Highlights and Complete List of Winners: Weibo Nights Awards 2023

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners

The Weibo Nights Awards ceremony was successfully held in Beijing on March 25, 2023, Saturday. Although the event was organized this year, the awards actually honored the works of personalities in 2022.

Weibo Nights Awards are popularity awards honoring personalities who generated lots of discussion, interaction, and traffic data on Weibo, the most popular social networking site in mainland China. Weibo means "microblog" in Chinese, and it's China's answer to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rolled as one.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Eileen Gu and Ren Ziwei

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Jackson Yee of TF Boys

The awards are based on popularity data: online discussion, internet traffic data, and super topics gathered by Weibo on their platform for public figures, so most of the winners are those individuals who generated lots of attention, discussion, interactions, and super talks on Weibo. 

Most of the categories in the awards are voted by fans, so celebrities with large fan base or those who have active fans are usually the winners. 

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Li Landi, Shen Yue, Tian Xiwei

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Jin Chen, Li Yitong, and Zhang Jingyi

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Liu Shishi, Angelababy, Yang Mi

However, this year there was a change of rules on Weibo Nights two biggest awards - the Weibo King and Queen. In the previous years, these awards were voted by fans. And usually, the liuliang stars (stars whose popularity is based on traffic data), such as Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yang Zi or Dilraba Dilmurat, Zhao Liying, are often emerged the winners due to their large fan bases.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Xiao Zhan 

However, this year Weibo's King and Queen rules were changed. And Weibo decided that it must be given to personalities with high commercial value, wide acting inventory, influence in the industry, and the trending topics they generated. They wanted two big stars who have positive impact to the industry. Thus, the awards went to Hu Ge and Liu Yifei.

Weibo's King and Queen

Hu Ge trended last month when he announced that he is already married to a non-showbiz woman who just gave birth to their first child. 

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Tong Liya and Yang Mi

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Zhang Ruoyun and Yang Zi

This issue became the hottest topic on Weibo and trended for several weeks. Hu Ge also became the only Chinese celebrity last month that gained close to one million followers in a matter of days. 

Hu Ge ultimately generated traffic data more than any actors from mainland China last month. He was also the favorite topic on discussion when his highly-anticipated television comeback, Blossoms Shanghai, released a trailer last year.

Hu Ge is one of the most popular Chinese actors with critically-acclaimed films and series. He has multiple acting awards and has a positive influence in Chinese entertainment industry. 

He portrayed an iconic role, Mei Changsu, in Nirvana in Fire (2015), one of the highest-rated Chinese television series of all time, and considered one of the master pieces of a wuxia drama.

Hu Ge attends Weibo Nights Awards
Hu Ge declared Weibo King this year 

Currently, Hu Ge has 72.4 million followers on Weibo. He is such a big actor in mainland China, so each time there's a news about him, it often trended online. His commercials value is still high after all these years. 

Liu Yifei, who co-starred with Hu Ge in "Chinese Paladin" (2005), is a global celebrity, with two Hollywood films in her name (Forbidden Kingdom in 2008 and Mulan in 2020).

She has a high commercial value and strong commercial influence. Just like Hu Ge, she's not a liuliang star.  

Last year, when it was announced that she would have a television comeback after 16 years, the news became a hot discussion on Weibo. Her last television series was Return of Condor Heroes in 2006, playing the lead role of Xiao Long Nu. The male lead, Yang Guo, was portrayed by Huang Xiaoming.

Liu Yifei attends Weibo Nights Awards
Liu Yifei won two major awards: Weibo Queen and Quality Actress 

Liu Yifei's television comeback last year, "A Dream of Splendor", paired her with Chen Xiao who happens to portray the role of Yang Guo in "Romance of Condor Heroes" (2014).

This year, Liu Yifei starred in a feel-good drama, Meet Yourself, with Li Xian. Her drama became a hit during its airing period and generated a lot of discussion online. Liu Yifei has more than 70 million followers on Weibo.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Dilraba Dilmurat and Jackson Yee

Here is the complete list of the winners for Weibo Nights:

Weibo Actors of the Year - Li Landi, Shen Yue, Chen Zheyuan, Hou Minghao (Neo Hou), Tian Xiwei, Wang Ziyi, Zhang Linghe

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Dylan Wang, Gong Jun, Esther Yu, Wu Lei, and Hu Ge 

Weibo Most Notable Actors of the Year - Wu Lei, Gong Jun, Esther Yu, and Dylan Wang. They are personalities who have a lot of discussion on Weibo regarding their respective projects, not just in 2022 dramas but also in 2021. 

For example, Wu Lei still gained a lot of discussion for his role in The Long Ballad shown in 2021, and Gong Jun for Word of Honor released in 2021.

Weibo Breakthrough Musician of the year: Liu Yuxin, Ouyang Nana, Shan Yichun. Weibo Breakthrough Group of the Year: INTO1 (a popular C-pop boy group). Weibo Excellent Musicians of the Year: Yu Wenwen, Yuan Yawei, Zheng Xiuyan.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Zhang Linghe

Weibo Breakthrough Actors of the Year: Han Dongjun, Jin Chen, Xu Kai, Li Yitong, Zhang Jingyi, Liu Yuning, and Zhang Linghe.

Chinese legendary film maker, Zhang Yimou, was awarded Weibo Influential Director of the Year. He has several critically-acclaimed movies released in 2022, plus he was the director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in February 2022, praised as one of the most spectacular opening and closing ceremonies in the history of Winter Olympics. 

