Thai Drama: Royal Doctor of Mario Maurer and Kimmy Woltemas Explores Time Travel

Royal Doctor Thai drama starring Mario Maurer and Kimberley Woltemas

An exciting Lakorn or Thai drama coming up your way on March 21, 2023, on Channel 3 Thailand. Royal Doctor also known as: Thong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang 2. It banners Mario Maurer and Kimberley Ann Woltemas.

It's related to their rom-com drama, Thong Ek: The Herbal Master in 2019. However, Royal Doctor is not a sequel to The Herbal Master. It follows a different plot and Mario and Kim will play different roles. Moreover, the plot involves a time travel concept.

Royal Doctor Thai drama starring Mario Maurer and Kimberley Woltemas
Mario Maurer and Kimberley Ann Woltemas in Royal Doctor

Royal Doctor Plot Summary:

One day, Bua-Akrima (Kimberly Ann Voltemas), a medical student from the modern era (21st century) is blown off by a storm and finds herself waking up in 19th-century Thailand, during the reign of King Rama III. She finds herself in the village of Ban Kru Han Sword School resided only by men. 

She meets Thong-on (Mario Maurer), a medical student. But before he enters the Royal Medical School, Thong-On does not seem to care for the world. 

He is more intelligent than his older half-brother but for some reason, he pretended to act unruly to hide his abilities which disappointed his father, Doctor Thongkham. 

It all changes when there's a royal command to establish the Royal Medical School to educate the wider public. Thong-Aon becomes one of the applicants to become a royal doctor.

Meanwhile, in the royal palace, an accident happened. Prince Phanphichakorn (played by Thatphol Wiwittawan) becomes seriously ill. Doctor Thongkham and Thong-On need to go find herbs and medicine to cure the prince. 

While searching for herbs, Thong-On finds Bua who was unconscious. he rescues her and brought to their home. Bua realizes later she is in a different era.  She tries to go back home by experimenting with all sorts of strange methods, to no avail. Thong-On becomes interested in who is really Bua and where she comes from.

Thong-On and Bua later forge a strong bond and work together to cure diseases, however, Bua still figures out how long she will remain in that era and how she can get back to her real life.

Royal Doctor Thai drama starring Mario Maurer and Kimberley Woltemas
Kimberley Ann Woltemas and Mario Maurer in Royal Doctor

Time traveling arc in a drama is quite interesting, hopefully, Royal Doctor will make it right because there is so much expectation from this drama due to the popularity of The Herbal Master. It will also be streamed on NetFlix in selected regions, and VIU streaming platform in Asia. So we can assure of the English subtitles.

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