Loving Strangers, Chinese version of K-drama's My Mister Begins Filming

Loving Strangers Chinese drama

Loving Strangers, the Chinese version of the critically acclaimed Korean drama, My Mister, brings a whole new level of emotional touches as the filming starts. 

The filming comes less than a month after the death of My Mister's male lead, Lee Sun-kyun, in December 2023. However, this Chinese remake of My Mister was already finalized months before the death of Lee Sun-kyun.

Loving Strangers stars Mark Chao, who just starred in another critically acclaimed medical drama, The Heart, also a Chinese remake of the Korean drama, New Heart (2007), and China's youngest multi-awarded actress, Zhang Zifeng. 

However, as the filming began, some overseas fans asked why Zhang Zifeng? The production could have chosen Shen Yue, Yang Chao Yue, Esther Yu, or Zhao Lusi who could match IU's (the female lead of My Myster) acting skills.

And I thought what??? Really?? These people did not know Zhang Zifeng??? They only know traffic stars but not China's youngest multi-awarded actress??? It's crazy to think they called Wendy (Zifeng's English name) a nobody actress.

Loving Strangers Chinese drama
Zhang Zifeng is a multi-awarded young Chinese actress

I am just shocked by their argument that Zhang Zifeng is not a good choice because she is not popular and she cannot act. OMG! People please do your research about the Chinese entertainment industry, even IU might pale in comparison with Zhang Zifeng's acting skills.

Zhang Zifeng is already a multi-awarded actress whose awards and citations came from China's major award-giving bodies for film excellence, while the C-drama actresses they mentioned got their awards through popularity contests without any movie blockbusters to boast. 

Loving Strangers Chinese drama
Mark Chao and Zhang Zifeng begin filming Loving Strangers

Wendy and Mark Chao are perfect choices for this Chinese adaptation since both of them are known for their deep acting skills. They can deliver strong performances as their expertise is in mainstream drama.

So what does this Chinese remake sound like? Here's the plot summary of Loving Strangers:

Jiang Jia Qi (Mark Chao) is approaching 40 years old and as he navigates through life, he experiences major setbacks in both his personal life and professional life.

He is facing a major crisis in his married life as his wife is cheating on him with his boss. At the same time, he is experiencing hostility in the workplace. 

Then he becomes entangled with his co-worker, Liang Zhi An (Zhang Zifeng), in a bribery case. Liang Zhi An is a 20-year-old girl who is facing a personal crisis of her own. Her parents passed away leaving her burdened with her father’s debts. She also has a bedridden grandmother whom she takes care of. 

It looks like the Chinese version won't focus on the romantic angle between the two main characters but more on the value of encouragement, inspiration, and personal healing.

Comparing this plot summary to My Mister:

My Mister tells the story of an impoverished and debt-laden young woman, Lee Ji-an (IU), who is struggling to stay afloat in her life as she nurses her deaf, sick grandmother. 

My Mister Korean drama
Lee Sun-Kyun and IU in My Mister

She develops an unlikely bond with one of her equally miserable supervisors, Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun-kyun), who is experiencing manipulation and discrimination from his colleagues, friends, and dysfunctional family. 

Park Dong-Hun is married to Yoon-Hee (Lee Ji-Ah) who is secretly having an affair with a senior executive at the construction company, Joon-Young (Kim Young-Min), where Dong-Hun works. 

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-An has a personal crisis of her own. She supports her bedridden grandmother and she is buried in debt, harassed by loan shark Gwang-Il (Jang Ki-Yong). 

She works as a part-time employee at the same construction company as Dong-Hun. One day, she sees Dong-Hun receive 50 million won ($50,000 USD) of gift certificates. 

She goes back to the office late at night and takes the gift certificates from Dong-Hun's desk. She tries to pay off her debts with the gift certificates, but her plan doesn't work out. Then she learns that Joon-Young is having an affair with Dong-Hun's wife. She goes to Joon-Young to hatch a plan to make Dong-Hun leave the company provided Joon-Young will pay her.


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