It's Valentine's Day, Let's Talk About Rumored Relationships of C-Drama Stars

Chinese Drama Stars rumored relationships

These love rumors of Chinese drama stars are giving us all the feels this Valentine's Day. But despite the obvious, and the numerous sightings of them in public, they would rather fall off the bus than admit they are in a romantic relationship. Why?

Well, Chinese entertainment is the most stressful and scary industry in the world for celebrities who are in love, because of the super jealous fandoms. So drama stars rather keep their relationship private rather than risk it being attacked by fans. 

Gulinazha and Zhang Han, who fell in love while filming the xianxia drama, The Classic of Mountains and Seas (2016), broke up less than three years later, partly due to public pressure and the constant attack of Zhang Han's fandom on Nazha. She even received death threats from his over-jealous fans, can you believe that?

Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han relationship
The romance of Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han is the last celebrity romance in China that was publicly confirmed

Only Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong's relationship among famous C-drama romances survived the public pressure. 

Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong met while filming "Sweet Combat" in 2017 and confirmed their relationship in October of that year. Their relationship passed the test of time, and Guan Xiaotong was able to endure the attacks of Lu Han's fandom.

So most celebrity romances lately are just rumors. No one dared to ever confirm it publicly. However, C-Netizens have so many ways of digging and exposing C-drama's secret loves.  Here are some:

1. Deng Lun and Jin Chen - Deng Lun, who reached the peak of his entertainment career in 2018 after the success of Ashes of Love, might be out of circulation now due to his tax evasion case in 2022, but we still love hearing any news about him. 

Chinese drama stars rumored relationship
Jin Chen and Deng Lun during happier days

Since today is Valentine's Day, let's take a moment to look back at his romance with Jin Chen. They were in a relationship for three years (since 2015) before they broke up in 2018 due to public pressure.

Jin Chen was still not popular at that time so the news that Deng Lun was in a relationship with her created a frenzy reaction from his fans who began attacking Jin Chen, accusing her of using Deng Lun's popularity for her advancement in career, which sounded cruel and rude. 

Jin Chen
Jin Chen had a three-year relationship with Deng Lun before public pressure tore them apart

Despite their avowals of love, the two eventually yielded to pressure and ended their relationship. Later, Jin Chen was heard saying in an interview: 

"It’s hard for a female to fall in love in the industry because if you admit your relationship you will be accused of using the other actor’s fame but if you don’t, people will still have something bad to say about you".

2. Xiao Zhan and Li Qin - The issue of them being secretly in love or in a relationship has been around for years now. Indeed, there were pieces of evidence of them going out (but often surrounded by friends). 

Before Xiao Zhan became ultra-popular, he always commented at Li Qin's Weibo posts and they would exchange cute emoticons. But since the release of The Untamed in 2019, they seemed to be keeping things private between them.

Chinese Drama Stars rumored relationships
Li Qin and Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan's fans - who are among the jealous bunches in the C-fandom, always contradicted this rumor and stayed hard with their own belief that their idol is super single, and not liking anybody, since he joined showbiz. 😂

Xiao Zhan and Li Qin have collaborated five times. In 2018 Fights Break Sphere (starring Wu Lei), in the Jade Dynasty movie (2019), in Joy of Life (2019), in The Wolf (2020), and the latest in The Youth Memories (2023). 

3. Liu Haoran and Zhou Dongyu - This romance is another good old rumor in the Chinese drama industry. Both of them are China's most bankable stars among the 1990s generation. 

Chinese Drama Stars rumored relationships
Liu Haoran, Anthony Chen, and Zhou Dongyu attend the Cannes International Film Festival (2023) in France for the premiere of their movie, Breaking The Ice.

They paired several times in the movies, the latest being "Breaking The Ice" by Singaporean director, Anthony Chen. They have a five-year age gap, Zhou Dongyu was born in 1992 while Liu Haoran was born in 1997.

However, they remain tight-lipped with this romance rumor and were seen very cautious not to look at each other during the promo period of Breaking The Ice. 

