Regeneration is a Must Watched C-Drama. Here's our Initial Thoughts

 Regeneration Chinese drama

There's a new miniseries currently airing on Youku that everyone must watch. REGENERATION is a suspense thriller drama with only 10 episodes, so it's a quick watch. It is a fantastic dark noir Chinese drama with a nice plot, beautiful screenplay, and good acting performances especially from Jing Boran, the main lead.

Regeneration offers plenty of learning lessons, especially in detecting fraudsters and scammers. It's a cybersecurity class 101. 

The story began when Fei Ke (Jing Boran) called He Shan (Zhou Yiran) to come to the airport to personally say goodbye. He is going somewhere and might not be coming back. He Shan rushed to the airport. But while heading towards each other, Fei Ke collapsed. Before he was taken to the ambulance, he handed He Shan with a key.

Then we saw that he was being drugged inside the ambulance. The next thing we know, a young man, said to be Fei Ke's assistant, summoning five of Fei Ke's friends to the island for his memorial service. But later, they found out Fei Ke's body was not there. 

Regeneration Chinese drama

Figuring out why they were summoned to one place, the five people, who did not know each other, began sharing their recollections about Fei Ke, how they met and knew him, and how he swindled and tricked them. 

The way they were scammed by Fei Ke is actually scary! They were decent and professional individuals still, they did not sense Fei Ke's real intention and he was able to deceive them seamlessly. It's scary how he successfully conned his unsuspecting victims. He also knew how to "play" with his victims to gain their trust. So it's a systematic deception. Fei Ke is a professional fraudster and con artist. 

This drama is a wake-up call to us, never trust a complete stranger right away or never communicate with someone whom we only know and encounter through social media or at the bar. Although yes, not everyone is like Fei Ke, there are some exemptions, but it's better safe than sorry. We should always take precautions because we never know when swindlers strike.

So be aware of the people you meet somewhere. Don't trust right away. The way they were victimized seemed to be like a well-planned game from Fei Ke. In other words, he studied his next victim carefully. He knew when or where he would encounter them. He planned ahead. He stalked them unsuspectingly. 

Cybersecurity awareness. Our behavior on social media might lead us to meet someone like Fei Ke, so beware. Don't be "too honest" with your information on social media, it might be used by others to scam you. And don't entertain random people even if they will shower you with praise.

Su Qian (played by Peng Yang) encountered Fei Ke through social media when he started interacting with her in her public posts. Through her sharing, updates, and musing on social media, Fei Ke became aware of her weaknesses and strengths. 
Regeneration Chinese drama
Peng Yang and Jing Boran

But wait, we did not know if this drama had a surprising twist haha! The previews of episodes 6 and 7 seem telling us other things and twists. That some of the victims might not be telling the whole truth about Fei Ke. According to some opinions, Fei Ke is just doing it for revenge! 

He Shan seems to be a different story. We have not heard her story on how she is connected with Fei Ke. There might be something else. The fact that Zhou Yiran is also a main lead of this drama, her character might be an important factor in the twist of the drama.

So let's see as the episodes go along. But one thing is for sure, this is a well-written suspense drama. We never know what comes next. So every episode is exciting. If you have not started watching this series, you have to catch up now because the storyline is extremely rare in C-Drama.


But there's a big twist towards episode 8, and from there, this drama runs out of stem, It started out strong but towards the finale, it loses momentum. Read our Regeneration Drama Review Here

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