10 C-Drama Post-95 Actresses with Big Online Traffic: List of Their Series in the Main Role

Popular Chinese actresses 95 gen

Here are 10 Chinese actresses in the post-95 generation and 2000s who have large online traffic data. They are also the names we frequently hear and see in so many online discussions and hot topics. 

Get to know more about them and the list of their drama in the main role. Who among them is your favorite?

1. Guan Xiaotong - Also known by her English name Gabrielle Guan, she is of Manchu descent. Her father descended from the Guwalgiya clan, one of the powerful Manchus during the Qing dynasty. Following the end of the imperial dynasty in China, Guwalgiya descendants changed their surname to Guan.

Guan Xiaotong Chinese actress
Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong's father is also an actor. She debuted in acting as a child actress and worked her way up to the top. She studied Performing Arts at the Beijing Film Academy.

She's one of the "Four Dan Actresses" in China alongside Zhang Xueying, Zhang Zifeng, and Taiwanese actress, Vicky Chen.  

Drama in the main role:

  • Papa Can You Hear Me Sing? (2016)
  • Hello Mr. Right (2016)
  • To be a Better Man (2016)
  • Novoland: Castle in the Sky (2016) with Zhang Ruoyun, Ju Jingyi, and Liu Chang
  • Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (2017) with Zhang Yunlong, Ju Jingyi, Vengo Gao
  • Love of Aurora (2017)
  • Untouchable Lovers (2018) with Song Weilong
  • Sweet Combat (2018) with Lu Han
  • Dagger Mastery (2018) with Qin Junjie and Song Yi
  • Shi Cha Hai (2020)
  • Twenty Your Life On (2020)
  • A Girl Like Me (2021) with Neo Hou
  • Twenty Your Life On S2 (2022)
  • Hu Tong (2022) with Zhao Lusi, Lin Yi, Neo Hou, and Cai Wenjing
  • Once and Forever (2023) with Fan Chengcheng and Zhang Yishan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chen (2023) with Han Dongjun
2. Song Zu'er - Also known by her English name Lareina Song, Zu'er was born on May 23, 1998. She obtained a degree in Performing Arts from the Beijing Film Academy. She debuted in showbiz as a child actress.

Her fame went through some rough times when in August 2023, her former employee accused her of tax evasion and possible fraud. It prompted networks to shelve her drama projects while the investigation is ongoing.
Song Zu'er Chinese actress
Song Zu'er

Drama in the main role:
  • The Dark Lord (2018)
  • Gossip High (2018) with Jeremy Tsui
  • Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019) with Liu Haoran
  • Guardians of the Ancient Oath (2020) with Wu Lei
  • The Bond (2021) with Bai Yu, Mao Xiaotong, and Zhang Wanyi
  • To Fly With You (2021) with Wang Anyu
  • Cupid's Kitchen (2022) with Ethan Juan
  • Legally Romance (2022) with Z.Tao
The airing schedules of the following series were put on hold due to her tax evasion case investigation:
  • Created in China (with Zhang Xincheng)
  • Demon Hunter's Romance (with Ren Jialun)
  • The Prisoner of Beauty (with Liu Yuning)
  • Reading Class (with Neo Hou)

3. Zhao Lusi - Also known as Rosy Zhao, Lusi was born on November 9, 1998, in Chengdu, Sichuan province. She bypassed attending a university to enter show business after high school. 

She made her entertainment debut in 2016 through a variety show, Mars Intelligence Agency. In 2017, she debuted in acting with a supporting role in the web drama, Cinderella Chef (aired in 2018). The same year, she played a minor role in the film City of Rock.

Zhao Lusi Chinese actress
Zhao Lusi

In 2018, she gained attention for playing a support role in the costume drama, Untouchable Lovers top-billed by Song Weilong and Guan Xiaotong (Bai Lu and Xu Kai also appeared in the supporting roles). 

Drama in the main role:

  • Oh! My Emperor (2018) with Xiao Zhan and Gu Jiacheng
  • I Hear You (2019)
  • Prodigy Healer (2019)
  • Love Better Than Immortality (2019) with Li Hongyi
  • Love of Thousand Years (2020)
  • The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020) with Ding Yuxi
  • Dating in the Kitchen (2020)
  • Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling (2021) with Liu Te
  • A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (2021) with Xu Kaicheng
  • Who Rules The World (2022) with Yang Yang
  • Love Like The Galaxy (2022) with Wu Lei
  • Hu Tong (2022)
  • Gen Z (2023)
  • Hidden Love (2023) with Chen Zheyuan
  • The Last Immortal (2023) with Wang Anyu
Upcoming drama:
  • Legend of the Jewelry (costume) with Liu Yuning

4. Yu Shuxin - Also known as Esther Yu, Shuxin was born on December 18, 1995, in Shanghai. She went to Singapore for her tertiary education and earned a degree in Fashion Media from Saint La Salle College of Arts.

She debuted in acting in 2016 with a supporting role in the wuxa drama, Border Town Prodigal. Esther also participated in iQIYI's talent show, Youth With You, and became a member of the girl group, THE9. The group officially disbanded in December 2021.

Esther Yu Chinese actress
Esther Yu

Esther rose to popularity in 2020 with her supporting role in the modern romance drama, Find Yourself, starring Song Weilong and Victoria Song.

