Defending Actress Dilraba Dilmurat Against Malicious Pregnancy Rumors

Dilraba Dilmurat Pregnancy Rumors

Chinese actress, Dilraba Dilmurat, has been dragged into malicious rumors once again, and this time it's very damaging. Allegations from notorious fans claimed that the actress is pregnant with Johnny Huang's child. 

However, on January 3, 2023, Dilraba Dilmurat's camp vehemently denied the rumor and slammed the allegation by saying Dilraba will take legal action against defamatory statements and false information disseminated online.

They also warned individuals who continue to spread the rumor: "We hope that relevant parties will stop spreading such fake news," the studio added

Dilraba Dilmurat pregnancy rumors
Dilraba's studio posted this photo to show her flat stomach after C-netizens alleged she is pregnant

But gossipers, fake news spreaders, and individuals who want to drive traffic to their social media pages continue to bring up this stupid speculation even though Dilraba's studio already issued a denial statement. Thus, this issue continues to circulate. This must be stopped!

Dilraba Dilmurat Pregnancy Rumors
Dilraba posted this photo in December 2022 to show her flat abdomen 

Johnny Huang, also known by his Chinese name, Huang Jingyu, and Dilraba starred together in the 2020 modern romance, Love Designer. 

It was not really a big hit, in fact, it was a disappointment when it comes to audience rating, garnering an average of 7.9 out of 10 only, which is below average. Nonetheless. it spawned CP supporters.

However, Dilraba and Huang Jingyu's interaction was only during filming and after the release of their drama, nothing was heard about them. They were never spotted being together, may it be in public or private. No proof that could prove they were interacting in real life after the release of their drama.

Dilraba Dilmurat Pregnancy Rumors
Dilraba Livestream for Miiow

Dilraba has been dragged into malicious dating rumors with her male co-stars. Johnny Huang, Vengo Gao, and Yang Yang, over the years. It seems as though these CPs have the most obsessed shippers in the Chinese drama fandom.

They constantly linked Dilraba to these men, claiming they are dating, they are secretly married, they are having a baby, and so on. Speculations that could only be bought by people who lacked common sense.  Why? Because there was no proof that could justify such allegations other than the wild speculations of their shippers.

Dilraba Dilmurat pregnancy rumors

So this pregnancy rumor is just a speculation and no solid evidence that could substantiate such claims. Any fake news circulating online must never be tolerated. People with common sense must never believe this allegation because logically speaking it's downright impossible. 

We've been seeing Dilraba in several photoshoots and live streams between November 2022 and January 2023, and she showed a super lean figure, even to the point of being skinny, toned stomach, and flat abdomen so how can she be pregnant?

She is so visible on Weibo since last year so how can people speculate that she is hiding because she is about to give birth? Simply ridiculous! Only senseless people will really buy this rumor.

When did this pregnancy rumor begin?

According to some C-netizens, the rumor began to circulate when Dilraba did not make a drama after the filming of Prosecution Elite ended in June 2022. 

So those crazy fans began editing photos of her (the one circulating was in fact taken during the filming of You Are My Glory in the winter of 2020) showing her with a bulging stomach (the long coat she was wearing was in fact thick because it was winter).

Dilraba Dilmurat pregnancy rumors
©Dilraba studio weibo 

But why on earth they would drag Johnny Huang into the scene among her previous male costars? From what we know and analyze, he has no real interaction with Dilraba after the airing of their drama ended (and so with Yang Yang), and no evidence that could prove that they were seeing each other, even in private.

Dilraba Dilmurat is constantly hounded by paparazzi in China, even tailing her to the airport or anywhere, it is very impossible that they will miss a small detail of her secret rendezvous with someone. 

And what's the problem if she rested for seven months without any filming schedules? She has the right to take a rest after working nonstop, and not because she is carrying a child. 

In fact, she is visible in the media all throughout the seven months that she did not film a drama. She is constantly having a live stream for her product endorsements and doing photoshoots.

Dilraba Dilmurat pregnancy rumors
©Dilraba studio weibo 

Toxic fandom

C-fandom can be very notorious to Chinese drama celebrities. Most shippers are wild and obsessed and often cross boundaries, disrespecting celebrities. 

They love to spread and circulate malicious rumors just to promote the CP (coupling) they supported, even though in real life nothing really special between them. 

They are treating celebrities like fictional characters in the drama, characters that they can manipulate into imaginary lovers just to make themselves believe their CPs are real things. This has been the culture in the C-fandom for quite some time now and it's very toxic to celebrities. 

Some of these fanatics will do everything they could (create videos, edit photos, buy hot searches, infiltrate social media with comments promoting their CP) to spread fake news and wild speculations just to create an illusion that their favorite on-screen couples are real-life sweethearts when they are not.

Photo credit: Dilraba studio weibo

So I guess, fans must never pay attention to these rumors unless confirmed by the concerned celebrities. Individuals must refrain also from posting and reposting the allegations especially if the celebrities' representatives are already denying the rumors. 

We must observe social media ethics in treating the news we receive or post. It's our primary responsibility to share factual information only. We must refrain from posting allegations that can damage someone's reputation. 

We must observe and practice these cardinal rules in social media:

  1. Do not feed trolls
  2. Do not post illegal or damaging news
  3. Do not repost scams
  4. Think of your readers' reactions
  5. Avoid offensive content

We need to filter information and analyze if it's ethical to post such an issue. Celebrities are real people that must never be exploited. They are public figures but we never own them.

We must be responsible for the news we share, making sure we observe the social media ethics of disseminating information. If it is senseless, baseless, or simply just a damaging rumor then we should not spread it or post it. 

So these pregnancy rumors of Dilraba Dilmurat are nothing but allegations circulated by delusional fans who have nothing better to do with their lives.

If the allegation is true, then the news should officially come from Dilraba's camp and must be officially confirmed before we dive into the topics and spread. But once it is denied by the celebrities' camp, then we must respect it and must refrain from inflating the rumors.

Hope, Jaywalk studio will file a libel case against those individuals who continue to spread these stupid rumors and will bring guilty people to court. 

Our Thoughts on this issue

Personally speaking, from what we know about Dilraba she is a smart and intelligent person who is always sensitive to her environment. She is wise enough to never put herself into a mess by getting pregnant before marriage. 

In all her interviews, she always spoke with decency, modesty, and with high regard for morals. She showed a dignified character and a well-rounded personality who has clear hindsight for the future.

So why would she ruin herself with an untimely pregnancy? So why do fans continue to believe this nonsense? It's downright madness. 

The last thing to happen is to drag herself into an uncompromising situation of becoming an unwed mother. So, guys, common sense please before you believe any malicious rumors.

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