Who is Responsible for the Success of In Blossom Costume C-Drama?

In Blossom Chinese drama

So lately, C-Netizens are debating who are the "responsible" of the success of In Blossom, C-Drama's biggest surprise hit in the first half of 2024 in the costume genre.

Last week, Kuyun, China's largest consumer market research provider for media and entertainment, released a data that certified In Blossom as the biggest surprise hit in the first half of 2024 in the costume genre. The said drama is also the fastest drama this year in the Youku streaming platform to reach the 10k heat index within 48 hours of broadcast.

Zheng He Huizi in In Blossom
In Blossom cast

Zheng He Huizi in In Blossom
Liu Xueyi and Zheng He Huizi 

In Blossom tells the story of Yang Caiwei (played by Zheng He Huizi), a smart and kind coroner, and Shangguan Zhi (Ju Jingyi), a wicked and jealous woman who had an obsession towards Pan Yue (Liu Xueyi), a handsome imperial magistrate.

Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue were about to get married when Shangguan Zhi kidnapped Yang Caiwei and had their "souls" swapped. 

Yang Caiwei in the body of Shangguan Zhi appeared at her wedding with Pan Yue, only to be murdered after the wedding. So the one who is alive is really Yang Caiwei living in the body of Shangguan Zhi (Ju Jingyi).

So who are the responsible of the massive success of In Blossom? Is it the CP of Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi or the CP of Liu Xueyi and Zheng He Huizi, or the drama itself? 

Drama fans' reactions are mixed, but personally, I would say, the drama itself. This is the only costume C-Drama I finished watching this year so far! 😂

Zheng He Huizi in In Blossom
Zheng He Huizi as the original Yang Caiwei 

I love the story and the how the plot has progressed. Although it was not perfect and there were some plot holes but I love the way the screenplay was written. There were elements of thrill and suspense that kept me hook.

I also love the portrayal of the second male lead, Li Geyang who played Zhuo Lanjiang. Although the way his character ended was tragic, it was justified and made the plot sensible.

The rapport between Liu Xueyi and Zheng He Huizi was also praised, with many fans commenting he has an electrifying chemistry with her than with Ju Jingyi.

So who do you think is the responsible of the Success of In Blossom? 

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