Fans Notice Cheng Yi's Tiredness During Filming of Fu Shanhai

Cheng Yi Fu Shanhai

Many C-Netizens have noticed the tired look and weariness on Cheng Yi's face during the filming of his latest costume drama, Fu Shanhai or Go To The Mountains and Seas. 

Even if Cheng Yi won't say anything, his physical demeanor says it all - he is tired and needs enough rest. After all, it's no big joke filming a successive costume that requires both mental and physical energy to endure the exhausting scenes. 

Cheng Yi Fu Shanhai
Cheng Yi looked so tired in his latest still shots during the filming of Fu Shanhai 

We recalled Cheng Yi sustained injuries during the filming of Hero Legends in 2023, which required him to take enough rest for long months. Thus, the filming of Fox Spirit Matchmaker Wang Quan chapter was postponed to January 2024.

Then less than two months after the wrapped up of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, he began filming Fu Shanhai, then after this, he will begin filming another costume drama, Twenty Four Hours in Chang an which also requires him to do so many fight scenes because it's a palace detective drama OMG!

With all these exhausting schedules, Cheng Yi's physical energy seems showing evidence of weariness. His eyes dropped and his physical appearance is obviously showing signs of tiredness. 

Doing a costume series is a very physical job. Apart from the long hours of shooting, main characters like Cheng Yi needs to perform difficult stunts and action sequences which is physically demanding. 

We're hoping he will be given enough break before he will start filming Twenty Four Hours in Chang an.

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