2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards Full List Winners

The awarding ceremony of the 2023 Asia Contents Awards & Global OTT Awards (ACA & G.OTT Awards) was held o mon October 8, 2023, Sunday, at the Busan International Film Festival Theater, Busan Cinema Center.

Asia Contents Award (ACA) is an annual event that aims to celebrate the achievements of excellent content made for TV, OTT, and online across Asia. 

2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards
Moving, big winners at the 2023 ACA and Global OTT Awards 

OTT means over-the-top, it is a means of providing television and film content over the internet. Online streaming apps such as Netflix, iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, and VIU are examples of OTT platforms. It implies that a content provider is going over the top of existing internet services.

This year’s Asia Contents Awards join forces with the International OTT Festival, co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and Busan Metropolitan City. 

2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards
Best Asian TV series winner

Here are the nominees and winners for the 2023 Asia Contents Awards & Global OTT Awards:

1. Best Creative: 

  • The Glory (South Korea)
  • Little Women (South Korea)
  • Moving (South Korea) - winner
  • Special Ops: Lioness (USA/South Korea) 
  • The Long Season (China)

2. Best OTT Original: 

  • Get Rich (Thailand)
  • The Knock Out (China)
  • Shadow Detective (South Korea)
  • Wave Makers (Taiwan) 
  • Weak Heroes Class I (South Korea) - winner

3. Best Asian TV Series: 

  • The Black Yard (Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan)
  • Delete (Thailand)
  • Not Others (South Korea)
  • Scoop (India) - winner
  • Taiwan Crime Stories (Taiwan).

2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards
Xin Shuang, Best Director winner (The Long Season - C-Drama)

4. Best Director:

  • Han Jun-hee for D.P. season 2 (South Korea)
  • Kanchiku Yuri for First Love (Japan)
  • Parkpoom Wongpoom for Delete (Thailand)
  • Xin Shuang for The Long Season (China) - winner

5. Best Actor in a leading role: 

  • Arjo Atayde for Cattleya Killer (Philippines)
  • Fan Wei for The Long Season (China)
  • Nat Kitcharit for Delete (Thailand)
  • Ryu Seung-ryong for Moving (South Korea) - winner
  • Takeru Satoh  for First Love (Japan)
  • Yuya Yagira for Gannibal (Japan)

2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards
winners: Best Lead Actor, Ryu Seung-ryong for Moving, and Best Lead Actress, Karishma Tanna for Scoop

6. Best Actress in a leading role: 

  • Emily Chan for The Patient (Malaysia)
  • Karishma Tanna for Scoop (India) - winner
  • Rebecca Lim for Third Rail (Singapore)
  • Song Hye-kyo for The Glory (South Korea)
  • Zoe Saldana for Special Ops: Lioness (USA/South Korea)

7. Best Supporting Actor: 

  • Hsueh Shih-Ling for Taiwan Crime Stories (Taiwan) - winner
  • Jo Woo-jin for Narco Saints (South Korea)
  • Nichkhun Horvejkul for Finding the Rainbow (Thailand)
  • Sometani Shota for Sanctuary (Japan)

8. Best Supporting Actress: 

  • Buffy Chen for Wave Makers (Taiwan)
  • Charlette Wasita Hermenau for Delete (Thailand) 
  • Kyung Soo-jin for Shadow Detective (South Korea)
  • Kutsuna Shioli for Sanctuary (Japan)
  • Lim Ji-yeon for The Glory (South Korea) - winner

9. Best Newcomer Actor: 

  • Lee Jung-ha for Moving (South Korea) - winner
  • Park Ji-hoon for Weak Hero Class 1 (South Korea)
  • Prudtichai Ruayfupant M for Nobody’s Happy If I’m Not (Thailand)
  • Wen JunHui for Exclusive Fairy Tale (China)

2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards
From Moving. Best Newcomer Actor and Best Newcomer Actress

10. Best Newcomer Actress: 

  • Go Youn-jung  for Moving (South Korea) - winner
  • Teresa Li for The Long Season (China)
  • Phantira Pipityakorn for Get Rich (Thailand)
  • Rikako Yagi for First Love (Japan)

11. Best Writer:

  • Bakarhythm for Rebooting (Japan)
  • Chung Seo Kyung for Little Women (South Korea)
  • Kang Full for Moving (South Korea) - winner
  • Kim Eun-sook for The Glory (South Korea)
  • Taylor Sheridan for Special Ops: Lioness (USA/South Korea)

12. Best Visual Effects:

  • Big Bet (South Korea)
  • Moving (South Korea) - winner
  • The Long Season (China)
  • Three-Body (China)

13. Best Reality and Variety: 

  • Bloody Game 2 (South Korea) 
  • Food Chronicle (South Korea)
  • Jessica Soho: Wounds of Woes (Philippines)
  • Let’s Feast Vietnam (Vietnam) - winner
  • Our Game: LG Twins (South Korea)
  • Physical: 100 - winner (South Korea)
  • SNL Korea Seasons 3 and 4 (South Korea)

14. Creative Beyond Border:

  • EXchange 2 - variety show (South Korea)
  • One Day Off - mini-series (South Korea)

15. Best New Technology:

  • TVING (South Korea) - OTT video streaming platform

16. Special Contribution for K-Contents: 

  • VIU (South Korea) - OTT video streaming platform
  • Wavve Americas (USA) - OTT video streaming platform

17. Special Contribution: OTT Industry

  • WATCHA (South Korea) - OTT video streaming platform

18. Lifetime Achievement Award - Kim Jonghak (South Korea), director and producer

19. Asian Excellence Award - Yagira Yuya (Japan) for his role in Gannibal

2023 Asia Content Awards and Global OTT Awards
Seventeen's Jun or Wen Jun Hui won the Rising Star of the Year award

20. Rising Star of the Year:

  • Wen JunHui - China (from Exclusive Fairytale series)
  • Buffy Chen - Taiwan (from Wave Makers series)

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