Here's Why C-Drama Actor Johnny Huang Has Never Starred in a Costume Drama

Chinese actor, Johnny Huang, who currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has participated in many open tournaments from the BJJ Shanghai Institute, has not starred in a full-length costume drama, and many fans are wondering why.

He made his formal acting debut in 2016, in a BL drama, Addicted, with Timmy Xu, but since then, he only starred mostly in modern romance and action dramas and films.

Johnny Huang declines costume role

In Chinese entertainment where the productions are heavily investing on costume dramas, it's expected that all C-drama stars will take costume drama roles to diversify their acting portfolio. 

But not Johnny Huang or Huang Jingyu.

Johnny Huang declines costume role
Johnny Huang as Nurhaci in Demon Girl season 2

There were only two occasions that he ever wore a costume in the drama. In 2016 for his support role as Nurhaci in the season 2 of Demon Girl starring Li Yitong and Zhang Zehan, and in 2018, in the recurring or flash back scenes of his character, Helan Jingting, in the fantasy romance drama, Moonshine and Valentine, with Victoria Song.

Johnny Huang declines costume role
Johnny Huang as Nurhaci in Demon Girl season 2 (2016)
Johnny Huang declines costume role
Johnny Huang and Victoria Song in Moonshine and Valentine (2018)

So what's his reason for declining a costume drama role? 

According to a recent interview, Johnny Huang answered: “I really can’t quite do costume dramas. I can’t do the makeup. I always feel like there’s something on my face, so I don’t dare to touch it".

haha! 😂 

He means he does not like his face to be caked with foundation! As we all know, the styling of costume dramas is very detailed, and a bit complicated. 

Actors need to be styled for long hours and they need to wear heavy makeup, wig, elaborate costumes, and tons of ornaments. Something that cringed Johnny Huang. 

Johnny Huang declines costume role
Johnny Huang in Bright Eyes in the Dark (2023)

Costume dramas also take months to film which eats most of the scheduling time of C-drama stars. So that's it. He does not want to wear heavy makeup so he never starred in a full-length costume drama in the main role.

Costume drama is the most popular genre in Chinese showbiz industry. Chinese productions are heavily investing in this genre each year. Almost 70% of C-drama releases every year come from this genre, very little on the modern genre.

Johnny Huang Chinese actor
Johnny Huang doesn't want to star in a costume drama 

But Johnny Huang is not short of drama projects each year as his presence is most in-demand in the crime/military genre due to his robust built and athletic physique. 

In 2019, he won Best Newcomer Actor at the Asian Film Awards for his role in the military operation movie, Operation Red Sea with Zhang Yi.

However, despite his consistent refusal to take costume drama roles, fans are still hoping that someday, he would reconsider.

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