My Liberation Notes: A Gripping Drama That Tackles Social Pressure

Fight For My Way's Kim Ji-won stars in a new South Korean television series, My Liberation Notes, a gripping family drama that tackles social pressure about getting married at a certain age. It also largely talks about juggling everyday life in the workplace, trying to fit in a fast-paced environment.

Son Suk-ku and Kim Ji-won in My Liberation Notes

Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki and Lee El play grown-up siblings in "My Liberation Notes".

Their characters struggle with long daily commutes from the sleepy village they live to the capital city, Seoul, and vice versa. They also have to face dim marriage prospects.

Each day they would have to juggle this routine, and returning home to Sando, so distant that on the nights they have to stay out past the last train, and share the cab fare home.

Cast and Characters:

Kim Ji-won plays Yeom Mi-Jeon, the youngest of the three siblings. She would like to be liberated from her boring life, but she is introverted and timid. She is lonely and feels unfulfilled in her life. One day she meets Mr. Gu (Son Suk-ku) a mysterious man who suddenly appears in their village.

Lee Min-Ki plays Yeom Chang-Hee, a middle child who wants to escape the trap of living in a seemingly hopeless village. But he does not have a clear ambition and just spends an aimless life around.

Lee El plays Yeom Gi-Jeongthe eldest, the hardheaded in the family who finds fault in everything that comes her way. She takes her daily commute from the village to the city and vice versa, painfully punishing. She is impatient to find love and marry.

Son Suk-Ku plays Mr. Gu, a mysterious stranger who suddenly appears in Sando village. He always drunk. One day, he meets Yeom Mi-Jeon. And their lives are about to intertwine. 

My Liberation Notes premiered on April 9, 2022. It will only have 16 episodes

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