Which One Are You Watching Among These Costume C-Drama?

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It's July first! How's everyone doing in the C-Dramalandia? 😄With so many costume series currently airing now, we're kinda confused which one to concentrate watching haha! 

I'm currently watching The Legend of Heroes but it's on my list to resume watching The Double, The Princess Royal, and hope to check some episodes of Follow My Heart if it's worth my time. 

The Princess Royal C-Drama

The Legend of Heroes
Ci Sha and Bao Shang En in The Legend of Heroes 

I love solid wuxia drama and I love Jin Yong's The Condor Trilogy so it's obvious that I'm favoring The Legend of Heroes more than any other costume drama that's currently airing.

The Princess Royal Chinese drama
Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Linghe photoshoot 

I started watching three episodes of The Princess Royal but it didn't catch my attention. And also watched the first four episodes of The Double, although I like the acting of Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue and they have an incredible chemistry, I don't like how the story developed or progressed that's why I discontinued watching.

Maybe I'll wait for Dashing Youth, it's also a solid wuxia drama and it's a prequel to The Blood of Youth, looks like an interesting watch. And there are so many martial arts scenes. 

Follow Your Heart Chinese drama
Luo Yunxi and Song Yi 

How about you? Which among these currently airing costume C-Drama are you watching at the moment? 

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