2023 Weibo Night Awards: C-Drama Stars' Fashion Hits and Misses

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion 

The 2023 Weibo Night Awards yesterday, January 13, was the first major celebrity red carpet event this year, so a lot of Chinese drama stars graced the event in their finest suits and evening gowns, but who shone the brightest among them?

Here's our celebrity fashion report and evaluation for the said event. 

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion

In every red carpet ceremony attended by celebrities, there are always hits and misses when it comes to fashion and style. It's pretty normal. 

It's either the design and cut did not complement the wearers or they failed to give the outfit an identity or personality. Others simply lacked the self-confidence to carry the outfit in style.

So, here they are. The hits and misses last night.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Stylish women. Dilraba, Gulinazha, and Yang Zi

Hits. In other words, the most stylish, confidently beautiful women during the event. The best-dressed. The most elegant and fabulous, who carried the dress with poise and grace. 

1. Gulinazha - She was our top choice as the most stylish C-drama star last night. Nazha wore two gowns during the event and she carried them pretty well. She was oozing with confidence and appeal.

For the red carpet gala, Gulinazha donned a pink dress that looked like a pearl clum, with a scallop bodice, a peplum cut around the waist, and a mermaid hemline. The dress is from Russian designer, Valentin Yudashkin.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion

Gulinazha made her appearance more dramatic and fairytale by wearing a pair of white opera gloves and a Kokosnik-inspired Tiara, which is a tribute to the dress designer because Kokosnik is a traditional costume of Russians. 

Nazha changed to a bright blue sequined silhouette dress with a front-side slit from Lebanese designer, Georges Hobeika, when she received her award. The dress looked radiant with a plunging neckline and a scarf detail which made Nazha look even more radiant and stunning.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Gulinazha in a George Hobeika dress

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion

2. Liu Shishi - We love Cecilia Liu's very regal tulle dress from Elie Saab, a Lebanese fashion designer. An elegant ensemble patterned after Asian royalty's clothing culture, which looked perfect for Cecilia's slender frame and body length.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Liu Shishi wears an Elie Saab gown

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion

We love all of Elie Saab's creations, the cut, the fabric, the design, everything. And this dress donned by Cecilia is simply one of the best in Elie Saab couture house's collection. Added to the fact that Liu Shishi knew how to carry the dress very well.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi 

3. Tiffany Tang - Tang Yan literally shimmered last night with this Grecian-inspired gold silhouette dress from Lebanese designer, Georges Chakra.

Georges Chakra's pieces from his 2023 spring and fall collection paid homage to the gold and the baroque era seamlessly woven into contemporary sophistication and opulence.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Tang Yan 

This cut and style perfectly fit Tang Yan's length and slender physique, it emphasizes her slim waist figure with the pleated design and the one-shoulder pattern, giving the vibe of a beautiful goddess. 

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Yang Mi 

4. Yang Mi - Another 80's gen actress who looked radiant last night. For her red carpet look, she wore a piece from another Lebanese designer, Zuhair Murad, from the label's 2022 series. The high neck fitted silhouette dress with a side slit, abdomen cut, and swirling pattern of dark blue, is a statement of elegance.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Yang Mi wears a statement dress

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion

Yang Mi also wore a statement white dress when she accepted the award for her philanthropic endeavor. Her white sleeveless midi dress in printed stars was decorated with children's hand drawings. 

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion

The dress was part of the autistic children's welfare project supported by Yang Mi, which made this attire a very meaningful ensemble.

5. Bai Lu - For her red carpet appearance, Bai Lu chose an all-white ensemble from the bridal collection (2022 autumn and winter) of French designer, Julien Fournie.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Bai Lu in a Julien Fournie gown

It's such a stunning dress in a celestial light theme according to Julien Fournie's description of the dress on its official website.

The immaculate silk fabric complemented Bai Lu's flawless skin and the elaborate design made it more elegant. Bai Lu completed her look with an amethyst  necklace.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Bai Lu

6. Dilraba Dilmurat - Unlike her previous red carpet appearances, last night Dilraba wore only one set of dress, and we have not seen her gracing the red carpet. She just directly went to the award venue. 

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Dilraba Dilmurat

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Dilraba Dilmurat

She wore an olive green strapless princess-cut dress with a steel belt from French designer, Alexis Mabille, surprisingly, from the label's 2011 collection! But it still looked fabulous!