4. Bai Jingting and Song Yi - This one sounds very true although both have not addressed the issue publicly. They are also trying to avoid each other during the iQIYI Scream Nights as if they did not know one another. This, even though they were together in Paris, France during the Paris Fashion Week lol!

Chinese drama stars rumored relationship
Bai Jingting and Song Yi

Just like Dongyu and Haoran, Bai Jingting and Song Yi have a five-year age gap. Bai Jingting was born in 1993 while Song Yi was born in 1988. They fell in love while filming Destined in 2022. 

5. Yang Yang and Wang Churan - another popular romance rumor in C-drama is the supposed relationship of Yang Yang and Wang Churan, who paired last year in Fireworks of My Heart. 

Chinese drama stars rumored relationship
Wang Churan and Yang Yang

They have an almost eight-year-age gap. Yang Yang was born in September 1991 while Churan was born in January 1999. 

C-Netizens believed they were secretly in a relationship. They were captured several times in public being together even after the airing of their drama. Chinese paparazzi also produced shreds of evidence of their Maldives getaway.  

6. Zhang Linghe and Bai Lu - Okay, this rumor first emerged in 2022 while filming the Story of Kunning Palace. Some fans spotted Zhang Linghe dropping at Bai Lu's home/condo unit several times.

Chinese drama stars rumored relationship
Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe

However, during the promo of their drama, they seemed to be avoiding each other, like the style of Bai Jingting and Song Yi, perhaps to "kill" the romance rumor. Age gap: Three years. Bai Lu was born in 1994 while Zhang Linghe was born in 1997.

7. Zhang Yaqin and Quan Yilun - They first met while filming An Ancient Love Song, which went on to become the highest-rated costume series in Douban in 2023, however, they did not play lovers in this drama, they played siblings haha! So for someone who loved this play, I find it weird to hear them dating.

Chinese Drama Stars rumored relationships
Quan Yilun and Zhang Yaqin in An Ancient Love Song

This rumor sounds true because they were captured in a video having dinner and later went to the car together and were seen kissing. But they chose not to confirm the relationship perhaps to safeguard it from intrigues. 

Quan Yilun is just starting in the industry. He just debuted in acting in 2020. They are also in the three-year-age gap club haha! Yaqin was born in 1996 while Yilun was born in 1999.

9. Song Weilong and Lin Yun - They actually confirmed their relationship a day after they broke up. Unique isn't it? haha! But during the entire two years that they were dating, they never admitted the romance even though there were pictures of their Japan travel shared by their fans online.

Chinese drama stars rumored relationship
Song Weilong and Lin Yun

They met in 2017 while filming Beautiful Reborn Flower. They began a relationship right away according to C-netizens, but broke up in 2019, a year before their drama was aired in 2020. They are also in the three-year-age gap club 😁 Weilong was born in 1999 while Lin Yun was born in 1996.

10. Zhang Yunlong and Zhong Chuxi - Talking about celebrity romances in China that remained unconfirmed, Leon Zhang and Elaine Zhong were rumored to be dating while filming an urban romance drama, The Further Distance, in 2022.

C-Drama stars rumored dating
Elaine Zhong and Leon Zhang in a magazine shoot 

Some C-Netizens confirmed they saw Leon Zhang stayed at Elaine's home overnight in 2022. The two were also spotted having a good time in an undisclosed beach.

C-Drama stars rumored dating
Leon Zhang, also known as Zhang Yunlong, and Elaine Zhong also known as Zhong Chuxi

However, before their drama was aired in 2023, Chinese paparazzi saw Elaine holding hands with another guy so they speculated the two lovers already separated. 

Celebrity relationships are really hard to maintain due to the pressure of being in the spotlight, plus the intrusion of fans, and the constant hounding of paparazzi. They are always subjected to malicious rumors and speculations. So most drama stars chose to never confirm the romance issues.

Only a few of them survived the pressures and reached happy endings. Read this related post of celebrity on-screen couples who went on to marry each other and remained married until now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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