List of Winners, Fashion and Highlights: 2023 Weibo Night Awards

Weibo Night Awards 2023

Some of the brightest stars of the Chinese entertainment industry attended the first celebrity red carpet-event of the year, the annual Weibo Night Awards. 

This award is given by Sina Weibo, China's most popular social networking site, annually to individuals who made a mark in the entertainment industry in China in the previous year. 

Weibo Night Awards 2023

Dilraba, Wu Lei, Bai Jingting, and Jing Boran

Wang Yibo

Here's the List of Winners:

1. Weibo King and Queen:

  • Zhu Yilong
  • Yang Zi
2. Outstanding Annual Drama:
  • Blossoms Shanghai (Tencent)
  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook (iQIYI)
  • Lost You Forever (Tencent)
  • A Journey To Love (iQIYI)
  • The Queen of News (Youku)
3. Outstanding Film Director of the Year: 
  • Zhang Yimou for Full River Red
4. Outstanding Actor of the Year:
  • Ma Li
  • Lei Jiayin
  • Xiao Zhan
  • Li Bingbing
  • Huang Xiaoming
5. Annual Quality Filmmaker (Acting category):
  • Zhu Yilong
  • Zhou Dongyu
  • Zhang Xiaofei
6. Weibo Annual Popular Filmmaker:
  • Dapeng Dong Chengpeng (director)
  • Huang Xuan (actor)
  • Wang Yibo (actor)
7. Weibo Influential Actor of the Year:
  • Huang Bo
8. Weibo Influential Musician of the Year:
  • Li Yuchun
9. Weibo Most Popular Musician of the Year: 
  • TF Boys
10. Annual Influential Movies:
  • Creation of the Gods: Kingdom of Storms
  • The Wandering Earth 2
  • Desperate
  • Full River Red
  • She Disappeared
11. Annual Appealing Actor:
  • Liu Shishi
  • Yang Zi
12. Annual Powerful Actor:
  • Liu Tao
  • Gao Ye
  • Tong Yao
  • Wang Chuanjun
13. Weibo Quality Actor of the Year:
  • Wu Lei
  • Dilraba Dilmurat
  • Bai Jingting
  • Jing Boran
14. Hot Actor of the Year (what an award 😂):
  • Huang Jingyu
  • Liu Yuning
  • Esther Yu
  • Wei Daxun
15. Weibo Annual Shining Actor:
  • Janice Man
  • Jin Chen
  • Qin Lan
  • Jing Tian
  • Xin Zhilei
16. Annual Attention Actor:
  • Bai Lu
  • Tan Jianci
  • Song Yi
  • Dylan Wang
  • Zhao Lusi
17. Annual Creative Actor:
  • Zhang Songwen
  • Charmaine Sheh
  • Ye Tong
18. Annual Leap Actor
  • Deng Wei
  • Yu Shi
  • Chen Zheyuan
  • Zhang Linghe
19. Annual Charming Actor:
  • Chen Duling
  • Li Yitong
  • Gulinazha
  • Peng Yuchang
  • Sun Yang
20. Annual Breakthrough Actor:
  • Joseph Zeng
  • Tian Xiwei
  • Zhang Jingyi
  • Zhou Ye
  • Zhou Yiran
21. Annual Expected Actor:
  • Hu Bingqing
  • Li Landi
  • Liu Hao Cun
  • Lin Yi
  • Lu Yuxiao
  • Zhang Yuxi
  • Cheng Lei
22. Annual Philanthropic Figure:
  • Yang Mi

Congratulations to all the winners. See Highlights below:

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Annual Expected Actor awardees

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Zhang Jingyi and Joseph Zeng. Annual Breakthrough Actor awardees

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Joseph Zeng

Dilraba Dilmurat

Huang Xiaoming

Deng Wei

Liu Shishi

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Gulinazha and Chen Duling

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Peng Yuchang and Sun Yang

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Tan Jianci and Song Yi

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Zhao Lusi and Bai Lu

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Yang Mi
Xiao Zhan

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Hu Ge reunited with his Chinese Paladin 3 co-stars: Tang Yan and Liu Shishi

In yellow number! Li Yitong and Tian Xiwei

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Dilraba Dilmurat and Wu Lei's 

Highlights and Other Trivia:

During the red carpet gala, we've seen drama stars walk in pairs but some of them are pairings we have not yet seen in a drama together as CP. So we're wondering if they have upcoming projects together.

  • Deng Wei and Jing Tian
  • Zhang Linghe and Tian Xiwei
  • Zhou Yiran and Zhang Jingye
  • Johnny Huang and Tong Yao
  • Chen Zheyuan and Bai Lu
Tian Xiwei and Zhang Linghe

Zhou Yiran and Zhang Jingyi

Deng Wei and Jing Tian

Chen Zheyuan and Bai Lu

Zhou Ye and Cheng Lei

The only pairs we know who have projects together are Zhou Ye and Cheng Lei, they are currently filming The Legend of a Female General. Lin Yi and Liu Hao Cun just paired in Derailment.

Lin Yi and Liu Hao Cun

Zhang Jingyi and Chen Duling

We love the natural interaction of Wu Lei and Dilraba off camera on stage. They paired in The Long Ballad in 2021 and have been friends for years. 

Wu Lei and Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo Nights
Wu Lei helps Dilraba carries her trophy as she struggles to pull her gown

Wu Lei and Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo Nights

The way Wu Lei helped Dilraba carrying her trophy when he saw her struggling to pull her gown was such a sweet thing to say. Which means they maintained a warm close friendship bond after their drama went off air. 

Wu Lei and Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo Nights
Wu Lei to Dilraba: watch your steps

Wu Lei and Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo Nights
Wu Lei and Dilraba 

Wu Lei has been very consistent the way he shows care to Dilraba down through all these years, may it be on camera or off camera, which is rare in Chinese drama industry. 

Celebrities  are always wary in getting cozy with their on-screen partners outside filming or promotion because fans can be very obsessed with their ships. Wu Lei and Dilraba don't have obsessed shippers which allow them to interact comfortably in public. 

Weibo King and Queen

We did not expect Zhu Yilong to win Weibo's King of the Year! In the past weeks, Weibo ran a survey for netizens to choose who would be King of the Year. 

Deng Wei, Cheng Yi, and Xiao Zhan were the three actors with the highest votes. Since China's award-giving bodies never hand out awards to recipients who did not attend, we expected Deng Wei to be named Weibo's King of the Year since Cheng Yi did not attend.

Weibo Night Awards 2023
Zhu Yilong and Yang Zi

But well, maybe Weibo has a different method for finalizing the winners. Congratulations to Zhu Yilong and Yang Zi!

Fashion Moments

For our complete fashion report, read our separate article: 

Celebrity Fashion Hits and Misses at the Weibo Night Awards

Weibo Night Awards 2023

Blossoms Shanghai co-stars: Tang Yan, Hu Ge, and Xin Zhilei

Yang Zi in an off-the-shoulder purple dress

Dilraba Dilmurat wears a tube princess-cut dress from Alexis Mabille

Xiao Zhan


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