Thai Drama Stars, Yaya Sperbund and Mark Prin Suparat Reunite in Love At First Sight

It's been five years since their last collaboration, Kluen Cheewit (Waves of Life) in 2017, and fans of Mark Prin Suparat and Urassaya "Yaya" Sperbund are hoping for another drama together.

And it seems there's a happy news. 

In 2021, rumors emerged that the two will be reunited in another Lakorn, "Until We Love Each Other". Although some articles claimed it's already confirmed and Channel 3 Thailand will be the broadcaster of the drama once it is aired, no updated info on its filming.

Mark and Yaya

Until We Love Each other will be Yaya and Mark's third collaboration as main leads. They first starred in Boiling Sun in 2011 followed by Waves of Life in 2017. Although they both appeared in the 2010 Thai dramas,  Thara Himalaya and Duang Jai Akkanee, they were paired with different partners. 

Fans continue to get mesmerized by the pairing of Yaya and Mark, despite having different partners in real life. This is what we love about Thai drama fandoms, fans are just cool and never get jealous when their idols made their romantic relationships public.

Thai celebrities don't have obsessed fans that initiate fan wars, unlike other fandoms. Fans are simply sticking to "pure business as usual" things.

Nadech and Yaya in Switzerland. Photo credit: Urassayas IG

In real-life, Mark and Yaya are good friends, their respective partners, Kimmy Woltemas and Nadech Kugimiya have also drama collaboration. Mark and Nadech are best friends, being members of 4+1 Channel 3 Superstar. And Kimmy and Yaya are great friends too.

Thai couples: Nadech and Yaya, Kimmy and Mark during their Switzerland adventure. Photo credit: Urassayas IG

Mark's proposal to Kimmy. Photo credit: Kimmy_Kimberly IG

The fab four during Mark's proposal Photo credit: Urassayas IG

They are both successful in their careers and romances.

Just last month, Mark proposed to Kim in Switzerland, where they were vacationing with Yaya and Nadech. Such an amazing friendship goal for these four power celebrities from Thailand.

Updated information:

Mark Prin and Yaya Sperbund

Yaya and Mark attended the booting ceremony of their new drama, "Love At First Sight" on May 8, 2022, while their respective partners, Nadech and Kimmy, began filming their new collaboration, "Sueb Lub Mor Rabat" produced by Aom Phiyada.

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