Drama Review: Lighter and Princess (2022) Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi

Lighter and Princess drama review

We love this drama in 2022! Bannered by two talented and good-looking young actors from mainland China, Arthur Chen or Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jingyi, who have fresh, but serious acting skills.

This is highly recommended for drama viewers who are looking for a cute but not boring romance series to binge-watch. It has only 36 episodes. Catch it on Youku. English subtitle episodes are available. 

Lighter and Princess drama review

This review won't give too much spoilers as a way of respect to those who haven't watched the drama. We will just give you a useful background of the story. 

Plot Summary

Li Xun (Chen Fei Yu/Arthur Chen) is a computer programming student at a university with a capability that far surpasses his peers. However, he has a rebellious streak and a bit anti-social. 

He gains special admission to college which gives him an additional boost. To others, he can sometimes seem aloof and distant due to his view of the world. 

He is someone who sees life as a great big computer program and only feels comfortable when he is in control of what is going on. He knows nothing of love as he considers it to be an emotion that may be beyond his understanding.

Lighter and Princess drama review

Zhu Yun (Zhang Jingyi), meanwhile, is a clean-living and innocent young woman who has just started her college life after doing everything her parents and society expected her to. 

When she meets Li Xun, she feels conflicted. She worries that he is a disruptive influence and a possible troublemaker, but still feels somehow drawn to him. 

Lighter and Princess drama review

Although they seem to clash at first, they start to begin cherishing their time together. But when a life-altering incident threatens to separate them – just as romance was starting to brew – their affection is about to undergo the ultimate test!

“Lighter and Princess” is an adaptation of a novel by Twentine and was directed by Liu Jun Jie and Ma Wei Wei.

Background of the two main characters

Li Xun is a coding prodigy and a top scorer. However, he is stoic about life due to his experiences in the past. He is a rebellious kid but is self-assured to the point of being arrogant and blunt.

Lighter and Princess drama review

Just like most computer geeks, he detests social life and is considered an aloof person, nonetheless, due to his intelligence and irresistible appearance, he still attracts female admirers.

Zhu Yun is an IT student majoring in computer programming and Li Xun’s classmate. However, they differ in personality and mindset. While Li Xun is stubborn and arrogant, she is a daughter of good virtuous, obedient, and smart. 

Although an attractive girl, she is a bit timid and innocent due to her upbringing and having parents from a middle-class family who wants her to follow a conventional life.

Judging from the character building, Li Xun and Zhu Yun are two opposing characters, both in personality and social status, that are meant to clash in the story, even at an early stage.

Two characters bound for a conflicting and thorny journey. How they are drawn to each other becomes an interesting story to tell.

Lighter and Princess drama review
Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi 


Lighter and Princess is beyond cuteness, Though not the first drama to present this type of plot, it is refreshing for the fact that the two main characters are interesting. 

Li Xun and Zhu Yun are two different characters with opposing personalities but somehow drawn to each other's strengths and vulnerabilities. 

They map the differences and parallels of their characters, and have exciting growth arcs to root for as the story progressed.

They are like fire and ice. Zhu Yun is tender, smart, and sweet and has thawed the rigidness and stubbornness of Li Xun.

Lighter and Princess drama review

Lighter and Princess drama review

Li Xun is one drama hero that most girls love. He is highly intelligent and confident, often self-destructive and flawed, but knows what he wanted. And can be sweet to his "princess". Zhu Yun is a sheltered and smart girl but able to tame the rigid Li Xun. She also knows what she wants.

It's basically a story of two young people who have their own personal struggles that they need to overcome by helping each other. The story of two individuals trying to live their lives in a dogmatic society. 

The story is told in flash back so there's an intense interest to look forward in every episode. The opening scenes will instantly drawn you to follow the whole series. 

Lighter and Princess drama review

Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jingyi are two young actors with serious acting skills and we love how they deliver their dialogues and interpret their characters. 

The pacing of the story is coherent and good, you can sense the right timing of the transition. 

The two leads on-screen chemistry is so sweet and beautiful! We love it!😍 They captivated viewer's hearts. We love how their connection and sweet vibe.

It makes you feel some butterflies swarming in your stomach with the freshness of their youth and romance. It makes you giddy.

Overall, this is one of the must-watch idol dramas of 2022. 

Cast of Lighter and Princess:

  • Arthur Chen Fei Yu as Li Xun
  • Zhang Jing Yi as Zhu Yun
  • Zhao Zhi Wei as Gao Jian Hong / Lao Gao
  • Jenny Zeng Ni as Ren Di
  • Cui Yu Xin as Fang Zhi Jing
  • Qian Di Di as Xu Li Na
  • Jiang Zi Xin as Fang Shu Miao / Miao Miao
  • Ma Ke as Tian Xiu Zhu
  • Tu Song Yan as Zhu Guang Yi
  • Zhao Zi Qi as Liu Ai Lin
  • Jill Xu Zhi Jing as Li Lan
  • Gao Xuan Ming as Hou Ning
  • Zhang Xi Lin as Dong Si Yan
  • Young Cao as Xiao Liu
  • Hu Wen Xuan as Fu Yi Zhuo

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