Top 10 Shortlisted Nominees: Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit 2023

Weibo Vision Conference

Another star-studded event coming up this December 2023! One of the biggest gatherings of Chinese celebrities this year, the Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit, Weibo Vision Conference to be held this coming December 5, 2023.

This celebrity event will pull together some of the biggest names in the Chinese entertainment industry who have television and online series aired in 2023.

Weibo Vision Conference

However, this is hardly a recognition of a quality acting performance or a quality production since this is mainly a popularity award where the winners are determined by fan votes and those who have the biggest and highest online engagement on Weibo. 

So naturally, most winners are stars who have large fan bases, series starred by traffic/liuliang stars (celebrities whose popularity is mainly based on internet data or online traffic and not based on acting excellence recognized by industry professionals), and word-of-mouth dramas (series - example Mysterious Lotus Casebook and The Knockout - starred by non-liuliang stars that generated online discussions from drama fans who did not belong to the fan-base of any of the main cast).

Weibo Vision Conference
Top 10 Shortlisted Drama Figures in 2023

Xiao Zhan, who is one of China's biggest liuliang stars together with Wang Yibo, Yang Yang, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, and Dilraba Dilmurat, and one who has a large fan base, naturally is shortlisted, including all his series, in every category, as he has a large fan-base. 

He is often described by local media as a C-drama star who has the most dedicated fans and whose supporters (both domestic and international) are working non-stop to spread discussions about him to generate more traffic, thus, he regularly generates a high-volume discussion online.

Although this type of popularity award is quite unfair to high-quality series that are not shortlisted because they did not amass a high-volume discussion online, the Weibo Vision Conference is really all about online traffic and popular individuals who brought massive revenues to networks.

The top 10 high-quality series this year recognized by industry professionals:

  • The Long Season
  • Three Body 
  • Meet Yourself
  • The Knockout
  • An Ancient Love Song
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook
  • 13 Years of Dust
  • Imperfect Victim
  • A Long Way Home
  • Miles To Go
Sadly, only Mysterious Lotus Casebook and Imperfect Victim managed to be shortlisted as these are the only series among the high-quality dramas listed above that generated online traffic on Weibo.

However, this year's nominees come with so many surprises, away from the usual concept of a popularity contest. For instance, Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang, two of China's biggest liuliang stars are not included in the top 10 list of shortlisted stars despite having dramas aired this year.

In great contrast, Cheng Yi and Wei Daxun (who cannot be categorized as traffic or liuliang stars because they generated online discussion through their acting skills and not through the online engagement of their fan base) are part of the top 10 despite having no large fan bases. 

Domestic drama fans recognized their drama performances (Cheng Yi and Wei Daxun) this year as some of the best in the industry that deserved to be acknowledged, they are two of the surprising names that dominated the hot search on Weibo this year. Cheng Yi and Wei Daxun are considered the game changers this year, which means hitting the popularity index online is not all the time a territory of liuliang celebrities.

However, personally, we felt that Wu Lei should have been included since he is one of the high-quality actors today who successfully transitioned to mature roles and managed to outgrow his teenage image. But then again, Wu Lei is not a liuliang star, his fan base never engages in online traffic. They are just, well, chilling lol! And just share Wu Lei's achievements and activities.

Here are the shortlisted nominees in the biggest categories for the Weibo Vision Conference 2023. You may participate in an online discussion on Weibo for your favorite stars and series to win:

1. Shortlisted TOP 10 SERIES IN 2023 

  • The Youth Memories (2023 Tencent)
  • The Longest Promise (2023 Tencent)
  • Sunshine By My Side (2023 Tencent/iQIYI)
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook (2023 iQIYI)
  • Lost You Forever (2023 Tencent)
  • Are You Safe (2022 Tencent, iQIYI)
  • Being A Hero (2022 iQIYI)
  • Till The End of the Moon (2023 Youku)
  • Be Your Own Light (2023 Youku)
  • Rising with the Wind (2023 iQIYI)
Weibo Vision Conference
Top 10 Shortlisted Series in 2023