It's also cool to the eyes because of its natural shade that imitates nature and the relaxed environment. Dilraba paired her outfit with a chandelier green earrings.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Dilraba wears a dress from Alexis Mabille collection

7. Zhou Dongyu - We love the simplicity of Dongyu's one-shoulder glittery white dress from Vietnamese fashion designer Nguyen Cong Tri. 

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu's dress is a proof that in fashion, you don't need to wear elaborate gowns to make you look fantastic and stylish, you only need to choose a piece that compliments your body and appearance. For as long as you carry the dress confidently beautiful, everything will look perfect.

8. Qin Lan - we love Qin Lan's red carpet outfit! She looked young and sweet in this silk candy-pink sleeveless dress with a dramatic cape detail in blooms.

The shade of the dress looked so relaxing and smooth and Qin Lan carried it pretty well. We're still looking for a credible resource who designed this beautiful dress!

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Qin Lan 

9. Li Yitong - we also love Li Yitong's fabulous satin yellow-green tube dress. The one she wore during the awarding ceremony. The design was simple but exuded elegance. The fitted body design with a mermaid hem looked good on her.

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Li Yitong's yellow-green number

Weibo Night Awards 2023 Fashion
Liu Hao Cun's pretty yellow-green dress

10. Liu Hao Cun - another C-drama actress who wore a yellow-green ensemble last night. We love everything about this dress. From the cut, waist details, and stylish bodice design, everything looked so fabulous in this dress. It was designed by Dutch fashion designer, Peet Dullaert from their 2023 autumn and winter series.

Zhou Ye 

11. Zhou Ye - we love Zhou Ye's silvery tube dress she wore for her red carpet appearance. We love the vibe of innocence of this dress, the playful hemline, and the sophisticated bodice that's so sexy!

12. Esther Yu - The two outfits she wore were simply fantastic. For her appearance on the red carpet, she wore a tulle dress with a plunging neckline from Rami Al Ali. She later switched to another dress with floral embroidery from Greek designer, Mary Katrantzou.

Esther Yu wears Rami Al Ali dress

Esther wears a dress from Katrantzou

13. Li Landi - The dress that Li Landi wore during the awarding ceremony best suited for her petite frame and fresh beauty. It's a tulle dress in floral embroidery from Marchesa and it simply looked so sweet in her body figure.

Li Landi

But it would have been nicer and more fitting if she tied her hair into a bun to emphasize the elegance of the dress. This type of dress with a busy floral embroidery needs to be "seen" clearly so the wearer must draw away her long hair away from the view.

Yang Zi

14. Yang Zi - This light yellow strapless dress that Yang Zi wore during the awarding ceremony looked so fabulous and sweet. The pleated flowing skirt and the simple bodice design give this dress a sweetheart vibe. It looked so elegant on Yang Zi.

Chen Duling 

15. Chen Duling - Her baby pink strapless dress she wore at the awarding ceremony looked so elegant and cute. We love everything about this dress and it best suited on Chen Duling's slender frame and pretty face. She looked very radiant.


As with most celebrity events that involved fashion and style, the 2023 Weibo Night had attires that disappoint too. It could be that the ensemble looked outrageous and not appropriate for the occasion, or the wearer simply did not give a life to the design.

1. Jin Chen - we really hate putting Jin Chen in this category because we always love her demeanor when she's in the red carpet or attending any celebrity events. She's one of the most stylish Chinese drama stars we have ever known.

But for last night's affair, it was simply not her night. Don't know who chose the dresses she wore for the event? Both frocks were simply off.

Jin Chen looks like a gypsy girl going to the market 😂

She was one of the most terrible stars to grace the red carpet last night with her boho fashion that made her look like going to the market instead of a fashion event. 

What's with the double-layered skirts? It's simply not for a glittery red carpet event. She looked so unglamorous in that attire. It might be a fabulous dress for other occasion but not for a celebrity red carpet gala.

Jin Chen 

During the awarding ceremony, Jin Chen switched to another ridiculous mini dress with disarranged fabrics. 😂 The skirt looked like falling maple leaves during autumn season 🍁🍁😜

It's a pretty dress actually but watching Jin Chen walked to the stage with other celebrities wearing long dresses made her  looked like a gate crasher.

2. Wang Yuwen - In as much as we love Wang Yuwen's pretty face, this dress she wore from Yanina is simply ugly. Yanina has so many fabulous pieces but this one looks like a fish net. Nah! 

