K-Drama Star Park Min-young Breaks Silence: Sick of it All!

Park Min-young controversy

"Sick of it all", says South Korean actress Park Min-young on her instagram post. "But now I believe the truth always works", she added. 

Park Min-young's "disgust" is due to the latest report in Korean media regarding her controversial relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Park Min-young controversy
Park Min-young ©RachelPark IG

Korean media, Dispatch, alleged that the actress received a substantial amount of money from her ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun, during their relationship.

According to Dispatch's detailed report, the funds were transferred from Kang Jong Hyun's company to Park Min Young's personal bank. 

Dispatch further claimed that the money was "misappropriated, disguised as a loan, and subsequently transmitted to Park Min Young's account, labeled as living expenses." 

Park Min-young controversy
©RachelPark IG

In February 2023, Park Min-young was investigated by the authorities regarding Kang Jong Hyun's utilization of her account under a ‘borrowed’ name. But it was dismissed after itbwas proved she had no involvement in the case.

However, Korean media and Korean netizens continue to dig on the issue even if the actress already denied the allegations. 

Park Min Young's agency, Hook Entertainment, issued a statement denying any financial support from her ex-boyfriend. 

The agency clarified, "The 250 million won mentioned in the article is only in Park Min-young's account used by Kang Jong-hyun and was not used for actress Park Min-young's living expenses."

The agency added, "Park Min-young has been refuting these rumours for more than a year and has been widely misunderstood. 

She has faced criticism, expressed regret, and reflected on the situation. As an actress, the only thing she can do is show good acting through her work. We hope that there will be no more unfounded suspicions that can damage Park's reputation."

Park Min-young controversy
Park Min-young in Marry My Husband 

Due to these allegations, Park Min-young's currently airing drama, Marry My Husband, is facing a backlash from Korean netizens, with some planned to boycott the drama.

Their disappointment  stemmed from the fact that  Park Min Young had previously claimed she never received money from her ex-boyfriend.

Amidst this controversy, Park Min-young received sympathy from overseas fans, assuring the actress of their continued support. 

This latest hullabaloo reflects Korean entertainment's highly destructive culture of condemning celebrities when there's uncomfortable issue about them.

K-Drama stars constantly battle in the court of public opinions with a little room for victory, which sometimes pushed them to their grave.

So which drama industry has the most toxic culture, K-Drama or C-Drama? 

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