K-Drama Rumor: Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won Won't Be Returning in Arthdal Chronicles Season 2


Arthdal Chronicles is a 2019 South Korean television series written by Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon and directed by Kim Won-seok. Produced by Studio Dragon and KPJ, it was regarded as the first full-scaled South Korean ancient fantasy drama.

The drama starred Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-vin. The story is set during ancient time when Dangun founded the Korean Kingdom of Gojoseon.

In the fictional kingdom of Arthdal, a man named Eunseom (Song Joong-Ki) was born to bring disaster to Arthdal. His mother tries her best to save him and he goes through hardships to survive.

Tagon (Jang Dong-Gun) is a war hero who makes Arthdal a prosperous city nation. He becomes the most powerful person in Arthdal and dreams of becoming its first king.

Tanya played by Kim Ji-Won, a successor of the Wahan tribe, has the same fate as Eunseom who has been seen to bring disaster to Arthdal. She lives with a dream to become a politician.

Arthdal Chronicles reportedly has a production cost of more than US$44 million and viewers set high expectations on the outcome of the production. After all, it's topbilled by two of the stars of the massively popular, Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won.

But it received backlash when it was aired in June 2019 due to its poorly executed CGI and unbelievable storyline, giving the drama a low viewers' rating during its run.

Nonetheless, Studio Dragon is determined on producing the second season of the series. But it faces production setback when its main leads and director pulled out from the project, citing schedule conflicts.

Lee Jun Ki, who starred as Wang So in the highly successful, Scarlet Heart Ryeo in 2016,  and Shin Se Kyung, who starred in the 2020 drama, Run On, were approached to replace Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won. And began studying on the script.

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