Korean Actor Song Joong Ki Announces Arrival of First Child

Song Joong-ki announces birth of son

South Korean Actor, Song Joong-ki, took to his official fan cafe to announce the birth of his first child, a son, with his British-born Italian wife, Kate Louise Saunders. 

The former actress gave birth in Rome, Italy in an unspecified date this month. Song Joong-ki also shared a black and white photo showing him holding his newborn son's little fingers. 

Song Joong-ki announces birth of son
Newborn son of Song Joong-ki. Photo credit: Song Joong-ki fan cafe

On June 14, Song Joong Ki’s agency High Zium Studio officially announced, “Song Joong Ki became the father of a baby boy in Italy.”

Here's Song Joong-ki's official letter translated in English:

"Hello, this is Joong Ki. I’m curious how all of you are doing.

As you probably know all too well, I wrapped up filming for the movie “My Name Is Loh Kiwan” in Hungary, and I even had the honor of attending the Cannes Film Festival for the movie “Hopeless.” 

All of the moments from the film festival still feel like a dream to me; that’s how happily I’ve been spending my days.

Today, I came here to greet you because I have one more piece of news that feels like a dream, and I wanted to be the first to tell you.

Right now, I’m in Italy. Here, in my wife’s hometown of Rome, we happened to welcome our baby. It’s a healthy son.. and both the baby and his mother… are in very good health. 

As we welcomed [our child] in good health and joy, I am taking care of my family very happily, with a grateful heart.

I think [our son] is the most precious gift to have found its way to us, a married couple whose biggest dream all our lives was to start a happy family.

And I think it’s thanks to the many people who gave us their support that such a happy day has found us. Thank you.

I’m always grateful to the Ki Aile [Song Joong Ki’s fans] who give their sincere, unchanging love, and I, Joong Ki, will also sincerely wish for there to be great joy in all of your lives as well.

As befits an actor, and in order to stay true to myself. I will return to greet you with a cool project. Please always be healthy. And I love you".

Song Joong-ki announces birth of son
Song Joong-ki and Kate Saunders in Cannes

Song Joong-ki announces birth of son
Song Joong-ki and Kate Saunders in Cannes

Song Joong-ki made a surprised announcement in January this year that he married Kate Louise Saunders almost four years since his divorce from his Descendant of the Sun co-star, Song Hye-kyo.

Our warmest congratulations to Song Joong-ki and Kate Louise Saunders for their new bundle of joy! Stay safe and healthy. 

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