Drama in the main role:

  • Youth (2018)
  • My Amazing Boyfriend (2019)
  • I've Fallen For You (2020)
  • Moonlight (2021) with Ding Yuxi
  • Love Between Fairy and Devil (2022) with Dylan Wang
  • A Romance of the Little Forest (2022) with Vin Zhang
  • My Journey To You (2023) with Zhang Linghe
  • Sword and Fairy (2024) with Xu Kai
Upcoming drama:
  • The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus (costume) with Ding Yuxi

5. Zhou Ye - Born on May 20, 1998, Zhou Ye obtained a degree in Performing Arts from the Beijing Film Academy. 

She debuted in acting in 2019 in the critically acclaimed movie, Better Days (starring Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee). For her role, she earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Hundred Flowers Award, one of the three major acting awards in China for film excellence.

Zhou Ye Chinese actress
Zhou Ye

She made her drama debut in the small screen in the wuxia web series, Word of Honor (2021), playing the spunky martial artist Gu Xiang alongside Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan.

Drama in the main role:

  • The Cradle (2021)
  • Reset in July (2021)
  • Youth in the Flames of War (2023)
  • Back From The Brink (2023)
  • Scent of Time (2023)
  • Love Me, Love My Voice (2023)
Upcoming drama:
  • Everyone Loves Me (modern romance) with Lin Yi
  • Legend of the Female General (costume) with Cheng Lei

6. Tian Xiwei - Born on October 14, 1997, Xiwei obtained a degree in Acting from the Shanghai Theater Academy. She made her acting debut in the youth romance drama, Waiting For You in a Long Time (2018).

Tian Xiwei Chinese actress
Tian Xiwei

Drama in the main role:

  • Waiting For You in a Long Time (2018)
  • Lovely Us (2020)
  • Be My Cat (2021)
  • Ms. Cupid in Love (2022) with Cao Yuchen
  • New Life Begins (2022) with Bai Jingting
  • First Love (2022) with Wang Xingyue
  • Wrong Carriage, Right Groom (2023) with Ao Ruipeng
  • Romance on the Farm (2023) with Joseph Zeng
Upcoming drama:
  • In Between (modern romance) with Xin Yunlai
  • Guardian of the Dafeng (costume) with Dylan Wang
  • Moonlit Reunion (costume) with Xu Kai

7. Li Landy - She was born on September 2, 1999, and debuted in acting as a child actress in 2009 when she was 10 years old. 

Li Landy studied Acting at the Central Academy of Drama, China's top Performing Arts school. She rose to popularity in the youth drama, My Huckleberry Friends in 2017.

Li Landy Chinese actress
Li Landy

Drama in the main role:

  • All About Secrets (2017)
  • Wu Xin: The Monster Killer Season 2 (2017)
  • My Huckleberry Friends (2017) with Zhang Xincheng
  • Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019) with Wang Anyu
  • Don't Disturb My Study (2021)
  • Go Into Your Heart (2021)
  • The Starry Love (2023) with Chen Xingxu
  • Enlighten Your Life (2023)
  • All The Way to the Sun (2023)
Upcoming drama:
  • Angels Fall Sometime (modern romance) with Lin Yi
  • Love of Nirvana (costume) with Ren Jialun

8. Zhao Jinmai - Also known by her English name Angel Zhao, Jinmai was born on September 29, 2002. She also debuted in acting as a child actress, earning recognition for her main role in the children's movie, Balala The Fairies. Angel is currently studying Performing Arts at the Central Academy of Drama.

Zhao Jinmai Chinese actress
Zhao Jinmai

Drama in the main role:

  • Balala The Fairies: Mystery Note (2015)
  • Growing Pain (2019)
  • A Little Thing Called First Love (2019)
  • Reborn (2020)
  • With You (2020)
  • The Blessed Girl (2021) with Lin Yi
  • Brilliant Girls (2021)
  • Reset (2022) with Bai Jingting
  • Growing Pain Season 2 (2022) with Guo Junchen
  • Stand by Me (2023) with Bai Yufan
  • Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) with Wu Lei
Upcoming Drama:
  • The Princess Royal (costume) with Zhang Linghe

9. Wang Churan - Born on January 21, 1999, Wang Churan studied Performing Arts at the Shanghai Theater Academy. 

She made her small screen acting debut in the costume historical drama, Oh My General (2017) starring Sandra Ma and Peter Sheng. The same year she debuted on the big screen in the movie, Love Across Space.

Wang Churan Chinese actress
Wang Churan

Drama in the main role:

  • With You (2020)
  • Royal Feast (2022) with Xu Kai
  • Have a Crush on You (2023) with Peng Guanying
  • Fireworks of My Heart (2023) with Yang Yang
Upcoming drama:
  • Love Has Fireworks (modern romance) with Tan Jianci
  • Hidden Charm (costume) with Zhang Wanyi
  • The Female Assassin of the Song Dynasty (costume) with Li Hongyi

10. Zhang Jingyi - She was born on July 10, 1999, and studied Performing Arts at the Beijing Film Academy. Zhang Jingyi debuted in acting in 2018, in the series, The Sky of the Wind Dog. 

She rose to fame in the youth romance drama, Lighter and Princess in 2022. She will have her first costume drama role in the upcoming series, The Story of Huazhi with Hu Yitian.

Zhang Jingyi Chinese actress
Zhang Jingyi

Drama in the main role:

  • Run for Young (2020)
  • Fall In Love (2021) with Chen Xingxu
  • Great Miss D (2022)
  • Lighter and Princess (2022) with Arthur Chen
  • Bright Eyes in the Dark (2023) with Johnny Huang
Upcoming drama:
  • The Story of Huazhi (costume) with Hu Yitian
  • Legend of the Hidden Sea (costume) with Xiao Zhan

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