Kim Sae-ron Sparks Dating Rumor with Kim Soo-hyun Due to Her IG Update

Kim Sae Ron and Kim Soo Hyun

South Korean actress Kim Sae-ron caused a stir this early morning of March 24, 2024, when she posted a photo with actor Kim Soo-hyun in her Instagram story. However, minutes later, she deleted it.

Nonetheless, her followers managed to capture a screenshot of the image and posted it on social media, attracting hot discussions from fans, asking an intriguing question - are they dating?

But her action of posting the photo sparked mixed reactions from fans due to the timing, and the possible speculation of dating. 

Kim Sae Ron and Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Sae-Ron posted this photo on her IG story but later deleted

Kim Soo-Hyun has a drama, Queen of Tears with Kim Ji-won that's currently broadcast on tvN and Netflix. The show is one of the most-watched series right now on Netflix. 

Some fans accused Kim Sae-ron of riding on the popularity of Queen of Tears by purposely posting the photo to attract dating rumors. Others feel disappointed with Kim Soo-Hyun for chosing someone who is problematic (perhaps they are referring to her past drunk driving scandal)

Whatever the reason for her action to upload the photo on her IG story and then remove it a few seconds later, only Kim Sae-Ron knows. 

They have not collaborated in a drama as main leads but are believed to be good friends as they have been in the same management company, Gold Medalist, since 2020. 

Kim Sae-Ron left the company in 2022 following her driving incident under the influence resulting in damage to properties. 

She was fined 20 million won in March 2023 for her offense, and right now has not heard having upcoming projects. She last appeared in the web drama, Bloodhounds (2023).  

So, are they dating? Or Kim Sae-Ron just posted the photo out of boredom, or out of mistake, since she quickly deleted it. Whatever the reason, let's wait for the coming days of any updates. 


The dating rumor between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae-ron quickly spread like wildfire that South Korean media began asking clarification from Soo Hyun's camp. 

Just this morning, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency told OSEN, “We just saw the news about actor Kim Soo Hyun this morning. We think we will be able to make a precise statement after checking the truth and figuring out the concrete details.”

Tsskk! Can't understand why Kim Sae-ron made such IG update? What's her motive? She knows how popular Kim Soo-hyun is, anything that has something to do with him will surely attract malicious rumors.

It was just a selfie of friends pressing their faces, and there's nothing wrong with taking selfies with our friends but what makes it malicious is the way Kim Sae-ron put it on her IG story then quickly remove it.

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