5 Thai Drama Starter Pack To Ride The Lakorns Wave

In recent years, K-Drama and C-Drama shared the billing for being Asia's dominant forces in producing high-quality drama. 

However, recently, Thai drama slowly rising in popularity in the Asian region. Not only it have a number of beautiful dramas, Lakorns have talented stars who can rival K-Drama and C-Drama celebrities.

If you're still setting your mood for a Thai-drama binge-watch moment, here are the top series made from Thailand to start with.

1. The Crown Princess - Viewers will love this drama because it stars two of Thailand's most popular celebrities who are actually real-life lovers. Urassaya Sperbund or Yaya, and Nadech Kugimiya.

Premieres in 2018 and run for 12 episodes, The Crown Princess follows Princess Alice (Yaya) of the fictional country of Hyross. Her life puts in danger after she becomes the Crown Princess. She secretly travels to Thailand in disguise of an ordinary girl. There, she meets a handsome navy officer, Lieutenant Dawin Samuthyakorn (Nadech Kugimiya) who becomes her bodyguard. 

2. Rising Sun season 1 - If you are intrigued with the dreadful tale of the Yakuza gangs in Japan, this is a perfect series for you to watch. Filmed entirely in Japan and in the backdrop of autumn season, Rising Sun season 1 top-billed by Mario Maurer, Nadech Kugimiya, Taew Natapohn, and Yaya Sperbund and released in 2014.

It tells the story of different Yakuza families who are rivals in all aspects - from power to business and, uhmm, women. It introduces you to the depth of culture and tradition of Japan and its beautiful scenery. Mario Maurer played Takashi Onitzuka, and Nadech Kugimiya played the Onitzuka cousins who are tasked to carry the legacy of the Onitzuka family in the Yakuza supremacy.

Yaya Sperbund and Nadech Kugimiya in Rising Sun

3. Rising Sun season 2 - The part 2 of the series focuses mainly on Ryu Onitzuka as the new head of the Onitzuka family, and his fiancee, Mayumi portrayed by his real-life girlfriend, Urassaya Sperbund. It tells the story of the struggles of their relationship as Mayumi is not convinced he loved her.

While Ryu carries the burden left by his cousin, Takashi, who chose to live in Thailand with his wife, Seiko, to spare her from the wrath of the rival Yakuza gang.

4. Secret Love Online - This is a rom-com drama top-billed by Anne Thongprasom, Peter Corp Dyrendal, and real life couple - Kimberly Ann Woltemas and Mark Prin Suparat. 

Secret Love Online poster

This is cute in the sense that it tells the story of a lady boss (Ann Thongprasom) who secretly falls with Pranon, played by Prin Suparat, a young applicant in their company. When he gets accepted, they become chatmates, and the lady boss takes the code name, "Secret Lover" to hide her identity. 

5. Hidden Love - Tells the story of twin brothers who follow different paths in life. Both played by Nadech Kugimiya. One brother (Pranon) serves as a provincial physician and the other twin (Pran) a businessman who follows his father in managing their business.

Trouble starts when Pran involves in a car accident and becomes comatose. To protect the interest of the company and prevent a greedy uncle from taking over the board, Pranon takes over his identity and pretended he is Pran, the only people who know the setup are his father and his brother's love interest played by Patricia Good. 

The setup disconnects his life from being a provincial doctor, and from the woman he married in the province, played by Taew Natapohn.

All these series can be watched for free in Rakuten Viki and Youtube

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