Final Nominees for the 29th Magnolia Awards Are Released. Check if Your Favorites Made it

Here are the nominees for the 29th Magnolia Awards, presented by the Shanghai TV Festival! Magnolia Award is one of China's major award-giving bodies for TV excellence alongside the Flying Apsaras or the Feitian Awards, and the Golden Eagle Awards.

The eligible series to win the awards this year are those aired between January 2023 to April 30, 2024. Only three series aired between January to April 2024 made it to the nomination: Like a Flowing River season 3, Always on the Move, and War of Faith. These are all period dramas that tell the story of China's economic evolution.

29th Magnolia Awards nominees
Best Actor nominees 

It looks like the Magnolia Award committee favored the veterans for the Best Actor category because instead of the main leads, Bai Jingting and Wang Yibo, their co-stars (who are second billing) are the ones who got the nominations - Ding Yongdai and Wang Yang respectively. 

29th Magnolia Awards nominees
Best Actress nominees 

In the Best Actress category, only Yang Zi came from the costume fantasy drama genre. This is also Yang Zi's first nomination in the history of Magnolia Awards.

Check out this year's nominees:

I. Best TV Series (mainland China)

  • Imperfect Victim, 2023 (iQIYI, Dragon TV, BTV). Cast: Zhou Xun, Lin Yun, and Liu Yijun
  • Like a Flowing River season 3, 2024 (iQIYI, Tencent, CCTV). Cast: Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, and Dong Zijian
  • Blossoms Shanghai, 2023 (Tencent, CCTV). Cast: Hu Ge, Ma Yili, Tiffany Tang, and Xin Zhilei
  • A Long Way Home, 2023 (Tencent, CCTV). Cast: Zhang Wanyi and Guo Tao
  • The Long Season, 2023 (Tencent). Cast: Fan Wei, Qin Hao, Chen Minghao
  • Welcome to Milele, 2023 (Youku). Cast: Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Kitty Zhang, Ding Yongdai, Liu Guanlin, and Liu Mintao
  • Always on the Move, 2024 (iQIYI, CCTV). Cast: Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, and Jin Chen
  • The Forerunner, 2023 (CCTV, Hunan TV, Mango TV) - Wang Renjun, Ning Li
  • The Heart, 2023 (Tencent, CCTV). Cast: Mark Chao, Mao Xiaotong, and Jin Shijia
  • War of Faith, 2024 (iQIYI, CCTV). Cast: Wang Yibo, Li Qin, and Wang Yang
II. Best Director
  • Wong Kar-wai for Blossoms Shanghai
  • Xin Shuang for The Long Season
  • Yang Yang for Imperfect Victim (she's a lady director, not the actor)
  • Yao Xiaofeng for War of Faith
  • Zheng Xiaolong and Liu Zhangmu for Always on the Move
III. Best Original Screenplay
  • Gao Mantang and Li Zhou for Always on the Move
  • Gao Xuan and Ren Baoru for Imperfect Victim
  • Liang Zhenhua and Hu Yating for Welcome to Milele
  • Yu Xiaoqian, Pan Yiran, and Chen Ji for The Long Season
  • Zhao Dongling for A Long Way Home
IV. Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Liu Cuihu, Lang Qunli, and Li Tao for Fake It Till You Make It
  • Liu Fang for Mysterious Lotus Casebook
  • Lou Xiaopeng for Thirteen Years of Dust
  • Qin Wen for Blossoms Shanghai
  • Tong Hua and Wang Jing for Lost You Forever
V. Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Ding Yongdai for Always on the Move
  • Fan Wei for The Long Season
  • Hu Ge for Blossoms Shanghai
  • Wang Renjun for The Forerunner
  • Wang Yang for War of Faith
VI. Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • Ren Suxi for There Will Be Ample Time
  • Tiffany Tang for Blossoms Shanghai
  • Yan Ni for Grand Ma's New World
  • Yang Zi for Lost You Forever
  • Zhou Xun for Imperfect Victim 
VII. Best Supporting Actor
  • Chen Minghao for The Long Season
  • Dong Yong for Blossoms Shanghai
  • Dong Zijian for Like a Flowing River
  • Liao Fan for Fearless Blood
  • Ning Li for Ripe Town
VIII. Best Supporting Actress
  • Chen Chong for The Heart
  • Fan Tiantian for Blossoms Shanghai
  • Jiang Yan for Always on the Move
  • Ni Hongjie for Fake It Till You Make It
  • Song Jia for The Forerunner 
IX: Best Cinematography
  • Thirteen Years of Dust
  • Blossoms Shanghai
  • The Long Warrior
  • War of Faith
X. Best Art Direction
  • Lost You Forever
  • Thirteen Years of Dust
  • Like a Flowing River
  • Blossoms Shanghai
  • War of Faith
Good luck to all the nominees! The awarding ceremony will be next month, Junein , after the Shanghai International Film Festival.

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