Cheng Yi and Xiao Zhan Won Best TV Actors at the 2023 Chinese American Film and TV Festival

Golden Angel Awards 2023

The Golden Angel Awards are presented by the Chinese American Film and TV Festival. It is annually held every November since 2006 in California (with events in Los Angeles and San Francisco).

Golden Angel Awards 2023

The Chinese American Film and TV Festival aims to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the film and television industries in China and the United States

Golden Angel Awards 2023
Huang Xiaomeng and Lin Yun
Golden Angel Awards 2023
Xiao Zhan in The Youth Memories

For this year's festival, nearly 1,000 participants gathered in the Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel for the said cultural event. Outstanding films, television, and web series, as well as acting performances, have been recognized as part of the highlights of the festival.
Cheng Yi's Certificate

This year's festivals received over 500 film and television entries. A total of 10 films won the Golden Angel Award at the event. Popular Chinese actors such as Cheng Yi, Xiao Zhan, Wu Jing, and Huang Xiaoming won the awards.

Cheng Yi in Mysterious Lotus Casebook

Full List of Winners

Film category:

Best Film: 
  • The Wandering Earth 2
Best Director: 
  • Frant Gwo for The Wandering Earth 2
Best New Directors: 
  • Cui Rui and Liu Xiang for Lost in the Stars
Best Actor in a Leading Role:
  • Wu Jing for Meg 2: The Trench
Best Actress in a Leading Role: 
  • Li Binging for Ordinary Hero
Best Supporting Actor: 
  • Hu Jun for Manifesto
Best Supporting Actress: 
  • Jiang Shuying for Hidden Blade
Best Screenplay: Ride On

Best Young Actor: 
  • Wang Qiang for In Search of Lost Time
Outstanding Asian Filmmaker Award: Vivian Wu

Best New Screenwriter: 
  • Wang Zichuan for Day Dreaming
Best Producer: No More Bets

Best Children's Film: Ba Ba de Huang Yan

Best Chinese-American Co-Production Film: Meg 2: The Trench

Best Music Composer: Li Ge and Zhang Qian for Ba

Best Young Actor for Web series: Xiao Zhan, Cheng Yi, and Ou Hao

TV category:

Best TV Series: 
  • The Knockout
Best Director: 
  • Xu Jizhou for The Knockout
Best New Director: 
  • Yin Tao for The Blood of Youth
Best Actor in a Leading Role: 
  • Huang Xiaoming for Alliance also known as Good Things Come in Pairs
Best Actress in a Leading Role: 
  • Lin Yun for Imperfect Victim
Best Supporting Actor: 
  • Liu Wei for Wild Bloom
Best Supporting Actress: 
  • Dong Jie for Imperfect Victim
Best Young Actors/Outstanding Actors: 
  • Cheng Yi for Mysterious Lotus Casebook
  • Ou Hao for Wild Bloom
  • Xiao Zhan for The Youth Memories
Best Screenplay: 
  • Zhang Ting for The Long River
Best Web Series: 
  • Imperfect Victim (iQIYI)
  • Love Between Fairy and Devil (iQIYI)
  • The Blood of Youth (Youku)
  • The Ingenious One (iQIYI)
Outstanding Web Series: 
  • Destined (iQIYI)
  • Alliance (Tencent)
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook (iQIYI)
  • The Long River (Hunan TV/Mango TV)
  • Hidden Love (Youku)
  • Wild Bloom (Youku) 
  • Two Conjectures About Marriage (Youku)
  • The Power Source (Mango TV)

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