K-Drama Actress, Jang-Nara Marries Her Non-Showbiz Boyfriend in a Private Ceremony

South Korean Actress and Singer, Jang Na-ra, tied the knot with her non-showbiz boyfriend over the weekend, Korean media outlets have reported. 

The private wedding ceremony was held on June 26, 2022, at the Bonelli Garden in Seoul, South Korea, attended only by family and closest friends.

Korean actress Jang Nara got married in Seoul
Jang Na-ra and her father, actor Jo Hoo Seong ©Lawon Munhwa

Among those who attended were Jung Yong-hwa, her co-star in "Sell Your Haunted House", Lee Sang-yoon, her co-star in "VIP", and comedian actress Park Kyung-rim, who hosted the event.

Korean actress Jang Na-ra wed her non-showbiz boyfriend
©sungwon-jang0807 instagram

Her talent agency, Lawon Munhwa, shared photos of the intimate event which showed the actress in a simple but stunning white satin dress, with three-fourth sleeves and an empire-cut bodice.

Korean actress Jang Nara got married in Seoul
©Lawon Munhwa

Her tulle veil was held in place by a cute headdress which made her appearance super youthful and fresh. Jang Na-ra, who turned 41 in March this year. always looks refreshing and sweet, as if she did not age a day!

Korean actress Jang Nara got married in Seoul
©Jungtaewoo instagram 

On June 3, 2022, Na-ra announced that she will be marrying her non-showbiz boyfriend who is six years younger than her. She shared a message with her fans:

"Today, I would like to deliver some very personal, but also very happy news. I'm getting married!

After dating this good friend of mine, who is 6 years younger than me and works in video production, for the past 2 years, we have finally promised a partnership in life. I fell for his sweet smile, his kindness, his earnest integrity, and most of all, the way he carried himself as he poured his heart into his work. I'm so happy to continue my life alongside this respectful person, and so I couldn't wait to share this happiness honestly with all of you, my cherished fans! 

I promise to live happily and with joy. It feels like just yesterday that someone like me, with no great talent in anything, debuted as a celebrity, but time has really flown by. I sincerely thank you all for cherishing me and supporting me, watching over me with kindness in your eyes. 

Right after the wedding, I plan to greet you all very soon with an exciting new production! I hope to become an actress who devotes herself to each moment, always harboring gratitude and a sense of responsibility in the heart. 

Lastly, I sincerely apologize that I cannot disclose more details, as my fiancé is a non-celebrity and may face discomfort in his field of work due to his relationship with me. Please understand. Thank you!

During her wedding on Sunday, June 26, she walked in the arm of her father, actor Joo Ho Seong, in a beautiful outdoor scenery,  blanketed by verdant trees.

Her non-showbiz beau's face was not shown in photos shared by her talent agency.

Korean actress Jang Nara got married in Seoul
©Lawon Munhwa

Following the wedding, Na-ra thanked everyone who sent her congratulations. "Thank you very much for congratulating me with your interest and love. To repay your love and support, I will live happily and merrily as a great wife at home and a sincere actress at work".

© Sungwon-jang0807 IG

A representative of Lawon Munhwa explained why they cannot share the coverage of the event: "It's not possible to film and cover the wedding to be considerate of the non-celebrity groom's side and due to the spread of COVID-19. Please send lots of support for Jang Na-ra going forward as she starts the second chapter of her life"

©Sungwon-jang0807 IG

Actor, Jung Tae Woo, and Jang Na-ra's brother, Jang Sung Won, shared snaps from the event but had to choose angles not to show the identity of Na-ra's husband.

©Sungwon-jang0807 IG

The actress, who was born on March 18, 1981, received high praises for playing diverse roles in "Wedding" (2005), "My Bratty Princess" (2005), "You Are My Destiny" (2014 a Korean adaptation of the 2008 Taiwanese hit idol drama, Fated To Love You), "Confession Couple" (2017), The Last Empress (2018), "VIP" (2019), and "Oh My Baby" (2020).

Jang Na-ra began her acting career by appearing in the play, Les Miserables, in her primary school days along side her father, Ju Ho-seong, who is an actor. The experience sparked her interest in acting.

She started as a model and singer before appearing in film and TV series. In 2002, she landed her first leading role in a drama, "Successful Story of a Bright Girl".

Her success in the drama and music didn't prevent her from obtaining a college degree. In 2000, she began her studies in the Fine Arts department of Chung-ang University, a private university in Seoul, majoring Theater and Film. She graduated 10 years later, in 2010.

The 41-year-old actress mentioned in her wedding announcement early this month that her boyfriend works in video production and is six years younger than her. 

Congratulations Jang Na-ra and your husband!

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