Highlights and List of Winners: iQIYI Scream Night Awards 2023

iqiyi scream nights 2023

The star-studded Scream Nights Awarding ceremony of the streaming app iQIYI was held yesterday, November 25, 2023, at the luxurious Arena of Galaxy Macau.

These annual Awards handed out by iQIYI are meant to recognize the achievements of individuals and groups in the Chinese film and drama industry in a given year. 

iqiyi scream nights 2023
iQIYI's series in 2023 that reached 10,000 popularity heats
IQIYI Scream Nights 2023
Mysterious Lotus Casebook crew: From left: Liu Fang (scriptwriter), Joseph Zeng, Cheng Yi, Xiao Shunyao, and Rain Wang

This year's list of winners:

I. Series/Drama Category

1. Hall of Honor Awards for iQIYI series that reached 10,000 popularity heats in 2023:

  • The Knockout
  • Destined
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook
  • Story of Kunning Palace

2. Annual Member Influential Drama - Mysterious Lotus Casebook

3. Annual King of Drama - The Knockout

4. Outstanding Series of the Year 

  • Unchained Love
  • Romance on the Farm 
  • Walking to the Wind
  • Our Ordinary Days
  • Under the Microscope
  • Echo
  • Miles To Go
  • Thirteen Years of Dust
  • The Ingenious One 
  • The Lost 11th Floor
  • Imperfect Victim
  • My Journey To You 
  • Bright Eyes in the Dark
  • Agent Mission
  • Fearless

5. Influential Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Cheng Yi (Mysterious Lotus Casebook)
  • Esther Yu (My Journey To You)

6. Scream Actor and Actress of the Yea

  • Wang Heidi (Unchained Love)
  • Bai Lu (Story of Kunning Palace)

7. Breakthrough Actor and Actress of the Year

  • Joseph Zeng (Mysterious Lotus Casebook and Romance on the Farm)
  • Li Yitong (The Knockout and Warm in a Cold Night)

8. Strength Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Zhang Songwen (The Knockout) 
  • He Saifei (Miles To Go)

9. Enterprising Actor of the Year

  • Guo Junchen (Beauty of Resilience)
  • Wang Xing Yue (Story of Kunning Palace)
  • Bi Wenjun (Warm on a Cold Night)
  • Jiang Long (Tiger and Crane)
  • Long Ni (The Knockout)
  • Lin Yun (Imperfect Victim)
  • Rain Wang (Mysterious Lotus Casebook)
  • Wu You (Echo)
  • Ying'er (Imperfect Victim)
  • Zhang Haowei (Spy Game, Destined)

10. Annual Actor and Actress of the Year

  • Zhang Ruoyun (Under The Microscope)
  • Yan Ni (Our Times)

11. Overseas Outstanding Actor of the Year - Ren Jialun

12. Overseas Popular Actor of the Year - Chen Zhe Yuan 

13. Young Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Wei Daxun (Spy Game)
  • Song Yi (Destined)

14. Quality Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Chen Xiao (The Ingenious One,13 Years of Dust, and Miles to Go)
  • Hao Lei (In Later Years)

15. Supporting Actor and Actress of the Year  

  •  Lin Yongjian (Miles to Go)
  • Chen Shuting (The Knockout)

16. Audience's Favorite Actor and Actress

  • Bai Jingting (Destined)
  • Tan Songyun (Road Home)

17. Youth Leap Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Zhang Linghe (My Journey to You)
  • Tian Xiwei (Romance on the Farm)

18. Charming Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Wang Yang (Fearless)
  • Qin Lan (The Magical Women)

19. Audience Attention Actor (with anticipated series to air in 2024)

  • Yu Hewei 
  • Yang Mi

20. Writer of the Year  - Ma Boyong (Under the Microscope)

21. Screenwriter of the Year - Ren Baoru and Gao Xuan (Imperfect Victim)

22. Director of the Year - Xu Jizhou (The Knockout)

Rain Wang. Enterprise Actress of the Year 

Guo Junchen. Enterprise Actor of the Year 

Guo Junchen 

Zhang Linghe. Leap Actor of the Year 

Cheng Yi. Influential Actor of the Year

Wang Xing Yue. Enterprise Actor of the Year 

Yang Mi. Attention Actress for 2024

Wang Yibo. Actor of the Year (film category)

II. Film Category

1. Film of the Year - Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storm

2. Director of the Year - Da Peng (One and Only) 

3. Young Director of the Year 

  • Xu Ang (Hachiko)
  • Kong Dashan (Journey to the West) 
  • Jiumei Chenglie (One and Four)

4. Actor and Actress of the Year 

  • Wang Yibo (Hidden Blade)
  • NiNi (Lost in the Stars)

5. Supporting Actress of the Year  - Janice Man (Lost in the Stars)

6. Supporting Actor of the Year  - Wang Chuanjun (No More Bets and Hidden Blade)

7. Breakthrough Actress of the Year  - Jin Chen (No More Bets)

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Joseph Zeng, Cheng Yi, and Xiao Shunyao made a surprise performance singing "The World" OST of Mysterious Lotus Casebook 

Cast and crew of Mysterious Lotus Casebook. Annual Membership Influential Drama

Tian Xiwei. Leap Actress of the Year 

Esther Yu and Cheng Yi accepting their Influential Actor and Actress of the Year award 

Zhang Linghe 

Highlights and Fashion

The star-studded affair began with a red-carpet gala where celebrities and guests showcased their fabulous fashion for the event. 

