Dilraba Dilmurat Fans Urge Her Not To Accept Love Beyond the Grave Drama

Love Beyond the Grave Dilraba

So there's a strong clamor among Dilraba Dilmurat's domestic fans in China never to accept her rumored project, "Love Beyond the Grave". The fans have been flooding the comment section of Dilraba Studio's official account on Weibo asking her to drop the project.

Their protest is not about the male lead (rumored to be Arthur Chen) but about the script itself. According to them, the source novel is not good material for a top-tier actress like Dilraba, and the character that she will be playing is just a so-so character good only for actresses who are starting in the industry. 

This drama, Love Beyond the Grave, also known as Carrying a Lantern in Daylight, is adapted from the novel, "Lamp in the Day". It's not clear, however, why they are against the project. 

Love Beyond the Grave drama
The drama poster

Well, these fans read the novel so maybe they have a better understanding of how the story unfolds and perhaps, felt the main female character is not suited for Dilraba's status.

Dilraba Dilmurat
Dilraba Dilmurat

According to its description in Douban, this drama talks about the talented female ghost king, He Simu, who accidentally met the young general, Duan Xu, while foraging for food. 

Duan Xu was hiding his identity while the female ghost king was pretending she was a weak woman. The two went back and forth to test each other. 

He Simu finally understood Duan Xu's dark past and inner ambition, and Duan Xu also discovered He Simu's perseverance and loneliness. A mortal with a lifespan of less than a hundred years and an evil ghost who is still a girl at 400 years old resist the torrent of time with love. 

So let's see in the coming days if Dilraba's agency, Jaywalk Studio will listen to the objection of her fans and what could be Dilraba or Jaywalk Studio's reaction regarding this protest? Are fans' objections valid? Is this a bad script?

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