Deep Lurk, a Republican Spy Drama Starring Cheng Yi, Slated for Spring Release

 Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi

Nearly four years after the filming wrapped up in May 2020, Deep Lurk is reportedly airing on Hunan TV and Mango TV soon. No exact schedule is given but Chinese entertainment insiders say it will gonna be this springtime. 

This is long overdue! Deep Lurk began filming in November 2019 and ended in May 2020 during the pandemic time. The delay in broadcast is not the production fault, it's on the network side as the drama already obtained a license for release in December 2020.

Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi and Ying Er at the booting ceremony of Deep Lurk in November 2019

With the current success of the Republican spy war drama in China, producers and investors are inspired to broadcast more series under this theme.

There are two highly publicized Republican spy war dramas coming in. Lonely Hero's Journey starring Joseph Zeng and Zhang Songwen, Golden Journey starring Wang Yibo, Li Qin, and Wang Yang, and Harbin, starring Yang Mi and Qin Hao. And the public's response is positive. 

So investors and producers behind Deep Lurk feel this is the right time to release this drama. It's just crazy to think it took them four years to decide. 

Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi and Ying Er in Deep Lurk

Cheng Yi's leading lady in this drama is Ying Er. She is the wife of Fu Xinbo, Cheng Yi's co-star in South Wind Knows. We will be seeing a different Cheng Yi in Deep Lurk, holding a gun and dressing like a woman to spy on Japanese soldiers. 

Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
This is Cheng Yi by the way haha! He plays a spy agent in Deep Lurk which includes pretending to be a woman to infiltrate the Japanese army side

Deep Lurk is an espionage/spy war drama set during the Republican era in China where anti-Japanese sentiment grew stronger. The country was not yet under communism during this period and most of their patriots were working underground. 

Deep Lurk tells the story of Chinese special agents during the anti-Japanese war in China. Before the Battle of Changsha, the underground movement of China's communist party silently worked to defeat the enemies. 

Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi plays Yun Hongshen, a spy in Deep Lirk

During this period, the Japanese army used the "Black Deacon", a strategic spy who had lurked in the country for 15 years, carrying out a long-planned strategic deception plan to successfully occupy Changsha.

Yun Muzhi (Wang Jingsong), a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is killed in the course of investigating the "Black Deacon".

Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi in Deep Lurk
Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi at the booting ceremony of Deep Lurk, November 2019

Unaware of his father's true identity, Yun Hongshen (Cheng Yi) returns to his hometown of Changsha to track down his father's murderer. He is immediately drawn into a trap set by the "Black Deacon".

At a time when he is lost and helpless, his father's friend, Yang Ziming (He Zhonghua), gives him great help and protection. He finally discovers the deception of the opponents.

Deep Lurk starring Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi as Yun Hongshen in Deep Lurk

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Yun Hongshen works with Wen Yeming (Ying Er), a patriotic young woman, to set up a trap.

To accomplish his mission, Yun Hongshen becomes a spy, making himself a pawn to uncover the Japanese strategic spies lurking within the national army, turning the tide of the war and making a great contribution to the victory of the First Battle of Changsha.

Deep Lurk also stars Liu Huan, Han Chengyu, Hou Menghao, Zhang Tianyang, Wang Jingsong, and He Zhonghua in the support role. 

Looking forward to Deep Lurk soon! Sounds like an interesting drama.

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