Song Hye-kyo and Park Eun-bin Won Big at the 59th Baeksang Awards

59th Baeksang Awards

It's once again the award season in the Asian entertainment industry. Many drama fans are excited to know who among their favorite celebrities and dramas will be recognized and given special citations this year. 

In South Korea, one of its most prestigious award-giving bodies is Baeksang Art Awards which recognizes achievements in film, television, and theatre. And it's often the most attended ceremony by Korean celebrities. 

Song Hye Kyo won Best Actress 59th Baeksang Awards
Song Hye-Kyo won Best Actress for The Glory. Image: Baeksang Official IG

Baeksang Arts Award was originally established for the development of Korean popular culture and art and for enhancing the morale of artists. 

Baeksang Arts Awards are annually presented at a ceremony organized by Ilgan Sports and JTBC Plus. 

The nominees were determined by a total of 60 professional evaluators and judges who all have a vast experience in the industry.

Park Eun Bin won Daesang 59th Baeksang Awards
Park Eun Bin took home the Grand Prize for her role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Image: Baeksang Official IG

This year, the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards was held on April 28, 2023, in Incheon Paradise City in South Korea, nominees and guests filled the red carpet in their best outfits and looks.

59th Baeksang Awards
Hosts for the night: Shin Dong Yup, Bae Suzy, and Park Bo-Gum

The ceremony was hosted by Korean actors Park Bo Gum and Suzy Bae, and comedian Shin Dong Yup. Park Eun-bin and Song Hye-Kyo, who early on were predicted by fans to be on a tight race for the Best Actress trophy, were the big winners for the night.

While Song Hye-Kyo won Best Actress for her portrayal in The Glory, Park Eun-bin took home the highest award given that night, the Daesang or Grand Prize, for her role as the person with a disability who aspires to become a lawyer in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Park Eun Bin won Daesang. Image: Park Eun-bin IG

Early this year, K-drama fans are speculating Song Joong-Ki, the ex-husband of Song Hye-Kyo, who confirmed he got married in January this year, might be nominated and win the award for Best Actor for his latest drama, Reborn Rich. 

59th Baeksang Awards
Lee Sung-min won Best Actor for Reborn Rich. Image: Baeksang Official IG

Surprisingly, it was not him who got the nomination but his co-star who played his father, Lee Sung-min, who eventually won the Best Actor award.

You could just imagine if it was Song Joong-Ki who was nominated for Best Actor in Reborn Rich, and won? It would surely be a hot night as fans will have to see the ex-couple together on stage. But well, it did not happen.

59th Baeksang Awards
Hosts for the night: Shin Dong Yup, Bae Suzy, and Park Bo-Gum

Chinese actress, Tang Wei, took home the Best Actress award im the film category for her leading role in the critically-acclaimed South Korean film, Decision to Leave.

Bae Suzy, Tang Wei, and Park Bo-gum at the 59th Baeksang Awards ©Bae Suzy IG

It was Tang Wei's second Baeksang Best Actress Award since 2011 (for the movie, Late Autumn). Tang Wei is a multi-awarded actress who is now based in South Korea after marrying her Late Autumn director, Kim Tae-yong. 

Tang Wei won Best Actress Decision to Leave
Tang Wei posed before the poster of Decision to Leave ©Tang Wei IG 

Decision to Leave also won big at this year's Baeksang Awards, winning the Daesang (Grand Prize for film), Best Film, and Best Director. 

Here is the complete list of winners for this year's Baeksang Awards:


  • Daesang (Grand Prize) for Best Film - Decision to Leave
  • Best Actor - Ryu Jun-yeol – The Night Owl
  • Best Actress - Tang Wei – Decision to Leave
  • Best New Actor - Park Jin-young – Christmas Carol
  • Best New Actress - Kim Si-eun – Next Sohee
  • Best Supporting Actor - Byun Yo-han – Hansan: Rising Dragon
  • Best Supporting Actress - Park Se-wan – 6/45
  • Best Director - Park Chan-wook – Decision to Leave
  • Best New Director Award -Ahn Tae-jin – The Night Owl
  • Best Screenplay - Jung Ju-ri – Next Sohee
  • Best Film - Decision to Leave

Park Eun Bin won Daesang at Baeksang Awards
Park Eun-bin won Daesang at this year's Baeksang Awards


  • Daesang (Grand Prize) - Park Eun-bin – Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • Best Actor - Lee Sung-min – Reborn Rich
  • Best Actress - Song Hye-kyo - The Glory
  • Best New Actor - Moon Sang-min – Under the Queen’s Umbrella
  • Best New Actress - Roh Yoon-seo – Crash Course in Romance
  • Best Supporting Actor - Jo Woo-jin – Suriname
  • Best Supporting Actress - Lim Ji-yeon – The Glory
  • Best Male Variety Performer - Kim Jong-kook
  • Best Female Variety Performer - Lee Eun-ji
  • Best Director - Yoo In-shik – Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • Technical Award - Ryu Seong-hee – Little Women
  • Best Screenplay - Park Hae-young – My Liberation Notes
  • Best Drama - The Glory
  • Best Entertainment Program - Pick Show
  • Best Educational Show Adult - Kim Jang-ha
  • TikTok Popularity Award - IU and Park Jin-young
Song Hye-Kyo won Best Actress 59th Baeksang Awards
Song Hye-Kyo got hold of her Best Actress Trophy


  • Acting Award - Ha Ji-Seong – Teenage Dick
  • Best Short Play Now Archive – A Little Lonely Monologue and Always Friendly Songs
  • Baeksang Theater Award - None elected – Doosan Art Center

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