BlackPink Enjoys Royal Moment at Buckingham Palace. Mentioned by King Charles III

 Blackpink attends Buckingham Palace reception

Korean pop sensation, Blackpink, is everywhere in the news today due to their controversial contract renewal with the label that launched them in 2016, the YG Entertainment. 

With intense speculation owing to their contract renewal, which caught global attention, the group, composed of Rose, Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie, is reportedly in the final stages of negotiating a new contract with YG Entertainment.

However, yesterday, Blackpink made a break from all the muddles of their contract renewal controversy by flying to the United Kingdom to attend the state banquet hosted by King Charles III for the visiting South Korean president, Yoon Suk Yeol, and his wife, Kim Keon Hee.

Blackpink attends Buckingham Palace reception
State Banquet Hall at Buckingham Palace during the South Korean president's visit. Photo credit: The Royal Family

The K-pop girl group sensation was part of the personalities invited by President Yoon Suk Yeol to join his delegation to promote South Korean culture in the United Kingdom during the state visit.

Jisoo, Rose, Jennie, and Lisa had their royal moment at the state banquet as they walked on the red carpet inside the Buckingham Palace to the banquet hall.

Blackpink attends Buckingham Palace reception
Blackpink, Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa walked on the red carpet inside Buckingham Palace

The girls donned their finest evening gowns, with Lisa choosing a glimmering aquamarine sequin dress with a sweeping tulle cape. Jennie looked like a fairytale princess in an off-the-shoulder white silhouette gown, while Jisoo and Rose sported a black ensemble.

I find the color choice of Jisoo and Rose a bit awkward since British royals never wear a black dress to a state reception because as per royal custom, black is a color for mourning. They should have chosen a light color as per the royal dress code. But not sure if they were given a notice about the dress code? The South Korean First Lady also wore a black dress to the reception.

King Charles, the South Korean President, the First Lady, and Queen Camilla. Photo credit; The Royal Family

The King and Queen and the South Korean President and First Lady. Photo credit; The Royal Family

Nonetheless, King Charles III made a special mention of the Blackpink members in his reception speech, “It is especially inspiring to see Korea’s younger generation embrace the cause (about sustainability), I applaud Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé, better known collectively as BLACKPINK, for their role in bringing the message of environmental sustainability to a global audience as Ambassadors for the U.K.’s Presidency of COP 26, and later as advocates for the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.”

Blackpink Contract Renewal

Speaking of Blackpink, their controversial contract renewal with YG has not yet been decided. As their fans are anxious to hear an update, Korean media reported that both camps have not yet reached a final deal.

Industry insiders say that the group will continue to carry out its activities under YG Entertainment, however, the group might not renew their exclusive contracts with the management.

If this report is true then the four members would be free to pursue their solo career and will only reunite as Blackpink when their schedules allow, the report claimed. 

Blackpink's fans on social media have been pleading with the group never to disband. Although some of their fans are open to the idea of seeing them taking solo careers,  most fans still prefer to see them as a group.

Blackpink's exclusive contract with YG Entertainment expired in August this year. Their renewal controversy came at a time when another K-pop sensation, BTS, is taking a break because some of the members are on mandatory military service.

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