Jin Chen

Jin Chen 

Most ladies donned different outfits for the awarding ceremony (especially those who received the awards) so we did not see their red-carpet attire during the proper awards nights.

Drama fans were excited to see the red-carpet joint appearance of Song Yi and Bai Jingting as their drama, Destined, was one of the Hall of Honor awardees. 

Rumored couple, Bai Jingting and Song Yi appeared on the red carpet as if they did not know each other lol!

They are rumored to be dating in real life (since filming Destined). However, fans were surprised to see them look "distant" during their red-carpet appearance (even though they walked side by side haha!). As if they did not know each other. 

Despite the frequent sightings of them being together and the persistent rumor of being in a relationship, Bai Jingting and Song Yi have not issued any public statement confirming nor denying the rumor.

The sweetest pair during the red carpet appearance. Joseph Zeng and Tian Xiwei (Romance on the Farm). Joseph even returned to escort Xiwei as she walked to the venue

But the gentlest of all men for the night was Joseph Zeng! After walking on the red carpet with his Mysterious Lotus Casebook co-stars, he went back to the holding area to escort his Romance on the Farm co-star, Tian Xiwei, on the red carpet, something that Zhang Linghe did not do for Esther Yu.

Tian Xiwei and Joseph Zeng 

Zhang Linghe walked on the red carpet with his Story of Kunning Palace co-stars but did not return to escort Esther Yu, his co-star in My Journey To You, and where he got his Leap Actor of the Year award. Esther walked alone on the red carpet.

Apart from the Hall of Honor awards, Mysterious Lotus Casebook, iQIYI's biggest summer hits in recent years, won the Annual Member Influential Award for attracting more membership for the iQIYI streaming app and subscriptions this third quarter.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook also contributed massively to the profit gain and revenues of iQIYI during the third quarter of the year.

Cheng Yi and Esther Yu won the Influential Actor and Actress of the Year. The two of them are old friends. See photo below (2016)

And the loudest scream goes to...Cheng Yi! 😂He attracted the loudest scream from the audience among the award recipients. So much so that his speech could not be heard anymore due to the screaming impact. 

Liu Shishi 

Yang Mi 

We have a number of favorite outfits during the red carpet gala based on the gown they chose and how they projected themselves : 

Liu Shishi 

Liu Shishi 

We love Liu Shishi's delicate aquamarine sequin dress from Tony Ward. She looked so magnificent in the silhouette cut and refreshing in the aquamarine color.

Yang Mi was another favorite. She wore a one-shoulder white silk dress accentuated with feathers. It looked simple but exquisite. Jin Chen's purple tulle ball gown was another favorite. 

Tian Xiwei 

Tian Xiwei looked like a princess in a tael pleated gown with crystal embellishments (we also love her tiara accessory!). But she was more vivacious in a yellow tulle dress with a plunging neckline! 

Tian Xiwei 

Tian Xiwei 

Tan Songyun in a strapless white gown (she is always a baby girl!), Jiang Pei Yao wore a dramatic black silhouette with opera gloves, Rain Wang in a heavily embellished white gown and a red sequin dress for the awarding ceremony, and Liu Xie Ning in a strapless yellow dress.

Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, and Tian Xiwei 

Bai Lu, Esther Yu, and Tan Songyun 

Male celebrities also came in their fashionable outfits and were equally dapper. Chen Zhe Yuan is so tall! Didn't realize he is so tall until last night when he walked in the red carpet. 

Cheng Yi, Joseph Zeng, and Xiao Shunyao did a surprise number, singing the OST of Mysterious Lotus Casebook, "The World". Cheng Yi wore a long coat with lotus design. 

Tian Xiwei 

Liu Xie Ning and Jin Chen

Rain Wang 

Cheng Yi in a long coat with lotus print 

Chen Zhe Yuan is so tall! 

We're surprised to see Chen Zheyuan in his fresh haircut. He looked so fresh in this clean cut. And he is so tall! What's his height? He seemed to tower over everyone including Zhang Linghe who we knew is a six-footer dude. 

It's still intriguing why Zhang Yi did not attend the event nor receive any award. Why? He is the main lead of The Knockout, iQIYI's biggest hit for 2023. 

Zhang Yi is an excellent performer in any drama, a multi-awarded actor both in film and television, and he excelled in his role in The Knockout but why he did not receive any award? He could have been the easy winner for Best Actor of the Year in the drama.

Any, congratulations to all the winners!

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