15 Highest Rated Chinese Drama in Douban 2022

Wondering how Chinese Netizens in mainland China rated the TV and web series in 2022 in Douban? Check below list, we have included the series rated by more than 40,000 users. 

Douban is China's largest and most influential rating platform, it usually mirrors how a Chinese drama is received by people in mainland China. 

Daughter of the Mountain is the highest-rated series in Douban in 2022

According to Douban's user profile, most of its registered members are professionals and real drama critics so producers and networks are often checking Douban's reviews how their projects are received locally.

The Blood of Youth is the highest-rated costume series in 2022 in Douban

Douban's reviews and ratings seem to reflect the sentiments of the critics in China and the award-giving bodies. For instance, most of the highly-rated dramas in Douban have been shortlisted as Best TV and Web Series in China's most prestigious award-giving bodies, and most of the winners came from this ranking.

A Lifelong Journey was awarded Best TV series at this year's Magnolia Awards, one of the three most prestigious award-giving bodies in China for TV excellence. Its main lead, Lei Jiayin, and supporting cast, Ding Yongdai, won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively. The series also won Best Adapted Screenplay. 

Reset is the most popular series in Douban in 2022 rated by more than 840,000 users

Here are the Top 15 Highest-rated Chinese dramas in 2022 in Douban. 

1. Daughter of the Mountain - 9.3 rural drama. Genre: Rural drama/Slice of life. Main Cast: Yang Rong, Liu  Yijun. This is the only Chinese series in 2022 rated excellent in Douban. 

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Daughter of the Mountain 

2. Ordinary Greatness - 8.5 Genre: Crime/Investigation. Main Cast: Zhang Ruonan, Bai Lu, and Wang Jingchun.

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Ordinary Greatness 

3. A Lifelong Journey - 8.4 Genre: Family drama. Main Cast: Lei Jiayin, Xin Bai Qing, Song Jia, Yin Tao. This is a multi-awarded drama in 2022, receiving accolades from China's most prestigious award-giving bodies.

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
A Lifelong Journey 

4. Song of Life - 8.4 Genre: Slice of life drama. Main Cast: Zhou Yiran, Yang Xinmeng, E Jing Wen. 

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Song of Life 

5. The Record of Strange Things - 8.4. Genre: Action fantasy. Main Cast: Shao Zhuang, Yang Yu, Tian Song.

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
The Record of Strange Things 

6. Wild Bloom - 8.2 Genre: business drama. Main Cast: Zhao Liying and Ou Hao. 

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Wild Bloom

7. The Blood of Youth - 8.2 Genre: Historical/Costume/Wuxia. Main Cast: Li Hongyi, Ao Ruipeng, and Liu Xueyi. This is the highest-rated costume drama in 2022.

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
The Blood of Youth 

8. Love Between Fairy and Devil - 8.1. Genre: Costume/Fantasy/Xianxia. Main Cast: Dylan Wang and Esther Yu.

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Love Between Fairy and Devil 

9. Wind Blows From Longxi - 8.1 Genre: Historical/Costume/Wuxia. Main Cast: Chen Kun and Bai Yu. 

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Wind Blows From Longxi 

10. Hi Venus - 8.0 Genre: Romance/Comedy/Medical. Main Cast: Joseph Zeng and Liang Jie.

Highest Rated Chinese drama in 2022 Douban
Hi Venus

11. Beyond - 8.0 Genre: Sports/ Family drama. Main Cast: Teresa Li, Hu Jun, Sha Yi. 


12. Twenty Your Life On Season 2 - 8.0 Genre: Youth Romance. Main Cast: multiple cast including Guan Xiaotong. 

Twenty Your Life On

13. Reset - 7.9 Genre: Time loop/ Thriller. Main Cast: Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai 


14. A Dream of Splendor - 7.9 Genre: Historical/Costume/Wuxia. Main Cast: Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao.

A Dream of Splendor 

15. Strange Tale of Tang Dynasty - 7.9 Genre: Historical/Costume/Wuxia. Main Cast: Yang Xuwen and Yang Zhigang.

Strange Tale of Tang Dynasty 

Top 5 Most Popular Series in Douban in 2022:

1. Reset - Rated by 859,807 users. Rating: 7.9

2. A Dream of Splendor - Rated by 847,945 users. Rating: 7.9

3. Love Between Fairy and Devil - Rated by 691,267 users. Rating: 8.1

4. Love Like the Galaxy - Rated by 546,134 users. Rating: 7.6

5. Immortal Samsara - Rated by 545,604 users. Rating: 5.7

6. Wild Bloom - Rated by 374,913 users. Rating: 8.2

7. The Oath of Love - Rated by 369,559 users. Rating: 6.0

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But series of top liuliang stars last year received less than expectations rating in Douban. 

1. Love Like the Galaxy - 7.6 Wu Lei is not a liuliang star but Zhao lusi is now considered a liuliang star. 7.6 is a decent rating, but still this drama didn't reach the top 15 ranking. 

Love Like The Galaxy 

2. Being a Hero - 7.3 starring Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo is one of China's biggest liuliang stars. 

Being a Hero

3. The Story of Xing Fu - 7.1 starring Zhao Liying. She is one of the biggest liuliang stars in China. 

The Story of Xingfu

4. Thank You Doctor - 6.4 starring Yang Mi and Bai Yu. Yang Mi is China's biggest liuliang star. 

Thank You Doctor

5. The Oath of Love - 6.0 This is one of the most popular Chinese dramas in 2022 because it is topbilled by two of the biggest liuliang stars: Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan. 

The Oath of Love 

6. Immortal Samsara - 5.9 Starring Yang Zi and Cheng Yi. Although very popular among international fans in Asia, this drama sounds not well received in mainland China as it didn't reach the scale rating of 6.0.

Immortal Samsara 

7. She and Her Perfect Husband - 5.8 starring Yang Mi and Xu Kai, both liuliang stars. 

She and Her Perfect Husband 

8. The Blue Whisper - 5.7 Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Ren Jialun. Both are liuliang stars. 

The Blue Whisper 

9. Who Rules The World - 5.7 starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi. Both are liuliang stars. 

Who Rules The World

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