3. Shortlisted Top 9 Costume Series in 2023:
  • The Longest Promise (Tencent)
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook (iQIYI)  
  • Lost You Forever (Tencent)
  • My Journey To You (iQIYI)
  • Back From The Brink (Youku)
  • The Starry Love (Youku)
  • Beauty of Resilience (iQIYI)
  • Till the End of the Moon (Youku)
  • Destined (iQIYI)
(Our Editor's Note: Apart from Mysterious Lotus Casebook and Lost You Forever, another high-quality costume series this year is An Ancient Love Song, but well, it was not starred by traffic stars so it was rarely mentioned on Weibo, sad! My Journey To You, Beauty of Resilience, and Till The End of the Moon both bombed domestically)

3. Shortlisted Top 9 Modern Series in 2023:
  • When I Fly Towards You (Youku)
  • Nothing But You (Tencent)
  • Imperfect Victim (iQIYI)
  • Hidden Love (Youku)
  • Here We Meet Again (Tencent)
  • Never Give Up (iQIYI)
  • A Romance of the Little Forest (Youku)
  • Southwind Knows (Youku)
  • Fake It Till You Make It (Mango)
(We're crying with this list 😭 Where are The Long Season, Meet Yourself, Three Body, and The Knockout??? These are the highest-rated modern C-dramas this year and won nominations and awards overseas! And yet not shortlisted just because fans rarely talked about them on Weibo???)

2. Shortlisted Top 10 Drama Characters in 2023:
  • Xiao Chun Seng (Xiao Zhan, The Youth Memories)
  • Shi Ying (Xiao Zhan, The Longest Promise)
  • Sheng Yeng (Xiao Zhan, Sunshine By My Side)
  • Li Luanha/Li Xiangyi (Cheng Yi, Mysterious Lotus Casebook)
  • Xiang Liu (Tan Jianci, Lost You Forever)
  • Ye Shiqi/Tushan Jing (Deng Wei, Lost You Forever)
  • Meng Yen Chen (Wei Daxun, Fireworks of My Heart)
  • Xiao Yao (Yang Zi, Lost You Forever)
  • Tantai Jin (Luo Yunxi, Till the End of the Moon)
  • Jiang Jun Hao (Liu Yuning, Be Your Own Light)
3. Shortlisted Top 10 Drama Figures in 2023: The celebrities who generated the largest discussions and shares on Weibo for 2023 and who have a significant increase of followers on Weibo this year:
  • Xiao Zhan
  • Tan Jianci
  • Cheng Yi
  • Wei Daxun
  • Yang Zi
  • Wang Yibo
  • Luo Yunxi
  • Deng Wei
  • Liu Yuning
  • Tian Jiarui
(Votes should go to Cheng Yi, Wei Daxun, and Deng Wei, they are not liuliang stars, and their popularity is not based on internet traffic but they generated massive online discussions due to their solid drama performances, which means that their online traffic is not inflated by their fan base)

Weibo Vision Conference
Top 10 shortlisted drama characters

So how to participate so that your favorites can win the award at the Weibo Vision Conference? All you need to do is to post (nonstop hehe) on your Weibo account the names of your favorites in each category accompanied with hashtags #GleamingGloryShortlist #WeiboVisionConference

Well, the purpose of the Gleaming Glory Award of Weibo is to recognize the personalities (and dramas) who made a difference and who attracted massive online traffic on Weibo, and who in return brought revenues to networks and Weibo in the form of  Advertisement deals. 

Business is business you know 😂 So, for high-quality performances of celebrities and drama excellence recognized by the industry, let's not look at popularity contests as measurements, let's just wait for proper award-giving bodies such as Flying Apsaras, Magnolia, Hundred Flowers, and Huabiao Awards to do the honor.

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