Wang Yuwen 

Chen Duling 

3. Chen Duling - We love Chen Duling's pink dress during the awarding ceremony, but this minimalist blue satin dress she wore during her red carpet appearance is so unglamorous. It lacked curves and didn't fit in her small body frame. In another angle of the dress, Chen Duling looked like four months pregnant haha! Sorry.

Zhao Lusi wears a Versace dress with a front skirt looks like always in a Marilyn Monroe mode

4. Zhao Lusi - After last night's event, I guess Zhao Lusi must fire her stylist haha! Her two ensembles from Versace are simply outrageous. 

Zhao Lusi's dress looks like forever in a Marilyn Monroe mode 

At the red carpet, she looked like someone who just encountered a violent storm with her skirt in front fully up. As though the dress is always in a Marilyn Monroe mode. 

Worst, she did not know how to carry the dress. She looked like an innocent girl swirling around with a nervous face. Her hesitation to give the dress its own personality made her even more unattractive.

Zhao Lusi 

At the awarding ceremony, Zhao Lusi switched to a bright blue dress also from Versace that looked big in her small body frame. She could have chosen something that covers her ankle to give her an illusion of a lengthy torso.

5. Zhou Ye - She looked radiant in the silver princess-cut dress during her red carpet appearance, but when she changed to a dress that made her look like someone who just emerged from the ranch, it ruined her overall appearance for the evening.

Zhou Ye looked like a girl straight from the ranch

The ensemble - a jacket, a pair of long boots, and a white ready-to-wear dress - is a bad choice for a glittery celebrity event. Okay, the dress could have been looked fine if Zhou Ye did not wear boots. My God! lol!

Zhang Jingyi 

6. Zhang Jingyi - Zhou Ye's look-a-like was so off last night, both at the red carpet and at the awarding ceremony. Perhaps, Zhang Jingye was so busy to think what to wear so she just grabbed whatever available in her closet. 

Her black dress at the red carpet looked so dull and lifeless. And her decision to wear a jacket and trousers to receive her trophy was simply an unglamorous move.

Bai Lu

7. Bai Lu - This dress from French designer, Alexandre Vauthier wore by Bai Lu at the awarding ceremony was simply unattractive to say the least. It would have been better if she just repeated the white dress she wore at the red carpet.

8. Esther Yu - Esther's two dresses were good but not this one. Arggh! She looked like a contestant from the Miss Hawaiian Tropics in this tulle dress from Viktor and Rolf. 

Esther's Hawaiian dress 😂

If Esther felt this dress makes her look like a fairy then it's not. It's so unflattering with a voluptuous skirt smudged in charcoal. 

Can't understand why she even bothered wearing this outrageous ensemble. This seems to be suited for a tropical island party rather than for an awarding ceremony in winter.  

Yang Zi's Valentino purple dress
Weibo Night Awards 2023 fashion

9. Yang Zi - Purple might be Yang Zi's favorite color but this off-shoulder dress with a ridiculous bodice from Valentino simply did not give justice to her slim figure. She looked like a sparrow ready to fly with that extra wings in the bodice.

10. Tian Xiwei - This dress lacked elegance in the real sense of the word. Tian Xiwei looked like a slob of butter that was cut side ways. 

Tian Xiwei's buttercup dress

The tulle fabric details cascading from the waist line down to the ankle ruined the beauty of this dress. Tian Xiwei looked like carrying extra curtain lol! 

The tulle dress that Tian Xiwei wore on the red carpet appeared unglamorous too. The gown seemed to be like an outfit worn by trolls during Halloween party with cobwebs dangling around the skirt.

Tian Xiwei

The Buttercup Beauties 😂 Li Yitong, Tian Xiwei, and Liu Hao Cun wore dresses with the same shade - yellow-green/or bright yellow. They looked like slobs of butter cup and margarine haha! Which dress looked yummier? 

Did not know Li Yitong and Tian Xiwei are beshies 😂

Li Yitong and Tian Xiwei

Liu Hao Cun, Li Yitong, Tian Xiwei


Joseph Zeng!

Hu Ge always handsome!

Tan Jianci

Yu Shi rose to popularity after he appears in Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

Wu Lei in LOEWE

Deng Wei in Dior men

Xiao Zhan in Balmain suit

Xiao Zhan wore a Balmain suit during the awarding ceremony

Xiao Zhan in Gucci blazer and trousers

Wang Yibo

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