Five Best Drama of Dilraba Dilmurat To Watch Where She Portrays Strong and Unique Characters

Dilraba Dilmurat is one of China's most popular actresses today. She is one of the hottest commodities from the mainland and regularly trended on weibo, China's most popular social networking site. 

Dilraba Dilmurat for Panerai

She made an acting debut in 2013 via a period drama, "Anarhan", but her career began to pick up when she inked a contract with Jaywalk studio in 2014, a talent agency which Chinese actress, Yang Mi, helped to build in 2013.

Since then Dilraba starred in more than a dozen of web and television series, and gathered a strong fan-base. 

Dilraba playing Li Changge in The Long Ballad

She became a household name in the Asian region after she starred as a second female lead in "Eternal Love" (2017).

She continues to rise to popularity, not just for her acting skills, but for having one of the most beautiful faces in Asian entertainment.

Dilraba is of Uyghur ethnicity, a Chinese minority in the Xinjiang province of China whose ancestry came from Central Asia. Uyghur speaks Turkic language.

She studied dance in secondary school and obtained an acting degree from Shanghai Theater Academy in 2014.

Dilraba doing a photoshoot for Swisse

But among the number of series she starred in, there are some where she truly excelled, highlighting strong and unique portrayals in the roles she played. 

We have picked five of her best drama where she portrayed strong and unique characters. 

The Long Ballad (2021)

So far, this is her best drama where she finally comes out of the box of her acting. The Long Ballad brings out the best in Dilraba's craft. 

Dilraba as Li Changge with Wu Lei as Ashile Sun

TLB defines who she really is as a performer, honing the repertoire of her craft, carving a steady image of being a polished actress. 

Li Changge is a remarkable role, a strong character that pushes Dilraba to be different from her contemporaries.

No longer the sweetie pie we often saw in the romantic drama she starred in, Li Changge is one character that truly shaped her skills and sharpened her perspective in taking serious roles. 

Even herself, Dilraba often relished the joy of playing Li Changge, and sometimes becoming too sentimental on the memories, gushing how comfortable and happy she was during the filming.

The Long Ballad, so far, is Dilraba's best series to watch, for all good reasons. It's fast-paced, and Li Changge never whines nor chases men. She's strong, patriotic, and independent, who cares so much for her country, and the people she loves.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen

This is fun to watch! A rom-com drama where Dilraba portrayed a silly girl whose misfortune takes a toll in her physical appearance, but continues striving for a better life. 

Dilraba as the funny Li Huizhen

Li Huizhen is a unique character, she is witty, a fighter, whose circumstances in life didn't give her reasons to sulk and give up on her dreams.

Dilraba is so different in this drama, portraying a role that sounds like the Mexican hit, Betty La Fea, minus the ridiculous braces. 

But unlike Betty, Hui Zhen reflects a light character that makes you love the level of naivety she personifies. 

She suffers so many tribulations, hostility in the workplace, and some emotional tortures every now and then, but she always radiates a sunny disposition and a positive outlook that one day, things will get better.

Li Huizhen is such a positive character. And Dilraba delivered her best. It's so rare to watch her unattractive in the drama with some crazy appearance.

Truly enjoyed watching her in a different light! And she has a talent in comical roles, to be honest. Love how she convincingly portrayed an ugly girl lacking in self-confidence but still fighting to improve her life. 

It's one of Dilraba's most memorable roles. She won Best Actress in 2018 for this drama at the China Golden TV award.  

Pretty Li Huizhen, by the way, is a Chinese adaptation of a hit K-drama, "She Was Pretty". 

Hot Girl

This drama was aired in 2016, in a period while Dilraba was still starting to carve a name in the entertainment industry. 

Guan Xiao Di is a not-so-sweet lady and has a rebellious streak. She seems uninterested in the traditional life so she joins the training of becoming a body guard.

Dilraba as Guan Xiao Di

Undergoing a grueling training to become one of the "hot girls", Xiao Di finally learns the value of discipline and hard work to become a legendary body guard.

Dilraba played a badass character here, performing tricky martial arts routine, kickboxing, flying kicks and holding a gun, swinging on bad boys. Far from the red carpet image she usually projects.

Though not one of her best modern series, portraying a badass girl in a drama is so rare for Dilraba and Hot Girl is truly unique in its way. It showed a different side of Dilraba's acting.

The King's Woman

She portrayed Gongsun Li in The King's Woman, which was released in 2017. This drama follows a fictional story of the first emperor of China which sets the tone of the Legend of Qin.

Dilraba as Gongsun Li with Zhang Binbin as Ying Zheng

As Gongsun Li, Dilraba plays the character of a woman fighting for her love and those she cared. She also summarizes a life trapped in a situation where there's no option but to be strong and fight to save something very precious.

After playing second lead in many historical drama, The King's Woman marks Dilraba's first time as a female lead in a costume series. 

I love the visual of The King's Woman, it has elaborate production design, and Dilraba's costumes here are truly stunning. 

Although Gongsun Li's character had some misses, she has strengths of her own, being someone who is trying to win over a complex situation through her wits and character.

The Flame's Daughter

Okay, not everyone likes Ru Ge, but I love Dilraba here. She's sweet, a sect leader with a heart. Ru Ge has strengths, at the same time weaknesses, but she's trying to evolve into a sensible person to lead her people.

Ru Ge is a daughter of a martial arts leader who wants to ensure that justice will prevail in the martial arts sect while balancing the affair of her heart.

Dilraba as Ru Ge with Vic Chou as Yin Xue

Ru Ge starts as a childish girl hopelessly in love with her "senior" in the sect and insisting to win him back after he suddenly ditches her for another woman. 

Her father's death develops her character to be more responsible as the new leader of their sect. She fights tyranny and dark forces to maintain peace and order in the martial arts world. 

It's a typical character of a female martial arts leader unleashing her power to fight evil forces and be with the person she loves, but Dilraba's character is not like one of those female assassins who kills without mercy. 

As Ru Ge, Dilraba shows the sweet side of being a woman in love at the same time, a leader who needs to show strengths to rule a volatile martial arts sect. But she knows what matters most in the end, and she ultimately chooses the person she loves. 

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