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Film director, Zhang Yimou

Eileen Gu, a professional skier, who generated huge online discussion in 2022 due to her decision to represent China, instead of the United States, in the Winter Olympics, and Ren Ziwei, China's most decorated Short Track speed skater, were awarded Weibo Annual Influential Sports Figures. Both Ren and Eileen were gold medalists during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Weibo Leaping Actors of the Year: Guan Xiaotong, Song Yi, Bai Lu, and Mao Xiaotong.  Weibo Annual Charismatic Actors: Gao Ye, Pan Yueming, Tong Yao, and Wang Yang.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Guan Xiaotong, Li Yitong, Mao Xiaotong, and Bai Lu
Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Han Dongjun, Zhang Jingyi, and Liu Yuning

Weibo Annual Musicians: Joey Yung, Wang Xinling, Zhou Bichang, and Zhou Yan. Weibo Annual Influencers combination: Times Youth League

Musicians of the Year on Weibo: Cai Xukun, Tan Weiwei, Wang Yuan, and Zhou Shen (who sang most of the theme songs of C-Drama, most notably Cocoon for The Long Ballad and My Only for Reset).

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Wang Yang and Tong Yao

Annual Breakthrough Filmmakers on Weibo: Wang Yibo, Dapeng, Zhang Chiyu. 

Annual Focused Filmmakers on Weibo: Wang Junkai or Karry Wang, Li Yu, and Yang Lina. Annual Quality Filmmakers on Weibo: Lei Jiayin, Jackson Yee, Rao Xiaozhi, and Wen Muye.

Weibo Most Expressive Actors of the Year: Dilraba Dilmurat for her drama, The Blue Whisper, Yang Zi for her dramas, The Oath of Love and Immortal Samsara, and Li Xian who does not have any dramas released in 2022, only in 2021 (Go Go Squid 2, and 11 Left) and this year (Meet Yourself).

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Dilraba Dilmurat, Li Xian, and Yang Zi

Weibo Annual Quality Movies: Lonely Walking on the Moon, Mom, Life Events, and No Name. Annual Influential Movies on Weibo: The Wandering Earth 2, Man Jiangjong, A Thousand Miles Homecoming.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Tong Liya and Yang Mi

Weibo Annual Drama Series
  1. Love Between Fairy and Devil (Dylan Wang and Esther Yu), 
  2. Wild Bloom (Zhao Liying and Ou Hao)
  3. Draw the Line (Cheng Yi, Jin Dong, and Elvira Cai)
  4. Three-Body Problem (to be aired this year) - multiple leads
  5. Hurricane (to be aired this year) 
  6. Brilliant Stars
  7. County Party Committee
  8. Happiness to Thousands of Families
  9. Acquaintance with You for the First Time
Weibo Quality Actors of the Year (I assumed this is for television/web series): Xiao Zhan (The Oath of Love), Liu Yifei (A Dream of Splendor), and Zhang Ruoyun (Ordinary Greatness).

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Xiao Zhan, Liu Yifei, Zhang Ruoyun

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Tong Liya, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Angelababy

Weibo Quality Actors of the Year (not sure why this was separated?): Yang Mi, Liu Shishi or Cecilia Liu, Tong Liya, and Angelababy. 

Weibo Word of Mouth Actors of the Year: Song Jia, Yao Chen. Weibo New Actors of the Year: Hu Lianxin, Wang Churan, Wang Jiayi, Wu Xuanyi, Zhang Yifan, and Zhou Yiran.

Influential Actor of the Year on Weibo: Li Bingbing. New Talent of the Year: Boy Story. Influential Musician on Weibo: Li Yuchun.

Weibo King and Queen: Hu Ge and Liu Yifei

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Liu Yifei and Hu Ge

Other interesting news during the Weibo Nights: 

Huang Xiaoming, cheered while his ex-wife, Angelababy romped on stage spreading her wings accessory. 

Dylan Wang seated between his two leading ladies: Esther Yu (Love Between Fairy and Devil) and Bai Lu (Only For Love). Dylan and Bai Lu just wrapped up filming of their new drama.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Esther Yu, Dylan Wang, Bai Lu

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Esther Yu, Dylan Wang, Bai Lu

Hu Ge went up on stage to support his "younger brother" in showbiz, Wu Lei when the latter received his Most Notable Actor Award. Hu Ge and Wu Lei have a unique brotherly-bond since they first collaborated in a drama 17 years ago.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Wu Lei and Hu Ge

Wu Lei was only six years old when he played the younger version of the character of Hu Ge in the drama, Young Warriors in 2006. They worked again in 2015 mega hit series, Nirvana in Fire season 1. They have a third collaboration - a movie, titled Worthy Trip, which is expected to release this year.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023 winners
Most Notable Actors awardees plus Hu Ge in one frame

Weibo Nights Awarding ceremony is one of the biggest red carpet events in China where the biggest and brightest Chinese celebrities gathered together. 

However, this year, Sina Weibo canceled the red carpet due to the presence of the thick crowd around the venue. They organized instead a press presentation for celebrities before the actual ceremony started.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023
Gong Jun and Liu Yuning performed "Darling" song

Weibo Nights ceremony offers an opportunity for fashion observers to see their favorite stars wearing glamorous outfits. Check our details of celebrity fashion during the Weibo Nights.

Weibo Nights Awards 2023
Dilraba Dilmurat, Liu Yifei, Yang Mi

Weibo Nights Awards 2023
Black fashion: Esther Yu, Shen Yue, Zhang Jingyi

Weibo Nights Awards 2023
Seated: Tong Liya, Yang Mi, Yang Zi

Weibo Nights Awards 2023
Liu Yifei, Hu Ge, Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Angelababy

Photo credit: Weibo Nights page, Weibo pages of the celebrities 

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