Wedding Dress (2010 Korean Film) A Poignant Drama About A Mother's Love

Wedding Dress Korean film 2010

Just how far a mother's love can go for her child? And how can a child even recognize the dimension of the mother's unconditional love? 

Of all the types of love, it is always the love between a mother and a child that is the strongest. And because today is Mother's Day, let's all talk about this unconditional love of a mother for her child through the poignant Korean film, "Wedding Dress".

Wedding Dress film was shown in Korean theaters in January 2010. I was able to watch it on DVD in April 2010. 

It's quite an old film so details of the story seem fading in my mind but what's still clear to me until  now is the amount of tears I shed while watching this film. 

One of the most poignant films I have ever watched about the love of a mother for her daughter. And it's really a must watched film. 

Plot Summary:

Go-eun (played by Song Yoon-ah) is a wedding dress designer and a single mom. She has an only child, Jang So-ra (played by Kim Hyang-gi). 

Go-eun, who raises her daughter alone, is seldom home because she is working for long hours in a dress boutique, so her daughter spends time with her aunt, Ji-Hye (played by Jeon Mi-seon, the Korean actress who committed suicide in 2019).

However, one day she decided to spend more time with her daughter, making up for the lost time. She wants to do everything she can for her daughter even though her failing health is slowly crashing her energy.

She knows her time is numbered so she designs a beautiful wedding dress for her daughter. Devastated by a terminal illness, she is aware that when So-ra grows up and marries, she is no longer there.

Wedding Dress Korean film 2010

As Go-eun's conditions worsen, So-ra discovers her mother's terminal illness and tries to fulfill all her mother's wishes in secret. She also tries to change some of her bad habits.

Slowly, their mother-and-child relationship grows stronger. But they are both aware they don't have much time left and one day, So-ra has to go through life alone.

Wedding Dress Korean film 2010

My Thoughts about this film

This is a must-watched film if you love family drama. A heart-wrenching story, I remember crying the whole time while watching this movie on DVD. 

It was 2010 so the cinematic style in Korean film is not as glossy as today, but you will appreciate its melodramatic sense.

The manner of storytelling is simple and the emotional arc at times is somewhat stoic and suppressed, but you will understand its tone as the scenes progress. 

It's a good film to watch this Mother's Day, you will appreciate the presence of your mom and treasure the special moments you have spent with her. 

Wedding Dress is a narrative about a mother and a child. The struggle that the mother had to go through raising her child alone, and the pain of knowing she can't be with her baby when she grows up because of her terminal illness.

It's a story of the mother's unconditional love for her child and the extra mile she is willing to do to ensure her child is safe and protected. 

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