Full List of Winners: Tencent Entertainment Annual Report Awards 2023

 Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023

Tencent, China's biggest internet and technology company and the country's leading streaming platform held its Annual Report Awarding Ceremony on December 14, 2023. 

The awards recognized the excellent works of Chinese entertainment personalities in a given year based on the Tencent Annual Report Card for China's Entertainment Industry. This is different from the Tencent Annual Star Awards which will be held on December 17.

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Cheng Yi braved the frosty weather to attend the event
Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Cheng Yi is this year's Tencent Entertainment Annual Report's Star of the Year

The Tencent Annual Report is one of the most comprehensive reports about the Chinese entertainment industry due to the coverage of data sources they collated. 

To come up with the winners, around 98,500 sets of entertainment works and 2.2 billion sets of data from the entire entertainment industry were scanned and analyzed. 

Tencent Annual Awards 2023
Veteran actor, Huang Xiaoming 

Out of these scanned data, they sorted out and summarized multiple sets of industry categories to get the industry's personalities who topped the chart in a given year. 

Here's the list of winners of the Tencent Annual Report Awards 2023:

1. Top Five Series of 2023: These are the series that topped the popularity index lists across all data in different platforms and also the top five in online hot searches.

  • Lost You Forever (Tencent)
  • The Knockout (iQIYI)
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook (iQIYI)
  • Three-Body (Tencent)
  • The Youth Memories (Tencent)

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Cheng Yi beats out other popular C-drama stars to win the Tencent Annual Report Award's Star of the Year

2. Star of the Year (the highest award): Cheng Yi is this year's most valuable Chinese drama star as he emerged as TOP1 on the brand power value list, and TOP2 on the business popularity list in the 2023 Tencent Entertainment Annual Report. 

Tencent Annual Awards 2023

High-quality works, comprehensive popularity, commercial value, and three hit dramas in three years that top the popularity index each year: Love and Redemption (2020), Immortal Samsara (2022), and Mysterious Lotus Casebook (2023). 

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023

3. Most Influential Actor of the Year: Cheng Yi - He ranked high in the TV drama actor popularity list, TV drama actor reputation list, and role popularity list for his role as Li Lianhua and Li Xiangyi in Mysterious Lotus Casebook (iQIYI).

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Huang Xiaoming

4. TV Drama Actor of the Year: Huang XiaomingRanked first as an outstanding actor in the 2023 Tencent Entertainment Annual Report's Drama Power List. His drama, "Good Things Come in Pairs" (Tencent) broke the record of the highest popularity among urban dramas on Tencent Video!

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Wang Ziwen

5. TV Drama Actress of the Year: Wang Ziwen for her role in "Three-Body" (Tencent) which broke the record for the highest first-day popularity on Tencent Video. It gained popularity and reputation at home and abroad, becoming a landmark work in domestic science fiction dramas.

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Han Dongjun

6. TV Drama Quality Actor of the Year: Han Dongjun. His drama this year, "Fake It Till You Make It" (Mango TV), leads this summer's urban dramas in terms of reputation across all data. 

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023

7. TV Drama Audience Favorite Actress of the Year: Mao Xiaotong. For her portrayals of three different characters in three dramas this year (different genres). As the sassy heroine Shu Yanan in The Ingenious One (iQIYI), as the bubbly girl Sun Xiang in Hello Beautiful Life (Tencent), and as the hardworking doctor Fang Xiaoran in The Heart (Tencent).

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023

8. TV Drama Audience Favorite Actor of the Year: Wei Daxun. According to Tencent Entertainment Annual Report, Wei Daxun ranked first among rising actors. The audience loved his portrayal of Meng Yanchen in Fireworks of My Heart (Mango TV). His character popularity index is 94.3.

9. Annual Breakthrough Star: Wen Junrui or Jun. Apart from being a member of the K-pop group, SEVENTEEN, Jun is also a Chinese actor. He just won the Rising Star Award in Asia Content and Global OTT Awards 2023 for his role in the drama, Exclusive Fairytale (iQIYI). 

Tencent Annual Awards 2023

He ranked first in the live interactive popularity list and the SNS interactive popularity list. TMEA Annual New Power Singer-Songwriter Award, QQ Music Gold Single Certification, starring in TV series overseas and achieved impressive results, ranking first in overseas charts for many weeks!

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Jin Chen

10. Annual Business Star: Jin Chen. She is TOP1 in the comprehensive fashion value list. She has remarkable starring roles both in movies and dramas this year, showing the charm of her multi-faceted acting skills.

11. Film Actress of the Year: Jin Chen. For her role in "No More Bets", which is one of the highest-grossing Chinese films this year. She ranked number one on the 2023 Tencent Entertainment Annual Report for "Movie Actresses Popularity List".

12. Film Actor of the Year: Fei Xiang - He ranked first on the social media hot list for rising movie actors of the year, and also ranked on the popular list of word-of-mouth. 

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023
Zhou Yiran

13. Annual Film Breakthrough Actress: Zhou Yiran for her remarkable acting performances in four movies this year: Across the Furious Sea, Be My Family, Flaming Cloud, and Awakening Spring. 

14. Annual Film Breakthrough Actor: Zhang Youhao for his breakthrough acting performances in movies this year: Across the Furious Sea, The Great War, Dancing Green, and The Woman in the Storm. His strong character creation ability made him highly recognized by the audience. Ranked first in the 2023 Tencent Entertainment Annual Report’s Quality List of New Generation Movie Actors.

15. Variety Show Female Artist of the Year: Wu Xin. From the girl next door loved by the audience to the national host, Wu Xin has always moved forward. 

16. Variety Show Male Artist of the Year: Yang Di (He is one of the hosts of Hello Saturday - Hunan TV) - A stable backbone in the variety show industry, he has appeared in more than 15 variety shows throughout the year. He returns with the sixth season of "Mars Intelligence Agency" and his performance is highly anticipated. 

17. Variety Show Audience Favorite Artist of the Year: Wei Daxun - Ranked first in the 2023 Tencent Entertainment Annual Report Variety Show Popularity List, his participation in "Let's Go Now" broke the popularity record of Tencent Video variety shows!

18. Male Singer of the Year: Zhou Shen - Ranked first as the best-performing singer on the Tencent Music Chart! TOP1 in the 2023 new song popularity list, male singer reputation list, male singer popularity list, and male singer reputation rising list, achieving four crowns!

19. Female Singer of the Year: Huang Qishan

20. Annual Breakthrough Singer: Chen Zhouxuan

Tencent Entertainment Annual Awards 2023

21. Rising Group of the Year: WayV - This C-pop group is one of the multi-awarded Chinese boy bands. They are the sub-unit of the K-pop boy group, NCT. 

In the 2023 Tencent Entertainment Annual Report, WayV ranked first in the word-of-mouth increase list, with an increase index of 84.33. The new album "On My Youth" attracts fans worldwide with its trendy music style and singing and dancing performances.

Congratulations to all the winners! Tencent Star Awards will be held on December 17, this award will solely for the stars, and their works aired on the Tencent streaming platform this year. Looking forward

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