He Landou Shares a Touching Farewell To Her Character in A Journey To Love

He Landou A Journey To Love

Chinese actress. He Lan Dou, who made her acting debut in 2018, had a remarkable performance as Princess Yang Ying, who cross-dressed as Lord Li, in the recently concluded wuxia drama, A Journey To Love, top-billed by Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning.

The 24-year-old actress shared a touching farewell to her character, Princess Yang Ying, on her personal Weibo account and expressed her gratitude for the chance given to her to play the role.

He Landou A Journey to Love
He Landou as Princess Yang Ying

"I am very happy to be able to spend this unforgettable time as Yang Ying, a person that I admire and appreciate immensely. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be her and live in my body with her soul.

He Landou A Journey To Love
He Landou in A Journey To Love 

Yang Ying, thank you for letting me experience such a hot life with you. I have said before that you are like a weed seed, small and inconspicuous. No one will care about you at first, they trample you under their feet and trample you into the mud, but when you experience the erosion of the storm and the exposure of the sun, you stubbornly sprout. 

He Landou A Journey to Love
He Landou as a crossdresser Lord Li

You can drill through tree roots and drill out of floor tiles, and grow with brilliant vitality. Under the sun, it also grows in my heart.

You allowed me to grow up with you. I think that when I face the unknown and setbacks in the future, I will also think of the courage you taught me. In my heart, you are not a fictitious image, but a person who came to this world in another form. 

He Landou A Journey to Love
He Landou and Chang Huasen

Who said that you must have flesh and blood to be considered a living person? You have truly existed in my life. I think you are borrowing my body to shout, and I am borrowing your soul to grow. I am honored to be with you on this journey. 

I don’t want to say goodbye because what you taught me will always be with me. I remember that after reading the script, I wrote a note: "For the audience, Yang Ying is a hundred times more important than He Landou!", This sentence has always reminded me and became my sense of mission. 

He Landou A Journey To Love
He Landou as Princess Yang Ying and Lord Li

In front of Yang Ying, actor He Landou tries her best to put away herself and let Yang Ying experienced her spirit, bravery, and purity which infect everyone. I hope my final performance is achieved.

Thank you to all the audience friends who like Yang Ying, thank you for seeing the goodness of A Ying, and thank you for your support and tolerance for He Landou. 

He Landou A Journey to Love
He Landou and Liu Shishi

I know this is your love for Yang Ying. As an actor, I must play my role well, and I was flattered to receive so many praises just for completing my duties. 

I will turn all the encouragement and affirmation into motivation to work harder in the future. I will definitely try my best to act harder and sincerely in the future, to live up to everyone's love for me!

Thanks to iQiyi and Ningmeng Film and Television for giving me this opportunity, thanks to Director Zhou Jingtao, Director Zou Xi, and all the staff behind the scenes. 

He Landou A Journey to Love
He Landou

It is you who created the parallel world of "A Journey To Love" and made those characters alive and warm with flesh and blood. our winter.

Thanks to my friends, actors, teachers, and friends who accompany me day and night. Whether on or off the screen, you are my brothers, sisters, and good partners. There is no need to explain the relationship between us, you must understand it.

Finally, thank you all the jelly beans for your continued support, and please continue to walk with me in the future. I hope we can all be like Yang Ying and become better versions of ourselves". - He Lan Dou

Next Projects

We haven't heard of any line-up acting projects of He Lan Dou but she is rumored to be playing a support role in the upcoming legal drama, Hold A Court Now, starring Gong Jun and Ren Min, however, this rumor is unconfirmed.

come better versions of ourselves.

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