List of Winners: 2024 Yuewen Global Chinese IP Awards Held in Singapore

2024 Yuewen Global IP Awards 

In an effort for the Chinese entertainment industry to go global, the annual Yuewen Global Chinese IP Awards this year was held outside China for the first time. 

On February 5, 2024, the Chinese Culture and Entertainment group, Yuewen’s first Global IP Awards ceremony was held at the Marina Sands in Singapore and aired live on Tencent Video.

2024 Yuewen Global IP Awards
Song Yi at the red carpet

Due to the venue being a bit far away from home and because most Chinese drama stars have ongoing drama filming, only a few of them were able to attend the event in Singapore.

Guardian of the Dafeng
cast and crew, Guardian of the Dafeng

So what is this award all about?

The award meant to recognize works of Chinese writers, creators, artists, and actors based on IP adaptation. 

IP means Intellectual Property. In China, most of its films and series are adaptations. Productions will purchase original novels, games, anime, and other works, and turn them into live-action, thus, their outputs are often called IP dramas.

2024 Yuewen Global IP Awards
Lin Yi and Lin Gengxin attend the 2024 Global IP Awards

However, in the digital world, IP drama means, web series, or those dramas based on web novels, online games, and anime stories published digitally.

Zhang Yuqi

Yuewen Group is a Tencent-back digital publisher. It mainly develops intellectual property (IP) works based on online literature. It is known for a pay-to-read model in China’s online literature industry.

Yuewen has over 200 million monthly active users across all its platforms. Its international platform, WebNovel, has been visited over 230 million times since launching in 2017.

Lin Yi

Works across the sphere of cultural production, including animation, movies, and gaming were honored with Yuewen Global IP Awards. 

Global IP Awards 2024
Yuan Ye,author of Lord of Mysteries 

“Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability” is one of the “outstanding works of the year” winners. The fantasy-revenge tale drew the second-largest readership of any translated Chinese online novel last year on WebNovel.

Zhang Yuqi or Kitty Zhang

The upcoming second season of Joy of Life, which will be aired both on Tencent and iQIYI, is a popular IP drama adapted from a novel of the same name by Mao Ni, published by Yuewen. Overseas fans can watch it through Disney, which already acquired the right to distribute the series outside China. 

Zhang Yunlong wins Most Anticipated Actor for IP Adaptation

Yuewen’s CEO and president, Hou Xiaonan, through the Global IP Awards, aimed to enhance the global influence of Yuewen’s original IPs.  Hou Xiaonan is also the vice president of Tencent, Yuewen’s parent company. 

Fox Spirit Matchmaker drama adaptations win Most Anticipated IP adaptations

List of winners: 2024 Global Chinese IP Awards

1. Outstanding Author of the Year: 

  • Yuan Ye who wrote under the pen name: Cuttlefish that Loves Diving. He is the author of the popular web novel, Lord of Mysteries.

2. Outstanding Impact Actor of Adaptations: 
  • Dylan Wang
3. Outstanding Achievement Content:
  • Sun Gunlu for his web novel, "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains". It is a spy republican story and will be adapted into a drama soon. The leads are rumored to be Wei Daxun and Zhang Wanyi.
4. IP Communication Outstanding Contribution Award:
  • Zheng Xiaolong (Director and Producer)
5. High-Quality Actress of Adaptations:
  • Zhang Yuqi or Kitty Zhang
6. Popular Novel-to-Game Adaptations:
  • Doulou Continent Soul Master (adapted into series as Doulou Continent)
  • Mortal Cultivation to Immortality (adapted into a series, The Immortal Ascension)
  • The Magic Blade or Tianya Mingyue Knife
7. Annual Popular IP Novel to TV Adaptation:
  • Lost You Forever (Tencent)
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook (iQIYI)
  • I am Nobody (Youku)
8. Annual Popular IP Adapted Short Series:
  • Estranged Fall In Love (Tencent) 
9. Breakthrough Adapted Internet Movie:
  • My Heroic Husband (iQIYI)
10. Annual Popular Singer of Adaptations:
  • Hu Yanbin
11. Annual Popular Actress of Adaptations:
  • Song Yi
13. Trendy Actor of Adaptations:
  • Lin Gengxin
14. Most Anticipated Actor of Adaptations:
  • Zhang Yunlong or Leon Zhang
15. Charming Actress of Adaptations:
  • Wang Churan
16. Annual Potential Actor of Adaptations:
  • Lin Yi
17. Most Influential IP Characters:
  • Tang San (Doulou Continent)
  • Xiao Yan (Battle Through the Heavens)
  • Ye Xiu (The Master)
  • Klein Moretti (Lord of Mysteries)
18. Most Anticipated IP Adaptations:
  • Guardian of the Dafeng
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Yuehong, Zhu Ye, and Wang Quan)
  • The Lord of Mysteries
  • Ghost Blowing Lantern in the South China Sea
  • The God of Shepherd
  • Joy of Life
  • Full-Time Master
  • Legend of Shen Li
  • Read Naming Technique of the Night
  • Under the Stranger
Popular IP Drama in 2023

The Global IP Awards chose one popular IP drama adaptation in 2023 for each of China's biggest streaming services in the name of fair recognitions.

Global IP Awards 2024
Winner of the Annual Popular IP Drama at the 2024 Global IP Awards 

Lost You Forever for Tencent, Mysterious Lotus Casebook for iQiyi, and I Am Nobody for Youku are declared winners for the Annual Popular IP Drama in 2023. 

Dylan and Kitty 

Dylan Wang and actress Zhang Yuqi, also known as Kitty Zhang, presented the last two awards of the night: Outstanding Writer of the Year and Outstanding Influential Works of the Year.

Yuewen Global IP Awards 2024
Dylan Wang and Kitty Zhang

Before they presented the awards, they shared funny moments on stage much on the delight of fans.

Zhang Yuqi, 37, challenged the 25-year-old Dylan Wang: "Since we were assigned to present these awards together, we may as well find a chance to work together."

Dylan laughed and asked Kitty to think about what possible characters they could play.

"According to the teleprompter, I am supposed to say that we should work in a business drama as siblings and entrepreneurs working towards our success", Kitty replied.

"But I want to act in a romance drama with you," she added and the audience roared in laughter.

PHOTOS of Awardees:

Global IP Awards 2024
Lin Yi and Dylan Wang 

Global IP Awards 2024
Lin Gengxin and Zhang Yunlong 

Global IP Awards 2024
Wang Churan and Song Yi

Congratulations to all the winners! Looking forward to more of your quality works! 

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