Arthur Chen's Studio Responds To His Naked Photos Leaked Online by Paparazzi

Arthur Chen responds to naked photos leaked online

Chinese celebrities have been targeted by a series of attacks and damaging allegations from unruly paparazzi in mainland China, and the latest victim is the rising star, Arthur Chen or Chen Feiyu.

Arthur Chen is the youngest son of Chinese legendary filmmaker, Chen Kaige, and just recently starred in the hit Chinese drama, Lighter and Princess.

But last week, photos of him sleeping in bed naked, and allegedly with a fan who is now married, had been circulated online.

This is a piece of worrying news since it reminded us of Kris Wu's sex scandal that ultimately sent him to jail and ended his flourishing entertainment career, ruining his reputation.

Arthur Chen responds to naked photos leaked online
Credit: Chen Feiyu Arthur weibo

However, Arthur Chen's studio already responded and stated Arthur is the innocent party and that the photos are just meant to ruin his career and reputation.

The personality who spread the bombshell allegation is no other than "Yang Yang" paparazzi again. This is the same paparazzi who claimed Dilraba Dilmurat is pregnant with Johnny Huang's child which prompted Dilraba's studio to take legal action against this paparazzi.

Arthur Chen responds to naked photos leaked online
Credit: Chen Feiyu Arthur weibo

So just how this scandalous allegation about Arthur Chen started? Here's what we know so far:

The Chen Feiyu naked photos controversy 

On February 13, 2023, the paparazzi name Super Photography Yang Yang posted photos on Weibo of a topless man sleeping in bed with a woman who the paparazzi claimed was Arthur Chen or Chen Feiyu. 

In the photo, the 22-year-old Lighter and Princess actor showed sleeping naked in bed with a woman next to him (we cannot post the photos because we might get sued). 

In the photo, the woman looked directly at the camera, indicating that she was the one who took the selfie while Arthur Chen was sleeping. next to her.

The paparazzi further claimed that the woman in question is someone named Yilin Ah, who is Arthur Chen's fan and who he dated in 2021.

What made it controversial is that this woman is now married and allegedly her husband is the one who sold the photos. We don't know the motive of the husband for selling the photos, some netizens speculated he wanted to extort money from Arthur.

Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi Lighter and Princess
Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi Lighter and Princess

Official statements from Arthur and the woman

In response to damaging allegations, Chen Feiyu's studio released a statement through his talent agency, TH Entertainment, denying any wrongdoings from the actor.

However, the statement admitted Chen Feiyu has dated Yilin who was his fan but he dated her before she got married, so there was no extra-marital issue involved.

It appears that Arthur Chen was not aware that the woman took a selfie while they were sleeping together. They broke up or disconnected even before the woman got married.

The statement said the photos circulated on Weibo are private photos that should not be posted publicly. They further warned that anyone caught spreading or posting the photos online will be taken to court.

Yilin appears to be an influencer and an internet celebrity. Her agency, B.L.B Entertainment has also issued a statement, acknowledging that she and Arthur Chen were involved in a relationship but they were both single when they dated.

They parted amicably and she got married a year after they broke up. So there was no extra-marital affair as claimed by her husband. Her agency also warned that anyone who is caught spreading the intimate photos will be sued. 

Arthur Chen responds to naked photos leaked online
Credit: Chen Feiyu Arthur weibo

An audio clip from Arthur Chen's agency was released where the voices claimed Arthur was blackmailed and set up.

The audio clip said: "We have been cheated from the beginning to the end, because he is single and she claimed she was single, too. Both were single, and when they took the photos, nobody paid special attention, so he's been set up.

"Afterwards, there were all sorts of extortion, and actually the extortion has been going on for a long time. She (Yilin) would send threats on Weibo, saying things like, "Why are you missing? If you don't get back to me, I am going to leak the photos to the press.'

"Subsequently, she said she found a boyfriend. When the man (her husband) entered the picture, he started asking for money, while the girl continued to ask for a relationship."

The audio clip continued: "The girl (Yilin) also kept using this as leverage, threatening him (Arthur) not to act in shows with specific people. She was not doing this from a fan's point of view but from a desire to interfere with his (Arthur) life."

Following the threat of exposing the naked photos, Arthur Chen's mother who is formerly an actress, offered RMB 2 million (S$389,500) to Yilin's husband to prevent him from publishing the photos, however, the husband allegedly did not agree, so he sold the photos to the paparazzi.

So it is clearly extortion and someone must be taken to court. Extortion is a serious crime and hopefully, Chinese authorities must take action against extortionists. 

However, many fans are deeply concerned about the effect of this controversy on Arthur Chen's career. Chinese entertainment has this terrible "cancel culture" once a celebrity is embroiled in a scandalous allegation. 

Although this is not clearly a fault of Arthur Chen and those photos were supposed to be private, it is still not certain if his acting projects and brand endorsement would not be affected considering the similar situations in the past of other celebrities.

Arthur Chen has an upcoming series, Immortality, and a movie to be released, Yesterday Once More with Zhou Ye. Fans are now worried if Chinese authorities will give these dramas a go signal for release while the issue is trending or not yet resolved.

This latest hullabaloo in the Chinese entertainment industry is actually worrying, it seems Chinese celebrities are not safe from online attacks and paparazzi threats. 

Weibo and other social media networking sites in China have been used by fans and paparazzi as venues for bashing, fan wars, damaging attacks, and other issues against celebrities, and it seems these social media platforms failed to protect victims of these vicious attacks. 

Chinese authorities often make crackdown on celebrities who misbehaved but why have they failed to protect celebrities from unruly fans and paparazzi who already crossed boundaries?

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