Plot Summary of Master of My Own (2022). An Office C-Drama

So it looks like the latest trend in Asianovela in the modern genre is about office drama or the workplace theme, why is this so? Is it because the office scenario is more relevant? Or because the current audience prefers an office drama more than a family drama.

Here's the latest in C-drama tackling this genre, "Master of My Own", starring Tang Songyun and Lin Gengxin. It is currently streamed in Youku and aired in Dragon TV in mainland China.

To give you an idea, here's the plot summary:

Ning Meng (played by Tang Songyun) dreams to be successful in the corporate world. But after graduation, Ning Meng seems to drift away from her dream. Instead of taking a job as an investment officer, she lands a job as a corporate secretary.

She works in an investment firm with an arrogant boss, Lu Ji Ming (Lin Gengxin) who has never once considered Ning Meng has a potential to climb to the corporate ladder. So he keeps her stuck in a job that lacks an opportunity to get promoted. 

Disappointed, Ning Meng decides to resign to seek employment elsewhere, however, well, just like applicants without enough background on high-paying positions, Ning Meng finds herself struggling to get hired.

Until one day, she got accepted in an investment firm, she applies all the best lessons she gained from her previous company, including the stuff she learned from Lu Ji Ming.

However, unknown to her, Lu Ji Ming, has been helping her secretly. An unlikely partnership begins to develop between Ning Meng and Lu Ji Ming who eventually assumes the role of her mentor. 

Master of My Own is currently streaming in Youku so we will not be sharing spoilers. It has 32 episodes and will air its final episode on May 18, 2022. 

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