min Kyu has to real contact with another person.

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Yoo Seung-ho and Kim Myung-soo/L in "Emperor: Owner of the Mask"

3. Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017) - He portrays Crown Prince Lee Sun, the son of King Yi Yoon during the Joseon Dynasty. But in exchange for his life, the King handed over the power of the Bureau of Water Supply to the secret society called "Pyunsoo Group.

The King hides his young son's face in a mask to protect him from the Pyunsoo Group. Years later, Crown Prince Yi Sun wanted to discover the secret behind his father's intention of covering his face. 

He removes his mask and left the palace and explores the town where he meets Lady Han Ga-eun (Kim So-hyun) and a water peddler, also named Lee Sun (played by Kim Myung-soo/L). The three of them become friends. 

The Pyunsoo Group assassinates King Yi Yoon but Crown Prince Yi Sun escapes. The Pyunsoo Group put a fake king, who happens to be Lee Sun, the water peddler and friend of the Crown Prince, on the throne. The group controls this king and the whole Imperial Court by using a suspicious drug with poisonous properties. 

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-Ah in My Strange Hero      

4. My Strange Hero (2019) - Yoo Seung-ho portrays Kang Bok Soo, a high school student who was falsely accused of committing acts of violence. He ended up expelled from school. 

His accusers are his first love, Son Soo Jung (played by Jo Bo-ah), and a fellow student Oh Se Ho. Kang Bok Soo has now become an adult, but in his life, nothing seems to go right for him. 

To get revenge on Son Soo Jung and Oh Se Ho, he decides to return to the same high school. There Kang Bok Soo gets involved in a series of unexpected cases. 

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Se-young in Memorist

5. Memorist (2020) - he portrays Dong Baek, a man with an extraordinary memory. He can peer into the memories of whoever he touches. With the power to read people's memories, Dong Baek solves crimes as a detective in the police force. 

Han Sun Mi (played by Lee Se-young) is a genius criminal profiler who can solve cold cases that even a detective with supernatural powers couldn't do. She teams up with Dong Baek to capture a serial killer. However, as they pursue the killer, the truth about their individual troubled pasts begins to unravel.

Korean actor Yoo Seung-ho best series
Main casts of Moonshine

6. Moonshine (2022) - Set during the late Joseon period, when a strict alcohol prohibition has been enacted. Nam Young (Yoo Seung-Ho) works as an officer for the Saheonbu. 

One of the missions at the Saheonbu is to crack down on people who break the alcohol prohibition. Nam Young came to Hanyang (old name for Seoul) from his hometown to find success. 
Later he meets Kang Ro-Seo (Hyeri) and becomes confused by her. Kang Ro-Seo is the daughter of a poor noble family. She is actually the breadwinner in her family. She doesn’t mind doing manual labor for money. To pay off her debt,  she starts brewing alcohol during the strict alcohol prohibition period.

Upcoming drama. Yes! Yoo Seung-ho has an upcoming drama, initially titled "Deal". It is based on the award-winning webtoon of the same title. He will star alongside Kim Dong Hwi and Yoo Su Bin.

Yoo Seung-ho will play the role of Lee Joon Sung, a rising soccer star during his high school days, but whose dreams have since been shattered. 

After losing his way for a while, he finally decides to get his life back together—but just as he’s preparing to make a fresh start, he gets caught up in an unintentional kidnapping.

Deal tells the story of three former high school classmates in their twenties whose get-together has an ugly turn when two of them pretend to kidnap the other. This drama will begin filming this December! Source: Soompi

Yoo Seung-ho is currently handled by YG Entertainment and along with this new contract is a new instagram account. His previous instagram account was deleted after he parted ways with his former talent agency. His new instagram handle is dandyoo93_official.

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