Big Comeback of Chen Feiyu and Movie Announcement of His father Chen Kaige

Chen Feiyu attends Huabiao Film Awards

Chinese actor Chen Feiyu, who has a hit series last year, Lighter and Princess, made a big comeback in the spotlight on May 23, 2023.

Following a scandalous topless photo circulated online in February this year, allegedly taken in a hotel room by his fan and former girlfriend, Chen Feiyu became elusive and stayed out of the limelight for two months.

Chen Feiyu attends Huabiao Film Awards
Arthur Chen performs at Huabiao Film Awards 

There was a wide discussion online that his current and future projects might be affected by the controversy, knowing China's culture in dealing with celebrities embroiled in scandalous issues.

Although his issue was quite different from other celebrity scandals in China as it was not his fault and he was even the victim in this photo leaking story, many of his fans still worried Chen Feiyu might fall into disgrace and might be "canceled" in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Chen Feiyu attends Huabiao Film Awards
Chen Feiyu Credit: Huabiao Awards weibo

As the son of one of China's film industry's pillars, a lot of expectations have been laid on Chen Feiyu's shoulders, only to be ruined by the paparazzi's explosive disclosure.

There were reports that film director, Chen Kaige, was so mad at his son for the controversy that Chen Feiyu was said to have kneeled for hours outside his father's office to ask for forgiveness. 

But on May 23, 2023, at Huabiao Film Awards, one of China's most prestigious award-giving bodies for film excellence, Chen Feiyu made a red carpet appearance and even performed on stage with other stars such as Wang Yibo, Li Qin, Guan Xiaotong, Mao Xiaotong, and many more.

It was his big comeback in the spotlight after his controversy in February. And it appears that his star status and public image remained unaffected following the controversy.

Chen Feiyu attends Huabiao Film Awards
Chen Feiyu attends Haubiao Film Awards

All his acting projects were not shelved and during the Huabiao Awards press presentation, his father, Chen Kaige, even made a big announcement of his upcoming epic film, "Voluntary Army: Heroes Attack" where his son is included in the main cast. 

Also known by his English name, Arthur Chen, the 23-year-old actor was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 2000. He also attended a private boarding school in Boston, Tabor Academy, before moving to China for his college years.

In 2021, he dropped his American citizenship to become a Chinese citizen. Arthur is currently taking Performing Arts at the Beijing Film Academy. He is expected to follow his father's footsteps in film directing. 

In 2017, he began taking an apprenticeship as a film director, serving as his father's assistant in the movie, Legend of the Demon Cat. He also formally entered showbiz that year, starring in a coming of age movie, Secret Fruit, with Ouyang Nana.

Arthur starred in two costume drama, Ever Night and Legend of Awakening. He also starred in a patriotic anthology, My People My Country in 2019, in the segment directed by his father. 

In April, his movie with Zhou Ye, Yesterday Once More, was shown in the cinema, just over two months after his topless photo controversy.

Chen Kaige won Best Director Huabiao Awards
Film director Chen Kaige talks about his new film

This big comeback movie of Arthur is so rare for Chinese actors who are involved in an online controversy, thanks to his father, Chen Kaige, for doing everything he could to clear his son's name. 

Arthur is so lucky to have a father who is one of the pillars of China's film industry. He was able to easily shrug off the dust of the scandals without huge damage to his public image. 

Chinese netizens are sometimes unforgiving to celebrities who are embroiled in a controversy even if they are the innocent parties. It takes years before celebrities can get back to the limelight. 

New epic film of Chen Kaige

Chen Kaige is the big winner at the recently concluded Huabiao Film Awards, winning Outstanding Director for two consecutive editions, the 18th and 19th Huabiao Awards.

Chen Kaige won Best Director Huabiao Awards
Outstanding Director winners Dante Lam and Chen Kaige for My People My Homeland 

Chen Kaige won Best Director Huabiao Awards
Outstanding Director winner, Chen Kaige for My People My Homeland and Battle of Lake Changjin 

He won Best Director for his 2019 patriotic film, My People My Country, and for the 2021 blockbuster patriotic film, Battle of Lake Changjin, which is Asia's highest-grossing film of all time.

new movie Voluntary Army Heroes Attack
Director Chen Kaige and Producer Fu Ruoqing announced new film

During the red carpet appearance, Chen Kaige announced that he is currently working on a new war film, Voluntary Army: Heroes Attack also known as The Great Victory starring Chen Feiyu, Xin Baiqing, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Youhao, and Wei Daxun.

The film will explore the heroic deeds of Chinese military volunteers to aid the Korean soldiers during the Korean War and fight American aggression.

new movie Voluntary Army Heroes Attack
Chen Kaige in the center with the producer and cast of Voluntary Army: Heroes Attack

Director Chen Kaige revealed that the film is currently in production. It is both a civil and military film. The executive producer Fu Ruoqing said that the film, as an "epic" work, has both local battles and war strategies, and strives to present a panoramic view of the three-year history of the war to resist US Aggression and aid Korea.

new movie Voluntary Army Heroes Attack
Chen Feiyu, Wei Daxun, Zhang Zifeng, and Zhang Youhao

It is reported that the film will fully restore the three-year history of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. The game of great powers, diplomatic turmoil, and battlefield confrontation will be fully staged. It will be released in theaters on National Day in 2023.

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