Chinese Heartthrob Wu Lei Celebrates 23rd Birthday with New Photo Releases

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei

It's the 23rd birthday of Chinese celebrity, Wu Lei. Happy birthday! He marks his personal milestone with new photo releases on Weibo, China's most popular social networking site.

Unlike last year when he went out to the grasslands in Inner Mongolia to celebrate his 22nd birthday and did camping, this year the Chinese heartthrob opted for a low-key birthday celebration and just shared new photos. 

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
birthday photos of Wu Lei shared by his studio on Weibo

On Weibo, Wu Lei studio did not share any details about how he celebrated his birthday, which comes a day after the Christmas celebration, or where he went to spend his special day. Maybe in the days to come, we have accurate information on where he went. We will provide updates in case there's new info.

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei's 23rd birthday photo. Credit: Wu Lei studio on Weibo

His studio just shared a poetic note about his 23rd birthday (this English translation from Google's Chrome might not be accurate): 

"Growing up means stepping into the heart of the character time and time again, integrating with it, dissecting and stripping the nutrients given by the character, turning them into fragments and integrating them into the body".

"He gradually precipitated in the tempering, corrected and perfected his own framework, and explored growth and rebirth again and again. Therefore, the blizzard and fierce sun are regarded as polishing and tempering, and the wind and rain are also regarded as meticulous carving.

"With a solid foundation inch by inch, and the footprints step by step, will become the scale for Wu Lei to move towards a good actor".

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Credit: Wu Lei Studio on Weibo

On his birthday, Wu Lei has a personal message to his fans: "2023 at the age of 23, I hope that young people will always have sincere enthusiasm, accumulate diligence and purity, explore the actor's heart, and still be brave and fearless, as comfortable as the wind".

Wu Lei is in his last year at the Beijing Film Academy taking up Performing Arts studies.

Happy 23rd birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei released new photos ©Wu Lei studio on Weibo 

Wu Lei's milestone in 2022

Regarding his career, the year 2021 can still be considered Wu Lei's most successful year compared to this year. He had three television/web dramas shown last year: The Long Ballad, Faith Makes Great (one episode), and Our Times. He also had two movies shown in theaters last year: Upcoming Summer and My Country My Parents.

This year, he only had one web drama streamed on We TV/Tencent: Love Like the Galaxy, and no movies. Although he finished filming one web drama: Nothing But You/Just Love, however, no exact schedule yet as to when it will be aired. 

He also wrapped up movies this year: Dwelling by the West Lake and Worth the Trip (also titled All Ears) where he would be reunited with his Nirvana in Fire co-star, Hu Ge. But so far, no details of the schedule of airing in theaters for these movies.

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei during the promo of his new drama, Nothing But You. Credit: Wu Lei studio on Weibo

However, this year could be considered Wu Lei's most successful time with respect to product endorsements. He had a number of brand and product deals this year: Mistine sunscreen, Condense skincare, Zegna apparel, Biotherm skincare, Meiji, and Pocky snacks, just to name a few.

His positive characters

Leo Wu has endeared to drama fans because of his amiable character and chivalric attitude toward his co-stars. He is also a down-to-earth person who values his fans. He is someone who never disappoints fans. He is always accommodating when he is in public. 

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei attending the Bulgari event this year. Credit: Wu Lei Studio on Weibo

He is very grateful and knows how to return the favor to drama fans, which is something we love because we have seen celebrities who are total snubbed to their fans when they are in public. 

Leo Wu is so different! He is one of the most respectful people in the Chinese entertainment industry. Always doing his sweet things.

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei is the new endorser of Condense Paris skincare. Credit: Condense on Weibo

Chivalric Leo

You may think chivalry is dead because this is something we only read in fairytale books but Leo Wu is still a living example that chivalry is not a bygone thing for men. That it still exists today.

He can be a "Knight in shining armor" to ladies. He is so caring and extra attentive to some of his female co-stars. He always makes sure someone is well taken care of. He is so mature for his age!

We remember how Dilraba Dilmurat, his co-star in The Long Ballad (2021) raved about him, praising his gallantry during the filming of The Long Ballad.

Dilraba even quipped: "Wu Lei's future girlfriend must be very lucky!", because he is such a very caring and attentive guy, so mature for his age. 

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei, the brand endorser for Zegna. Credit: Zegna on Weibo

Wu Lei has a bubbly character and adventurous nature. He is like an energizer in the group. He always makes someone happy and laughs. He never fails to put a smile on everyone's face. 

We love someone like Wu Lei to accompany us on our journey 😂 It makes life easier and better for sure. 

Who does not want to have someone who is almost a perfect package? Handsome, sensible, attentive, caring, mature for his age, and has hindsight for the future. 

No wonder Dilraba Dilmurat commented before that Wu Lei's future girlfriend will have full of happiness and very lucky to have him.

His Most Iconic Drama Roles

Asking what drama characters of Wu Lei we considered his most iconic roles so far? Fei Liu in Nirvana in Fire season one and Ashile Sun in The Long Ballad, are our favorites so far. He was so unique in his portrayals of these two roles. 

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei as Ashile Sun in The Long Ballad

Fei Liu and Ashile Sun are two of the most memorable and iconic drama characters so far in an Asian drama. It really molded Wu Lei into who he is today. It established him as a unique, prolific drama actor with so much to offer to the viewers.

You may read our review of The Long Ballad HERE

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei as Ashile Sun in The Long Ballad

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei as Fei Liu in Nirvana in Fire season 1

Wishing him a Happy Birthday

On the occasion of his 23rd birthday, we wish Wu Lei nothing but success in his career, happiness in his personal life, and more acting projects and product endorsement to come.

One of our wishes is for Leo to get the leading role of Nirvana in Fire Season 3 because he is so good in martial arts and fight scenes. He is also one of the most versatile young actors in China today. 

Happy birthday to Chinese actor Wu Lei

Hoping to see him act in more serious roles in the coming days because he deserved it! He is so good in any drama character. You may read Wu Lei's biography HERE

Happy birthday Wu Lei! May you have a wonderful year ahead and have a blast in your career.

Updated tonight 10PM Beijing time

As of 9PM, Beijing time, Wu Lei treated his more than 40 million followers on Weibo with a live feed of his city cycling adventures on the night of his birthday!

23rd birthday of Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei was live on weibo an hour ago. ©Wu Lei weibo

Wearing his complete riding gear from "Specialized" motorcycle  equipment brand, Wu Lei pedaled in the city center showing the beautiful avenue in Beijing at night time.

23rd birthday of Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei takes his weibo followers on adventure ©Wu Lei weibo

He read some comments from fans on his live feed and explained his adventure but we didn't understand because he was speaking in Mandarin.

He later made a phone call via a public telephone booth before he waved goodbye to his online followers and fans.

23rd birthday of Chinese actor Wu Lei
Wu Lei on the eve of his birthday 

This is what we love about Wu Lei - his amiable character toward his fans. He never failed to include his adoring followers during his birthday. 

His sense of adventure is also contagious! And we love how he handled his celebrity status. He always keeps in touch with his fans, such a very humble person.

We're wishing Wu Lei more blessings and success in life. Have a prosperous New Year! 

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