C-Drama Actor Profile: Bai Jingting. Personal Facts and Drama Projects

Bai Jingting is a popular Chinese actor and brand endorser. He is one of the global brand spokespersons for Louis Vuitton. He was born on October 15, 1993, in Huairou district in Beijing, China. He is of Manchu descent, the same ethnic group as the Qing dynasty, the last imperial ruling family of China. 

While still in middle school, Bai Jingting was a track-and-field athlete. He competed in the shot put, long jump, and high jump. He also loves to play basketball and tennis. 

Jingting is one of the rarest Chinese actors who did not attend any of the three top acting schools in China (Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy, and Shanghai Theater Academy), but attended a regular university - The Capital Normal University, a double first-class university in Beijing, where he took up music and recording. He can play the piano. He passed one of the highest assessment level grades for non-professional piano players. 

Acting career

He made his acting debut in 2014 when he was 21 and was introduced in the web series, Back in Time. He also made his film debut in 2015 via "Love of Magic". 

However, it was his role as Chu Yuan in the television drama, "The Whirlwind Girl" season 1, that he gained popularity. His role as Chu Yuan was a bit mysterious but at the same time gentle and caring which endeared him to C-drama fans. 

In The Whirlwind Girl season 1, he co-starred with two of the most popular C-drama actors, Yang Yang, and Wu Lei. But in season 2 of the series, only Wu Lei reprised his role as Hu Yifeng.

Jingting's follow-up series, "Rush to the Dead Summer", in 2017, established his status as a C-drama heartthrob. The same year, he also had a support role in the historical drama, Rise of Phoenixes.

Bai Jingting in You Are My Hero

In 2021, Bai took the male lead character in the military-medical romance drama, "You Are My Hero" as Captain Xing Kelei, and had his first on-screen kiss with actress Sandra Ma, who portrayed the role of Dr. Mi Ka.

You Are My Hero became one of the highest-rated modern series from mainland China in 2021. His follow-up series, Reset, aired in January 2022, shot him to stardom as the series became widely popular in the Asian region.

Bai Jingting in Reset

He joined "Who's The Murderer" and appeared in seasons 2 to 6, it's one of the most popular variety shows in China. A syndicated edition from the popular Korean television show, Crime Scene.

Bai Jingting also sings. He performed two original soundtracks of Reset - A Road and A Strand. And released his first single, Zero, in 2021.

Dazed China magazine shoot

Fun Facts about Bai Jingting:

1. Nickname: Xiao Bai (Little Bai), Good Bai, Bai Si Ye
2. Height: 6'2
3. Zodiac sign: Libra
4. Chinese zodiac: Rooster
5. Sports: Basketball, Tennis
6. He likes to eat hotpot, and cilantro but does not like mushrooms
7. He always has a stock of coke in his fridge 
6. Fandom: Bai Ke or White Dove
7. Fandom color: Blue
8. Agency: Bai Jingting Studio
9. Bai in Chinese means white
10. His fans sometimes called him Bai Ge or Brother Bai

Bai Jingting social media accounts:
Instagram: @baijingting
Weibo: 白敬亭

1. Never Too Late (TBA) as Zhou Yewen
2. Reset (2022) as Xiao Heyun. Read our review HERE
3. New Generation (2021) as Zhuang Xiaodong
4. Octogenarian and The 90s (2021) as Guo Sanshuang
5. You Are My Hero (2021) as Xing Kelei. Read our review HERE
6. Ping Pong (2021) A Xu Tan
7. Irreplaceable Love (2020) as Li Luoshu
8. Target Person (2020) as Hao Ran
9. Ordinary Glory (2020) as Sun Yigui
10. The Rise of Phoenixes (2017) as Gu Nanyi
11. Rush to the Dead Summer (2017) as Lu Zhiang
12. The Whirlwind Girl (2015) as Yu Chuyuan Read our review HERE
13. Back in Time (2014) as Qiao Ran

1. Love of Magic (2015)
2. Our New Life (2021)
3. Yesterday Once More (2016) 

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